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March 15, 2012


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Didn't HaShem say in Levititcus 25:35 about the poor man/strangers that to regard to you falter and like the stranger or sojouner that he may live with you and not to hurt them or take $$ or interest, nor your food for gain? Lev.25:35-45,Levitus 25:47. Wasn't Ruth a moabist? Who was the Ema of King David? She was a Goy.Did Boaz kick her out?Leviticus lists chapter 26 Blessing of Obedience and penalities of Disobedience the penalities of disobiedience. Did our elders kick out Moises' ethopian wife? This person was someone's child,someones sibling,a human being. Anyone or non profit place dispersing alcoholic refreshments and knowing someone was drunk did wrong to u.s law and to HaShem's law and would be under Of loving our neighbor as ourselves! HaShem's wrath will be kindle against you! You have to live with that torment for the rest of your lives knowingly that everyone thought someone would call and do nothing! May G-d Hashem say shame on you and may you always have that torment upon you.

Fleishike Kishke

“I expect that there will be more awareness of alchoholism now in Chabad.” Not unless something drastic happens to this Chabad House and its director. More likely, the Chabad see themselves as the victim. Oy, look what the actions of this drunken non-Jew have done to us. Other than one story on one Chabad-oriented Blog, I've seen nothing about this in their media. If allowed to, Chabad will sweep Jesse Allen’s death under the rug and forget about it. Even on the Blog, that to their credit ran this story, a few stories down had a piece about a new "Shliach" going on "Shlichus." The Shliach man was celebrating his new assignment with a huge bottle of vodka. Where outside of pre-1900 Russia do people behave as such? This movement is rotten, and people and especially politicians such as Joe Lieberman should get a clue. Lieberman was almost vice president of the United States of America. He should not lend credibility to this cult by participating in and thereby endorsing their events.


yes but have they ever seen someone die from the disease Kishke. That is, he drank himself to death. Until you've seen that, you don't know. It's not just Chabad,most people are unaware of how toxic alchohol is to the body.
I expect that there will be more awareness of alchoholism now in Chabad.

Fleishike Kishke

You're a spineless deceitful Lubavitcher. Satmar follows “Yoel’s Shita” and stands by it in the real world. They are unashamed of their beliefs even when faced with its real world application. They tell you with a straight face this is what we believe and this is how we act, whether it is their view on Zionism or their opposition to bike lanes. Satmar accepts the consequences (negative public opinion, loss of donations) of following “Yoel’s Shita.” When Lubavitchers beliefs collide with the real world, for example their views on Zionism, their belief in Menachem Mendel Schneerson as the Christ, or their veneration of every word of the Tanya “Kaddisha” including its approbation, “copyright notice,” and opinion of non-Jews, they run the other way. If you believe in something stand by it, otherwise abandon it.
Chabadniks (in general) habitually serve and drink alcohol to excess. They do not abstain from alcohol on Purim. The Tanya says what it says about non-Jews. Chabadniks believe what Scheur Zalman wrote in the Tayna to be holy, true and correct. The people at that Florida Purim party either had a good time getting Jesse Allen drunk, felt threatened into plying him with alcohol, or somehow didn’t notice him drinking. If as the rabbi says there was only a “bottle here and a bottle there,” Jesse Allen had to drink most of that liquor to get so inebriated. I find it impossible to believe that the people at the party would ignore an unknown “Goy” drinking that much. Since no one said that Jesse threatened them for the alcohol, or that the whole congregation would be unable (with the help of the police department) to deal with such a threat, and knowing what I know about Lubavitchers and Purim the only logical possibility is that some people at the Chabad Purim party had a good old time getting the “Goy” drunk. (If I said they possibly had him saying “Yechi” that would be speculation, though I can imagine they did that too.) The fact, as reported, is that when Jesse Allen got so drunk that he lost control of his bladder the people at the Chabad put him out on the street and left him there without any supervision and he unfortunately died. I’ve seen dozens (if not 100s) of blind drunk and vomiting Chabad Hasidim. They vomit in homes, schools, synagogues and Sukkahs. I’ve never seen Chabadniks put a single one of their own out on the grass and abandon him. Mrs. Allen is heartbroken and the good people of Pennsylvania dumbfounded how people can have so little regard for a fellow human being. The simple fact of the matter is that Jesse had the unfortunate luck to stumble upon people who don’t fully see him as a human being, and a to have stumbled upon people who are so busy filling their minds with drivel about their dead Rebbe that they have no knowledge of (or respect for) the idea that some people have serious alcohol problems and must under no circumstances be encouraged to and plied with drink. There was an article on a Chabad Blog sometime back, written by a sober Chabadnik, imploring Lubavitchers to get an understanding of alcoholism, and to stop pressuring sober alcoholics into taking “just one L’chaim” at every occasion. This story is about an alcoholic who had the misfortune of stumbling upon ignorant, callous, careless and ultimately ruthless Lubavitchers and thereby lost his life. Mr. Allen was the alcoholic, so ultimately his was the responsibility for staying sober. Lubavitch aspires to be and portrays itself as the leader of world Jewry. My sense is that everyone, especially the Jewish people, need to understand everything about this cult so that they know what they are signing up for when they join, support or participate in it.

