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March 29, 2012


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litvish what abt the jungreis family in willi?
they are nto only up against a stone wall but have been mercilessly ostracized and left to clean up the communities mess alone
how is that for unsettling how many years has it been and how much longer till the "communities and Rabbis (if u want to call them that" id like to say corrupt leaders stand up and od something abt it
when will htey support us survivors and all the hundredds of victims???
why dont u tell me when there will be soemthing set up to help pay for therapy and the most basic needs like a place where survivors can stay and food to eat?
how abt instead of sitting here talking you all get off ur hynees and do something to help


If someone I loved deeply like my child were to be abused how could I keep silent and not suffer myself?

I have spoken out on other matters where I ended up paying a price as a whistle blower.

It has resulted in financial and community loss for me.

I would do it all over again if I had to.

I did not come into this world to live in fear and, above all, to betray my Truth.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

I find that the fear of what will happen is always more unsettling than actually doing what I fear to do.


Hi Litvish. If you are a mandated reporter, doesn't that cover not only child abuse but suspected abuse? You've got names. What would happen if you exposed them? Someone has to start making a record, a paper trail. The problem is that in order to expose someone else, one has to also expose them self. That regurgitates pain, so it is often very difficult to do.


Posted by: boruch521

So let us start by exposing the rabonim who have made deals with him.

Confront these criminals who have no shame.

As Rocky says, even a dog has more rights than these Jewish kids.


Hynes needs the Jewish vote! Just break it all down to its simplest form. Votes from the Rabbis, and their following in exchange for no names.
The Rabbis then are able to protect everyone in their own clans, and hold complete sway over the community.
Hynes should be put in jail along with the Rabbis for child abuse!


If the Brooklyn DA is allowing politics to trump children, why doesn't the New York State Attorney General intervene on the part of the abused children? How about the Federal Department of Justice? Is the spotted owl or the bald eagle more important than the welfare of children? Even abused dogs appear to have more rights.


This scum is being paid solely by our taxes to do a job which he is not doing.

Not only is he making money off of this but he is also responsible for allowing rapists to be set free.

Every other DA in the world releases the names of the abusers. We must have these names in order to protect the kids and the community.

Hynes refuses to do this citing the ridiculous reason that this might compromise the victims!

What a complete fraud.

He needs to be constantly confronted.

If one kid murdered in Florida can attract national attention surely hundreds and probably thousands of raped kids in Brooklyn deserve some notice, a little justice?

This is something that can truly unite people and ultimately bust the scum rabonim who not only permit this but even ruin the lives of the families unfortunate enough to have been harmed.

Hynes is part of the problem not the solution. He must be followed and exposed over and over again. He must feel the heat and become the subject of investigation himself.


bloc voting



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