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March 08, 2012


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I currently work at the plant which is now "agristar" its still family members of his that own it, and still its the same i don't know how the government doesn't notice.. terrible place to work no benefits low pay and all around shitty place to work.

Shtam a guy

Unhappy you are indeed unhappy.

Your little mini rant against chabad is umm pathethic. What you crow about - is old.

You know well Chabad is doing just fine. Ya they have bumps and IDIOTS like other sects.... - but to go paint a whole movement which much to your wish is doing tremendous work - is in poor taste and once again simply shows a disgrunted noodnik who just looks for fodder to harp on old shit!

Enough wasted to even reply.

SMR is an idiot period end of story. But most of you here just don't get it. While he obviously did wrong and was rightfully found guilty....his sentence was extreme.

Many of you pea brains just don't get it. Its an American thing here. a legal issue. A rights issue. Stuff that some of you probably can't comprehend.

If you got busted for smoking weed AND selling weed for example and you got 50 years in the slammer......you get the point?

It has nothing to do with the stupid letter or his not being sorry - whatever the case its the xtreme sentence given to this rather frum/Jewish individual is just no fair bordering on you know what....


These words of Haman can be read as an acknowledgment of even the anti-Semite that although we are “scattered and dispersed among the nations” we are still “one nation”, we care about one another although we may be far away from one another.
The ultimate fulfillment of being a Jew is not where it is the norm on your own land with Jewish leaders but rather to be Jewish in a non-Jewish world. Proudly practice your faith do not be ashamed of the difference of your lifestyle but rather to be proud that your “laws are unlike those of any other nation”
If the non-Jew is bothered by the Jewish distinctiveness and difference in behavior the Jew must act like Mordechai. As it says in the book of Esther (3:2)“Mordechai would not kneel or bow”. Do not bend your Judaism and observance to Haman or anyone that try to make you conform to their values.....
Posted by: joseph | March 08, 2012 at 10:42 PM

The complaint of Haman was that Jews don't follow their own laws, they don't follow the non-Jewish law of the land, but still they refuse to marry non-Jews.

It's not the distinctiveness which is the problem, it is choosing to be distinct and prideful and loyal to your compatriots--even if they are far-flung across the other side of the globe, while not giving two sh*ts about your supposed neighbors and those who are trying to create some kind of semblance of unity around you.


to abracadabra:
that's the point, they do allow their children to correspond with him, they hold of him like a REBBE not a criminal and tell them they should all grow up like him. He's sorry for nothing, and as long as they can keep up the act they get money to live on.


What would he think if his children were forced to buy crummy salvage cars to get a job and the employer let it go on and on? And they are not survivors of the Guatemalan civil war who have little money and transportation fees to the US to pay. One of the weavers had spent her childhood going to police stations looking for dissapeared family members.

Abracadabra: World Famous Mekubal, Gadol, Baal Moifes & Lamed Vavnik. Brachos Only $36, 3 for $100.

Danny - I also tried to read it a couple of times. It is barely comprehensible. The only thing I got from it is that he thinks he has something useful, important and religious to impart.

I would be wary of anyone allowing their children to correspond with him in prison.

chicago sam

Rubaskin's soliloquy reads like a Greek tragedy.


he will never accept he ever did anything wrong, he will never repent for his actions, e will continue to stay there and deserves it. meanwhile they still collect money daily and his wife has a new home in monsey all paid for with these funds and lives off of it along with her one son MS, so beware only about 10% is going to his legal fees. they made a REBBE out of him, this is the sick part of it all. They know how to use OPM and will continue to do so. You will never see Leah work ever. he became a preacher! and he has a huge congregation to go with him, which by the way is the way he always was he loves to have his chassidim suck up to him jail makes him like a king and his wife is loving every minute that she can keep this bs up and still get funds from jewish suckers.


@: joseph, that is really nice, touching, HOWEVER It would have been nicer if he would have expressed some kind of repentance for his actions, which he has not, ever since his arrest and eventual fall off.


It's like sitting through the album version of a W4M post.


