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March 30, 2012


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He was found guilty everyone! Look it up yourself!!!!

Marshall Gordon

Keep up the good work, Shmarya. Someone has to expose the tzadiks for what they really are -- frauds and charlatans of the worst kind. Criminality, child abuse, cruelty to workers and animals by the "Kosher" elite, and moral fakery by Chabad. Yes, it's all true and the only way to stop it is to uncover it.


Yechiel-Go and live the wanderfull life that you so expound ,of course you were never molested so why give a dammn, youre indifference kills innocent children dont forget that,as the saying goes, shoite ainoi margish a fool does not feel like a normal person feels his sorroundings


Yechiel-Te vagy egy balfasz.


No light
Obviously you miss my point.
I believe that these chevre should be dealt with and assure that no more innocent lives are destroyed. However, I don't think that a blog dedicated to such is called for. Only lowlife deranged individuals relish in this chazerai all day long and go on to claim that they are doing the world some great service.
Take care of your own families, educate your kids and protect your own. Teach your loved ones right from wrong and proper behavior as a decent human being.
All else is unimportant. It is no one's mission to repair the world's problems.
Look around and see for yourself that most of the spokespersons for the abused victims all across the board are eccentric - to put it mildly.
Normal people go on with their lives, mind their own business and don't look to be advocates of any sort.

Interesting how anything sex related is such a hot topic with all misfit OTD...

There is a beautiful world out there and so much good in store for you; go get it!

So no, I haven't much to hide. It's simply sickening to see how people are so engaged in 'catching all the frum criminals' and get all excited every time a frum individual is exposed as a thief or child molester. It says a lot about who YOU are...
It tells me that you need a crutch to lean on; in your warped mind it justifies your not being frum.
I can go on and on all day, but I know I am wasting my time with most of you. So, Shalom...

No Light

Yechiel - why do you get so agitated about child rapists being hunted down? It seems to really bother you.
Something to hide? You must be personally invested in the issue somewhere down the line, to get so riled up by it.

So, why is it that you are angered at any attempt to expose the men in your cult who rape and degrade kids? Why do you apparently believe they should be allowed to continue destroying lives? It's a very strange position to take.


Ön egy hülye bolond

chicago sam

Haredim are totally out of control...we should send him a rope to hang himself.


Than you shmarya for this tremendous service that u do us bringing us this lashon hora ( the chofetz chaim what did he know) its veru special of u to give up ur olam hoba so that the world shud know exactly ehats going on mayne we can even call u moser nefesh I am sure that after 120 there will be a special place for u up there for this tremendous swevice that u do it will probably resemble korachs special place come to think of it ur probabaly a gilgul hashem shud forgive me for insulting korach like that but in all seriousness yes what ur reporting can very well be 100 percent true but don't u think there will b a din v'cheshbon achar meah v'esrim don't u think there is a G-D in the world that u will have to answer up to 1 day or are we the stupid closed minded hariedem that believe in such nonsense u see the ppl that u report on @least some of them get pu nished in this world shmarya I pray for u

Bas Melech

"I beleive the entire type of Avodas Hashem if you will, the entire Chareishe lifestyle has developed into an inhumane and dangerous, mode of life and I want lESS AND LESS to do with it,"

My thoughts exactly.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

Meg kaptam ès irtam neked!


Abu Jihad Schneerson-mondtam shamrynak hogy kuldje el az e mailemet neked.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

Yechiel,doesn't the thought that people like you haredim give all Jews a bad name cross your idiotic mind?You are an imbecile and nobody denies that,but do you seriously believe all the World ignored your cult members' disgusting behaviour,if it were not for this blog?There are things called Tv,internet and radio(even if your fellow cave-men don't use them for fear of being contaminated by the goyish world)that speak about all you people's behaviour daily.


Ad Hominems aside, Yechiel, you provided absolutely no factual evidence regarding the issue at hand. :-)


I am glad about this site. I had no idea before the extent of the numbers of perverts and criminals in the Chareishe and Chassideshe worlds.

I knew there was a bit of financial scandals, but thought it was limited to a few 'big ones' that i saw in the paper which I don't read every day.

