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March 16, 2012


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very sad, they are ruining Judaism especially Orthodoxy I am seriously considering attending Conservative and Progressive Judaism services now. I can no longer abide by the shame I feel Identifying as MO even.




I don't have any problem at all with well-trained mohels performing circumcisions. I DO have a problem with people persisting in a practice that endangers health and life, when there are other valid halachic rulings that say it is not necessary to perform it in that manner.

My strong opinion is that doing this is treating halacha and custom as more important than the underlying spiritual, moral, and ethical values taught in Torah--such as the extremely high concern for life that allows us even to set aside Shabbos prohibitions.


Religious figures, witch doctors, shamans, etc. should not be allowed to perform surgical procedures.

End this nonsense now!

Malka Gittel

There is no legitimate reason for this practice to continue. It should be stopped immediately.

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