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March 08, 2012


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I hope he has stopped drinking alchohol.

bozothe clown

oy matityahu vus vet zan mit dir so tzishosen cant get youre act tothether.


leave him be. he's an artist


is this really news? who cares!


This is why we have to be stricter with music. Just because someone has a beard and dresses like us does not mean he is one of us, especially if he sings like one of the dark ones! The danger is that so many of the yungermans looked to him as though he were their Rav and now where are they? The Roshe Yeshivas should ban all music that sounds like popular music or that uses their words. If a song was not sung by zaidi's zaidi then it should not be on any Yid's lips.

A Yid

May be its his Purim costume?:-)


So rapper "Shyne" becomes Moshe Levi ben Dovid, moves to Bene Barak & joins the Belze ... & his BFF Matisyahu shaves his beard, takes off his suit & turns into the Jewish Eminem-trip-hopster.

Yeah, ok, I need a drink (heeey, it's Purim, don't judge).

Turd Degree

Next, he's going to have a cross tattooed on his forehead while wearing a Yechi yarmulka.

Gevezener Chusid

he looks a whole lot better if you ask me

Adam Neira

To W4M,

You are always good for a laugh...

Robert Wisler

I fell on the floor laughing when I read W4M's post. I'm still trying to catch my breath. Great posting W4M!!!!


What a diva!


I guess blonds have more fun!


To w4m, hate to break it to you... you know those nigunim that you love to sing before eating the crumbs off your rebbe's plate like a feral ape?
They're based on eastern european folk tunes. Yes- the folk songs of the "dark ones" that you mention. This is a known fact- Jews didn't have their own musical tradition since the days of Temple music, so all those nigunnim, all those prayer tunes, are secular folk songs.


and i still haven't figured out whether W4M is for real, or a parody...


Whether W4M is "for real" or not, there's no denying that his views reflect the sentiments of thousands upon thousands of very real people passing us on the streets of heavily orthodox neighborhoods everywhere.

Malka Gittel

W4M is our friend, who gives us insight into the mysterious world of the terminally Yid. I for one think W4M is a parody and I allow myself to be entertained. Even if not a parody, I'm entertained, so nu.


And I find the 'real' people who think that way no less entertaining.

Steven W


Are you also going to break it to W4M that not only are Ashkenazic niggunim and other melodies related to Eastern European folk tunes but that there has been ample cross-fertilization between Hebrew and Christian prayer melodies. Shall we talk about non-Jewish influences on synagogue architecture, too?


I was originally outraged by Waiting4Moshiach but I now share the views of those who consider him to be a parodist par excellance. He is so uncomfortably on target that reading his stuff makes me twitch.

Eli, apprentice messiah superstar

It took me a bit to realize that WFM is not serious but a hilarious and spot-on parody. I used to get irritated but now nearly fall down laughing at these posts.


Reggae is fun but gets tired quickly and nobody over 30 that isn't Jamaican or stoned half the time actually listens to it. Turns out Chabad wasn't that dissimilar.



You should start your own blog.

Your are a brilliant satirist and have found your calling entertaining the world with your impersonations of haredim.


so all those nigunnim, all those prayer tunes, are secular folk songs.

Exactly. That's why we were all dancing today to "Pick a Bale of Cotton".



Many niggunim are based off of hippie rock songs. I was in a store and these girls remarked that a song on the radio was based on a Chassidic niggun. Being the bubble-burster I am, I told them that Simon & Garfunkle are both Jewish, but very much not Chassidic.


W4M - keep up the good work!
I love your sense of humour.
Could you please ask FM if you could have a regular guest post.


Doesn't matter to me, I am Iron Maiden fan


Did no one realize the outfit and fashion commented on are most likely all part of the music video the writer mentions in the very next sentence?

Radical Feminist

He is shooting a video. I think "Really?' is right, the new hair style etc are part of a character he is playing for the film shoot--ought to be interesting.


In one word: IDOL

To me he is just another run of the mill delusional Chabad BT with limited knowledge of real Torah... who made it to the charts; the fame got to his head.

Yochanan Lavie

Maybe he should entitle his next album "Blond on Blond..."


Or "Blondes Have More Fun".


This is a known fact- Jews didn't have their own musical tradition since the days of Temple music, so all those nigunnim, all those prayer tunes, are secular folk songs.

Posted by: Brian | March 08, 2012 at 03:50 PM

Like shtreimels and ushankas.

Yoel Mechanic

W4M is a troll, sock-puppeteer and hoax. The problem I have is there is a steady stream of newbies who pop in here, along with those slow to catch on who think that he is real, and that real frummies actually talk like him and think like him, and ever more hatred is stirred up. That this particular troll is so well tolerated, even lauded, really says a lot. However, if he did have a column of his own, much of the damage he causes would be ameliorated. A clearly delineated column would mean he is no long a fraud, but could legitimately be called a satirist. But like I said, the ability to generate hatred would be ameliorated, so we shall see how far that idea goes.

Yoel Mechanic

Please stop picking on Matisyahu. Consider that even he, although allied with Chabad is, believe it not a human being. His music is perfectly legit, I happen to like it too, and he's got a great deal with Sony records. As a recording artist, he behavior is quite par for the course. He hurts no one, goes on tours, makes his albums, occasionally has been observed with some person antics of no consequence (unless you are some kind of shtark mashpiah who fancies you have right to butt into his personal life). So why all the negativity about him? He is neither delusional nor depraved. Let it rest.

Concerned Mikhel

Regarding W4M's post - fact or fiction?
see Rav Amnon Yitzhak (hebrew):



im blond

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