I thought there was an occasional Rebbe having sex with children. I did not know about how these matters are covered up and not allowed to be reported. I know what Moser is but I could not imagine it would be used as this type of loophole. I had no idea the extent of the depravity of the Chareisdishe world. Being MO, I always had a respect for Yeshivas and Rabbeim. I respected the frumma.

The numbers are important to know. It means that there is something fundamentally wrong with the entire system.

I beleive the entire type of Avodas Hashem if you will, the entire Chareishe lifestyle has developed into an inhumane and dangerous, mode of life and I want lESS AND LESS to do with it,

I would like to see the rest of Judaism repudiate these sects and not allow black hats to be used in non Charesidhe and Chasdisih shules.

The reason I take this stand is that the abuses are slated to continue, Despite the heroic effots of blogs as this site, JWB and others, as we speak demonic Frumma Rebbeim and community members are continuing the horrors of their child molestations, and you Yechiel are complicit by attacking the forums that at least make an attempt to save innocent children.


Yechiel-You forgot to mention youreself ill catagorize you as a hopeless dupe that cannot or will not think for himself just like a goilem ,you are so thick that youre incapable of rational thinking ,talking about krankes maybee it is you who is cranke as the saying goes it takes one to know one everything that you accuse us you youreself are,the bottom line here is that if you hold yourerself to be btter to a highter standard stick to it its that simple, me dafnisht assah sayhel tzi fershtein dus


"""""CSA is up near the top. It is a form of soul murder, but the soul can heal and the wounds are not fatal.

Posted by: Adam Neira | April 01, 2012 at 08:20 AM

Adam most of the time the soul cannot heal. Remember that guy that jumped out of a window on his wedding night?


Get hold of yourself.
Shmarya cares absolutely zilch about the victims. The sole purpose of this blog is to besmirch and mock the entire Haredi community. It was designed to appease himself and the other misfit OTD who frequent the blog. It is also intended to serve as a forum for such to let off some steam.
I enjoy every minute of this lunacy and use it as my personal emotional punching bag; it's tons of fun.
Look: you've got the cranky Shmarya, the damaged goods Jancsi, the mixed up Seymour, the eingeredte songwriter Lavie, the eccentric Adam Neira, the crack adfict abu Jihad and a whole slew of other kranke chevre who make total fools of themselves with their hateful rhetoric. And yes; Shmarya is the greatest troll of us all.
Just do as I do - enjoy the show. Don't, under any circumstances, get worked up by any posts or comments; you'll be feeding the trolls...


Raglayim l'davar?


Shmarya, (1.) you might want to look up the definition of "troll"; you might just find yourself looking in the mirror.
(2.) The post I responded to found the only thing useful in the article was the indictment of every Haredi community everywhere for breeding perverted pedophiles. Quite the sweeping accusation, and, kind soul that you are, you impute much into those words by suggesting their intent was out of pure concern for future worldwide victims.
So keep to the point, don't 'bait & switch', or I'll have to ban you from your own blog!

Bench Kvetcher

Yosef obviously has no clue about the process of an arrest. One cannot call the police with an accusation and skip along their merry way while the accused gets arrested. There are thorough investigations before such action is taken. None of this is taken lightly. The detectives will know if you bare real or just have an axe to grind.

Adam Neira

Evil stuff. Prayers for the victim. She can heal from this trauma with the right modalities in place. On a scale of 100 (Most Evil) i.e. Murder to 1 (Least Evil) i.e. Graffiti, crimes, CSA is up near the top. It is a form of soul murder, but the soul can heal and the wounds are not fatal.


Yosef -One is too many pervert the tragedy is that there are 100 s if not thousands and you choose to ignore the facts that is also a big tragedy, youre pretending ignorance about all this.


...and let's do all that all on the basis of an accusation; no need to wait for the jury's verdict.

Posted by: Yosef | April 01, 2012 at 07:58 AM

I love the stupidity and ignorance of haredi trolls.

Process: not only don't we have to wait for a jury verdict, we are NOT allowed to wait for a jury verdict.

The man is a potential danger to children.

And the halakha you claim to follow (but are, in reality ignorant of) holds that when there is raglayim l'davar, you must take steps to protect potential victims. Most poskim hold that an arrest in a case like this is more than the threshold of raglayim l'davar.


...and let's do it all on the basis of an accusation; no need to wait for the verdict.


...and let's do all that all on the basis of an accusation; no need to wait for the jury's verdict.