Yoel Mechanic

small clarification of the last sentence: I mean that *speculations* of an incident unknown to you, should not be a vehicle. Of course, I do think this incident should be discussed (for instance, at the next Kinus) and hopefully in a manner for education and culture change. It is the *speculations *that are being used to grind axes that I am objecting to. I realize it is a bit of fine line to tread, but I hope the point is well enough expressed.

Yoel Mechanic

The article gives a minimal outline of what happened. One can create about half a dozen hypothetical situations of what might have happened, and assign various levels of blame. All those scenarios are completely speculative and it makes no sense to focus on one hypothetical scenario that happens corresponds to what your particular level of hostility towards Chabad happens to be. If you don't have the facts then you don't have the facts and it is just a poor reflection on you if you speculate and use this tragic event as a vehicle to air personal complaints or carry out personal vendettas. To act like this will comfort grieving parties is just a further sad sick joke. Debates about the social politics of the Tanya, debates that were probably historically resolved hundreds of years ago, have no place with currently grieving parties. If you still have an issue with the Tanya and its politics, please take it elsewhere and at least try to pretend you actually care about the people involved in this sad event. And for those who wish to pick a hypothetical that protect Chabad, I appreciate your well meaning intentions to protect the good people who are "Chabad", but here too, there simply are no facts in the article. Better to look for ways of education or culture change so that casualties that can happen from alcoholism are reduced or eliminated without using an unknown incident as vehicle.

Yosef ben Matitya

kidish hashem!


I know this site exists to bash chabad but be honest if the chabad house had taken this guy in and looked after him "better" you'd all be crying that they put the children and families safety at risk attending the purim event. What could they do? Would you want your kids at an event with a drunk guy pishing himself all over the place?


Yes if he was passed out then they should have called EMS and police. But the man was probably drinking all day long that is what they do. You can't blame Chabad for not knowing that.
And it's also up to the individual to get help.

He could have gone to AA. Having said that,
I know of a person in the local Jewish community who is a drunk and owns a Kosher food establishment. I have told the Rabbi's that he is a problem drinker - I have told him about AA that I would take him to a meeting but he wont go. So at some point, there is nothing we can do about this. I also told the Rabbi's I cannot trust his Kashrus knowing alchoholics as i do.
But yes, it would be nice if Shules sponsered AA meetings. There are very few if any that do, even non Orthodox.
I beleive there is one community center in all of NJ that has recovery meetings.

It could be that some people are uncomfortable to go to the church AA basement meetings but there are many frum men and women that go there some with Yarmulkas on.

