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March 29, 2012


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Eli, on a time out from messiah practice

These Guardian articles are responsible journalism at its best. Well-researched, references to statistics, interviews with those on all sides of the issue.
Shmarya, this would never have happened without your doggedly staying on top of Hynes' ineptitude/corruption all this time.
It's just chilling to read about the suicides of victims, and how this could have been prevented if the law was just being applied.
If this pressure results even in slight changes in approach of Hynes' office, imagine the number of lives that will not be ruined, the pain that will be spared.
I join the voices who say, "you done good, Shmarya."


Only the Aztecs built nicer pyramids.

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | March 30, 2012 at 07:43 AM

They also knew how to dress in warm weather.

chaim yankel

one hand does not wash the other so whats your point? by the way, hynes is just giving the community leadership what they ask for. they want police cars in front of shuls on yontif. -- which enhances the communities prestige and no action on molesters which -- in their minds -- harms the communities reputation. so its all completely self centered both on the part of the community and hynes. to be blunt hes whoring for votes period point blank. another politician who really doesnt give a shit. surprise surprise. sorry no brownie points their for any body

Yochanan Lavie

The chareidim are not much different from the Aztecs, who sacrificed young people "for the good of the community." Only the Aztecs built nicer pyramids.


I was trying to contextualize this mistake within his very commendable pattern of dealing with the community on a close and personal level. Not to excuse whatever mistakes he might have made.


@ hassid:

So because everything else he does is 100% dandy, that gives him the right to sweep the suffering of children under the rug? It's clear that the Haredi powers-that-be have him completely in their pocket.


Um, hassid, what's creepy about your post is that in this country there's this little thing called "innocent until proven guilty." What he deserves is to be disbarred if he pushed for strong sentencing for any individual who hasn't been found to be guilty persuant to law.


DA Hynes has been exemplary on many other issues. Shuls are safer then they've ever been. He was the point man on the Kletzky murder and pushed for strong sentencing for Levi Aron in that grisly case. He deserves credit for these achievements even if he has been lackadaisical in other areas.


How can one person or one family fight a whole community or a whole corrupt system?

Learning to wreak havoc upon a dominant paradigm requires a lifelong commitment to contrarianism. You have to believe, to the very core of your soul, that they can all go fuck themselves.

And aint nothing is ever going to change.

Don't look now...


Zweibel just completely stupid, evil, holding onto his slice of the pie.

Bas Melech

Why did the Guardian write and/or publish this article? What is the story behind the story?


Any DA who is faced with a situation where they either do what is right, and get voted out of office after one term, or cave to the political pressure, and offer sweetheart deals and cover-ups for sexual crimes because that is what the voters want, will likely choose the latter.

The problem is that voters follow what the Rebbe tells them to do - and when the Rebbe says to vote or not vote for someone, they follow. Nobody is telling them that if they follow what the Rebbe says, they will be enabling the covering up of sexual crimes. And even if someone WOULD tell them - they don't care. Until it is THEIR OWN child - and they realize what sexual abuse does to a child, and they realize that the Rebbes don't give a hoot and only want to cover it up. Everyone else rationalizes to themselves and thinks that the Rebbe can't possibly be wrong - look at all the kavod he gets and all the spiritual heights he climbs which I read about in the weekly papers and in the books they write. The Rebbe is holy and knows what is best. But once it is their OWN child's problem - and they realize that nobody cares and they are stonewalled, it's too late. They see that there is nobody to talk to. The community puts the group before the individual, and the community will ostracize the individual or family that bucks the tide. Nothing is ever accomplished. Because if ONE family doesn't vote the way the Rebbe said they should - it's a drop in the bucket and has no effect. The "askanim" can still deliver the block votes that they promise, and the DA will either tow the line the way they want it, or stand up to them and serve only ONE term.