It isn't 1, moron, it's DOZENS. and the statement she made was made first by Dov Hikind a few years ago.


"The only thing I take away from stories like this is that communities in places like Monsey are very good breading grounds and hideaways for perverts and sociopaths.
03/31/2012 10:43
Radical Feminist" Yes, indeed. Why don't we indict all of Monsey, and every Haredi community everywhere, while we're at it, on the basis of one sick pervert. Par for the course on this blog.


Posted by: Heshy Friedman | April 01, 2012 at 06:26 AM

The facts that this occurred in the U.S, not Israel, and that every state allows marriage under 18 appear not to be relevant to your warped thinking. Maybe you'll help us all out and marry off your 12 year old daughter to this behaima?


Dear Abu Jihad Schneerson, it ain't weed that Heshy is smoking its koolaide that he has been drinking!

Abu Jihad Schneerson

@Heshy:you are absolutely right!It's totally the girl's fault!I am sure she seduced this saintly rav who otherwise would never ever do anything like that.Btw,can you give me some of the weed you smoke for next saturday night?I see it gets you really stoned....


Heshy –

You're still mentally ill.

Get therapy.

Heshy Friedman

Who said its true. Any one can make up a story. Innocent until prooven guilty. Whoever this girl is probably a deliquient who has an ax to grind. In the good old days this type of girl would of been married at twelve and be safe. The liberal secularists outlawed marriage like they now did in Israel,making it a crime under 18. Yet its ok to have sex in high schools as long as you don't legally marry. No brainer. Hopefully things will change as chareidim become majority.

ultra haredi lite

He was just attempting MBP


@ ruthie:

He probably said asher yatzar after cleaning himself after the sex with that girl. It just DISGUSTS me to no end that these people who walk around with pure white beards and say that they conduct themselves with holiness can do such horrible things to children.

I live very close to greater monsey and it really scares me that in only a six minute drive away some little girl was being tortured by this sick fuck.

And I'm sure all the Hardedi rabbis will cry foul that he's innocent. And if they don't, well, he can't be a FRUM jew can't he?

Abu Jihad Schneerson

Jancsi,no problem!Leave me your email.


this is a man that whilst he was abusing a CHILD....he was still walking around in holy peyes, making kiddush on shabbat, making havdalah, heck! probably making brachos on food....



I hope people are asking themselves questions with all of this murky news coming up. Religious Jews learn Torah, they KEEP Torah and do Mitzvos and strive to be holy. No? So why are there such ugly things going on in our religious communities????!!!
Rebbi Nachman aka Rebbi Isroel Ber Odesser ziya"a has the answers:
Check out this blog in general and specifically at this label: http://nanachcartoon.blogspot.com/search/label/%D7%9E%D7%A4%D7%95%D7%A8%D7%A1%D7%9E%D7%99%D7%9D%20%D7%A9%D7%9C%20%D7%A9%D7%A7%D7%A8

it might answer a few questions on the subject of why there are problems of sexual harassment/NIUF in the chareidi world.


He's a Cohn artist.

And the scum of the earth.

chicago sam

Sick Bubba after him.


Do they really ever get jail time these monsters. And what happens in Jail, I thought they beaten and targeted by the other prisoners, cho mo ?


Iits a jackil and hyde twist one nice and the other evil.

Yochanan Lavie songwriter extraordinaire

He uses the name Avraham Perl because "Dovid Kohn" sounds too Jewish...


Abu Jihad Schneerson -I disagree with you the tume is obvious on his face not his kedushe.:)
szeretnek beszelni veled.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

Shame on the antisemitic,self-hating,lying,shanda moser who went to the cops!The Kedusshah of this heilige rav is obvious from his look!

Radical Feminist

The only thing I take away from stories like this is that communities in places like Monsey are very good breading grounds and hideaways for perverts and sociopaths.

Yosef ben Matitya

the most important for him must have been keeping his peyes!


and no one noticed.
for years.
good he's in jail.


why doe she have two names?

maybe there is more to the story

Posted by: seymou

HE uses two names, the victim's name is withheld

A. Nuran

Cue the usual suspects saying "He's not really haredi"


1 million dollars bail is pretty damned good for Rockland County!


why doe she have two names?

maybe there is more to the story

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