Fleishike Kishke

"...in Pennsylvania we are struggling to understand why they left him there." A good place for the grieving mother to start understanding the mindset of the fringe yet metastasizing Jewish group with whom her son was drinking is by reading the first chapter of the group’s core text known as “The Tanya.” In this convoluted book, deeply-revered and widely disseminated by Chabad, the founder of the Chabad Cult wrote, “The souls of Goyim emanate from dirty [discard-able] husks that contain no good whatever.” And though the poor mother “Will always remember her son as a giving and helpful person,” such as when, “Jesse Allen gave his bicycle, his only means of transportation, to an Afghanistan veteran who had been on three tours in the war,” the Chabad Cult, in the words of Schneur Zalman its founder, teaches that “The Goy” (Jesse Allen’s) “kindness is Sin,” and that Jesse Allen’s deed was “only done for his own Self-Glorification.” I’m so sorry to be so blunt with such a horrible sentiment, but the truth sets you free, as they say. In order for Lynn Allen to properly grieve, she needs to understand the beliefs of the religious cult her son had the misfortune of stumbling upon. [Reckless] drinking of hard liquor, on a regular basis, is part of the Chabad cult culture. Reckless drinking during the festival of Purim is widespread in (orthodox) Jewish culture, including this Chabad-Lubavitch subgroup. Having fun at an outsider’s expense is also part of the Chabad cult culture. From my understanding of the people in the cult, getting the “goy” loaded on Purim likely was a barrel of laughs. But when the drinking went so far as the man passing out and wetting his pants, it became a bother to them. So they put him out on the grass without a thought or an iota of caring about his well-being. It sounds to me as if they are trying to shift blame onto a “non-insider” young Russian man, someone likely new to the cult. Jesse Allen’s death from drinking at a Chabad event is an indictment of the culture of the whole movement. Mrs. Allen, I am so sorry for your loss.


But being a religious holiday, how can anybody fault Ezagui and his people for excercising a modicum of Jewish charity and letting the thieving intruder sleep off his drunkenness rather than being turned over for prosecution?!,....

Posted by: A E ANDERSON | Clown Heights 11213 | March 16, 2012 at 08:55 AM

Turned over for prosecution? What are you talking about. If this guy is so intoxicated he loses consciousness, you call 911 and EMS takes the guy to the ER.

In case you didn't know, there's something called patient-physician confidentiality. Considering I work in an ER, as far as ethyl alcohol goes, drinking yourself into a stupor and the knowledge that you're 4 times over the legal limit is between you and your doctor. The doctor doesn't go call the cops on you (unless you crashed your car into someone prior to arrival, and in which case the cops will ask for the patient's bloodwork results).

Medicine, biology, the law, modern conveniences like "911" may be things these Chabadniks were unaware of.

Or maybe they just didn't want to defile themselves touching the alcoholic goy with the piss-stained pants. Ironically similar to the NT "good Samaritan" story.

A. Nuran

This was handled very poorly, Chabad or no Chabad. A call to Emergency Services would have prevented this death

Mendy Hecht

Yup, yup, yup... Same old hatred of Chabad. New excuse.


Paulie Walnuts, your comments on this forum are some of funniest things I've read all week, and for that I thank you. Roll Tide!



what's up with this. One minute its on, the next minute it's off???? They all got some slant....

Paulie Walnuts

"Chabad" didn't drop the man outside, Igor did. Vilifying an entire group for the sickness of a few, that's like saying all niggers have big dicks, or all faggots have shitty smelling breath. That's not nice is it?


What the heck is "composing praise songs"?

Posted by: Malka Gittel | March 16, 2012 at 07:16 AM

Christian music.

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

++Shmarya | March 16, 2012 at 09:29 AM++


The days are long gone where you see the old Hollywood depiction of the unruly drunkard who is tossed out onto the sidewalk and then loses consciousness and is left there to 'sleep it off'. Too many people dealt with that way end up being found dead in the morning.

And a lot of other people with serious medical emergencies (with or without the added effects of too much alcohol), such as diabetic coma, head trauma, cardiac arrest, stroke, drug overdose or interaction, etc. are mistaken for just being too drunk, and are left to die.

Ezagui may be a nice guy to those that know him, but he seriously mishandled this, letting Nikomarov leave the man laying outside overnight, resulting in the man's death.