How many people, after climbing the slow ladder to sucess, working hard all those years, when they get to voted into a position where they are DA, are then able to say "I'm going to do what is right and give up my career just to do the right thing! Justice and doing the right thing is more important than my career! It doesn't matter that I will be unemployed in a couple of years from now."??? Very few, if any. Besides, their constituants are ASKING for this. Their constituants are ASKING for justice to be curbed and for religious child sex offenders to not suffer the full affects of the law. The group by virtue of their political support is saying that the parents of these kids don't WANT the perpetrators to suffer! So the DA can rationalize to himself that just as in a case where someone who is stolen from doesn't want to press charges, if the parents of the children don't want to press charges, then it's not HIS problem to make sure these scum are taken off the streets forever.

Bottom line is - the Chareidim are protecting the child sex offenders in their midst because they mistakenly believe that doing so will protect the group's overall "reputation" and that it will serve the greater good of their community. The few are sacrificed for the greater good of the many. And nobody cares except for those that are personally hurt, and those that are hurt are so broken by the abuse, the ostracizing they receive for trying to fight for justice, the apathy of the community, and the apathy of the Rebbes who they believed in and who everyone around them believes in, that they become so broken and worn out to the point where they can't do anything about it. How can one person or one family fight a whole community or a whole corrupt system?

And aint nothing is ever going to change.

Sorry for the rant. It makes me angry as heck.


The Brooklyn community leadership that refuses to support the CVA is useless:

Dov Hikind "I like Lew Fidler. That’s why I did not endorse anyone. Lew is a decent guy who has helped the Jewish community. In light of the 60+ rabbonim who said it was prohibited to vote for him because of his stance on gay marriage—as well as the urging from my own rebbe, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky of Yeshivah Torah Vodaath urging people to support David Storobin—I had no choice but to vote my conscience and I voted for David Storobin."


it took a paper with no ties to the Brooklyn community to write this hopefully it will open eye to the regular frumm folks to challenge their leaders.

But if history is any indication they will not do that and ask the rebbie is it halachatly permissible to challenge you?

The nudnik

If anyone wants to ask the NYT directly why there has not been a story:

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. - publisher@nytimes.com

Executive Editor:
Jill Abramson - abramson@nytimes.com


Our Shmarya, internationally quoted... you done good.

Bas Melech

the only hope for undoing his spineless record is a courageous successor who will have both the integrity and the guts to indict and prosecute the haredi perverts and their legion of supporters.

Posted by: Reb Chaim | March 29, 2012 at 03:49 PM

Queens County prosecuter, Alice Vachss, resigned in 1993, because molesters were either not brought to trial or given little or no punishment. Her 1995 book, Sex Crimes, relates how sex crimes are dealt with by the DA. The more prominent position a perp holds, the less likely he'll be prosecuted.

The next Brooklyn DA's courage wlll probably diminish over time as h/she faces the same political pressures as Hynes.


>Zwiebel argues the [Child Victims Act]
>would invite capricious litigation

Zwiebel is a liar. California passed similar legislation. Canada has had similar provisions for decades. I challenge him to give 1 actual example of harm to an Orthodox institution. He cannot because it is a lie.

Throw The Bums Out

Zwiebel and Agudath Israel never fail to deliver. Great quote.


Is Brooklyn an anomaly? Or do the same problems exist in other counties?


Hynes is under the hypnotic spell of theese rabonim someone has to snap him out of this hynosis until then we are stuck in a rot.

Reb Chaim

Only the malach hamavet can rescue the long suffering people of Brooklyn from the terrible administration of justice practiced in pedophilia cases by D.A. Joe Hynes. Afterwards, the only hope for undoing his spineless record is a courageous successor who will have both the integrity and the guts to indict and prosecute the haredi perverts and their legion of supporters.


Hynes is in the pocket of the pseudo-rabonim and their haredi sponsors.

He is as spineless as they come.

How can he be made to pay for his heinous behavior?

I will leave that for those who are more informed on what to do.

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