"any hotel or food service establishment" would have called 911.

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Anderson, if your alcohol binges from the past bring back memories that lead you to think it's really not harmful or a big deal, you need to work in a hospital emergency department located near a college campus.
Even if it was a private party, if someone was so drunk that he lost consciousness, he needs to be taken somewhere for observation for his own safety. Calling 911 is reasonable and is recommended if you're a public facility, or having a party open to the public.

The essence of the matter is that Chabadniks don't understand the medical consequences of severe alcohol intoxication to the point of unconsciousness. Like so many frat boys, they consider it something to brag about. And if the intoxicated person is not Jewish, than they totally don't give a shit.


Posted by: A E ANDERSON | Clown Heights 11213 | March 16, 2012 at 08:55 AM

As usual, you rely on misrepresentations and lies to make your twisted, sick point.

1. The party was advertised publicly and was open to the public.

2. A person who is so drunk that he cannot control his bladder is at severe risk of injury or death from alcohol poisoning.

3. The proper thing to do with a drunk person who passes out or who is about to pass out is to closely monitor him or call 911.

4. Even if the person crashed the party, Chabad had a moral obligation to protect the passed out drunk man from harm. It could also be argued that Chabad had a legal obligation to do so, as well.

5. Chabad 'led' the drunk man outside and apparently dropped him on the lawn passed out. It is morally and probably legally wrong to leave a helpless man alone in that condition outside.

6. The idea that Chabad did not serve alcohol at the party and that only private individuals who are members did so is absurd. Ezagui is almost certainly lying to protect himself and Chabad from the legal consequences of serving alcohol without a license and serving alcohol to minors.

7. The idea that Chabad was within its rights to mistreat the man because the man is not Jewish is repugnant.

8. And you, Anderson, a sick, perverse man.

A E ANDERSON | Clown Heights 11213

PS - In the '80s, I spent many a night in prostrate worship of the porcelain god in the company of Herr Jägermeister, Herr Goldschläger and copious quantities of nickel-priced beer with absolutely no assistance from the Rebbe of Lubavitch or his supposedly enabling minions of ethyl alchohol pushers.

A E ANDERSON | Clown Heights 11213

a drunk, disruptive person crashes a party, is escorted off the premises and passes out on the public right of way. As much as this blog loves to blame the Chabad movement for all the world's ills, I can't see what they are supposed to have done that is wrong. Blaming Chabad for the effect of drinks this man apparently obtained by fraud and deception is really over the top.

I have known Pinny Ezagui in the past (West Palm Beach or Tampa, I can't recall which), and I know him to be a reasonable, responsible individual. I am certain he would have "called 911" if there was any indication that is uninvited party crasher was seriously ill as a matter of his own personal conscience.

I think any hotel or food service establishment would have done exactly what Chabad did in this Florida incident: that is, to have escorted the uninvited interloper off the premises. With 20/20 hindsight, the local Chabad should have called the police to have the man removed, cited for trespass and potentially prosecuted for obtaining goods by deception.

But being a religious holiday, how can anybody fault Ezagui and his people for excercising a modicum of Jewish charity and letting the thieving intruder sleep off his drunkenness rather than being turned over for prosecution?!

One should double check with Rabbis Krinsky or Kotlarsky @ Lubavitch World Headquarters to be certain, but I am fairly sure that it violates Chabad policy as well as the late Rebbe's directives to either drink alcohol to excess or knowingly supply the same to obviously intoxicated persons, and certainly to people who are so drunk that they urinate in their trousers.


It's all fun and games until someone pisses their pants and dies on the lawn. Better watch out college chabad houses: Your use of alcohol to lure the kids away from Hillel will be scrutinized more than ever.

"We don't serve it, but there is a bottle here and a bottle there," Ezagui said.

Ezagui also added that he had some great deals on previously owned Ford Fiestas right behind the chabad house.

Malka Gittel

What the heck is "composing praise songs"?


Gave up on farbrengens after being constantly encouraged to drink.

Just being a sober person listening the the ranting and raving was the last straw.

Just went to a lube Purim farby, and the same thing was still going on.

The guys were even kissing each other ( not on the lips though).

And then the dancing on the chairs...took my kids and got quickly out of there.

Malka Gittel

Dovit, the temperature around Philly at Purim was nearly warm enough to be Florida. Right now it's the high 70s. Having been at a Megillah reading in Pennsylvania on Purim, you're way off on the weather. That said, this certainly wasn't handled the best way posdible... But I have never heard of a non-Jew who ever professed that much excitement at Purim before. Curious.


Jesse Allen, 28, who moved to Ormond Beach from Meadville, Pa., in November, was found dead Friday morning by the rabbi of the synagogue, a police report shows.

Nice to hear when a rabbi calls the police!

Yochanan Lavie

Holla, Ruthie!


except for a very few.....
they care....but they don't care.....
all they see is money.
put someone on the lawn.
go back inside....look for the machers.
fuck some of the chabad people
purim was more important than a human being. full stop.
hi yochanan!

Abu Jihad Schneerson

"We don't serve alcohol, but there is a bottle here and a bottle there,"


Yoel Mechanic

WSC; I indicated one positive step that should be taken regarding this tragedy (I assume you read what I wrote). Therefore my view on this event should be clear enough.

I still feel that when discussing the article, it should be carefully read, and the facts should not be altered; especially considering the gravity of the situation.

WoolSilkCotton, rock star and sports superstar

Yoel, it is disgusting to put someone drunk out on a lawn overnight, no matter what the state or season.
Is that how you would want to be treated if you drank way too much?

Yoel Mechanic

What kind of inhuman bastard puts someone out on the grass on a winter night? It still dips down pretty low at night in Pennsylvania this time of year. If he didn't die of alcohol poisoning, he might have died of exposure. Oh, but he "wasn't of the Jewish faith", so he doesn't matter.

The event happened in Ormond Beach, near Daytona Florida. Perhaps a reading class or integrated communications class at a local community college would benefit one's basic skills. Community Colleges are very affordable, and recommended for those whether one is Yeshivah educated or not.

One ForTheRoad

Drunk last night.
Drunk the night before,
Gonna get drunk tonight like I never been drunk before,
For when I'm drunk I'm as happy as can be;
For I am a member of the Lubavitch family.


IF this alcoholic died after getting out from a bar-there would be a serious lawsuit in the works.

In this instance - I do not know


I once was so drunk that i was sleeping on my bed, woke up, puked right there and continued sleeping.

And yet Cannabis is considered harmful and is illegal.

Heck don't be blaming anyone at Chabad this alchoholic has the disease and didn't get well. He would have drunk somewhere else if not the Purim party.


What kind of inhuman bastard puts someone out on the grass on a winter night? It still dips down pretty low at night in Pennsylvania this time of year. If he didn't die of alcohol poisoning, he might have died of exposure. Oh, but he "wasn't of the Jewish faith", so he doesn't matter.

Chicago Sam

See the Hasidim drink!

See the Hasidim get drunk!

Drunk like a skunk!

I have seen Hasidim get drunk, they are very macho about their drinking.

What a shame; the family ought to contact a lawyer.

Yoel Mechanic

I looked this up on google: Chabad Shluchim have periodic (I think yearly) conferences: I hope this issue in general, and event in particular, is discussed at the next Kinus HaShluchim or Kinus HaShluchos http://www.kinus.com btw: I think mockery in light of such a tragedy is pointless


Allen was intoxicated to the point that he had urinated in his pants

I had no idea that this is a symptom of too much drinking. I assume there was pools of urine at 770 on purim.


What was a goy doing celebrating purim?

Yochanan Lavie songwriter extraordinaire

It doesn't matter, because this goy was undoubtedly a descent of Haman (sarcasm).


"We don't serve it, but there is a bottle here and a bottle there,"Rabbi Ezagui said.

Of course, the Lube-a-bitches never use alcohol, chas v'shoolem.

Just " bottle here and a bottle there."

Hey, while you're up, get me another Stolichnaya, Sheyndl.

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