Hilarious to the point of being obscene.

Here we have a convicted felon writing a rambling nothing to Jewish children.

He has in effect become the new Jesus Christ for Chabad.

Chabad has changed greatly from the days of my youth. I remember with fondness the time when I fist visited NYC and saw the Rebbe. That was over 44 years ago. Today Chabad is to my mind an outrage.

Pandering to the likes of this felon and elevating him to cult status tells me a lot of how low Chabad has fallen.

The Rebbe is missed..Today Chabad is a collection of misfits, schnorrers and other undesirables.

The Chabad of my youth is long gone, dead and buried.

It is very sad indeed.


joseph.... your gibberish is as silly as SMR's.

Why don't you become prison pen-pals with him?


Some would see these as powerful messages of faith from a man trapped in prison. To have pity on his and his families plight is to be human.
The readers are familiar with these themes and language usage and although he could use an editor it would possibly diminish the raw emotions that are conveyed by his letters.
This is what he says in simpler English.
Every holiday has a unique message. The unique message of Purim is that it is only holiday in which as the Talmud says “we are still slaves to Achashveirosh” it was a) not a complete redemption and b) we were still in the diaspora. Purim teaches us how to be a Jew while we are living in non-Jewish and sometimes hostile lands.
This is a classic re-reading of Haman's accusations as positive descriptions of what it means to be a Jew.
The complaint of Haman against the Jews as recorded in the book of Esther (3:8) was, "There is one nation, scattered and dispersed among the nations throughout the provinces of your kingdom, whose laws are unlike those of any other nation and who do not obey the laws of the King. It is not in the King's interest to tolerate them”
These words of Haman can be read as an acknowledgment of even the anti-Semite that although we are “scattered and dispersed among the nations” we are still “one nation”, we care about one another although we may be far away from one another.
The ultimate fulfillment of being a Jew is not where it is the norm on your own land with Jewish leaders but rather to be Jewish in a non-Jewish world. Proudly practice your faith do not be ashamed of the difference of your lifestyle but rather to be proud that your “laws are unlike those of any other nation”
If the non-Jew is bothered by the Jewish distinctiveness and difference in behavior the Jew must act like Mordechai. As it says in the book of Esther (3:2)“Mordechai would not kneel or bow”. Do not bend your Judaism and observance to Haman or anyone that try to make you conform to their values.
In the end his trust in G-d and strength of character will prevail. By not bowing Mordechai merits to become viceroy to the king. The king recognizes his strength of character and the loyalty of the Jewish people “. It is not in the King's interest” to harm them
Purim is about unbridled joy. On this day we commit to being strong proud Jews Joyously committed to our faith.
On a personal level even in prison by being committed to my observance of Torah and mitzvos I see how other inmates respect me for that and support me. I pray to be released from here and I have faith that I will be released.
Just as our sages teach us that the Jewish children’s prayers and torah studies canceled the evil decree of destruction. May G-d once again annul all evil decrees against his people Israel and usher in the Ultimate redemption with the coming of Moshiach!


To think that the U.S.D.O.J. offered him a plea deal in exchange of 11 or 13 years. But no, he rejected it, gambled on it and lost miserably. What an idiot.


Poor, poor man!
Haman's distant cousin?


I'm sure the jail has an English literacy program in which he can enroll. However, as Robert Wisler alluded to he is probably proud of his semi-literacy. Also, as Malka Gittel said, I would also love to see the original of this, especially if it was hand-written.

Does anyone know if Rubashkin has a minyan in jail?

Finally, if he really wanted to say something useful to the children might not he have expressed the value of being honest and following the laws of the land (as required by Halacha in any case)?

Barry in Farrockaway

May der eibishter shower Linda Reade with arichas yomim vshonim, nachas and gezunt, a lichtige tumid, and alle brochois toivois sheboilem, she had the wisdom to dispense justice as a shaliach Hashem.


"Wisler" your rotten scum of a little man, your unabating hate almost has me convinced that perhaps you should be the one behind bars.

Posted by: Peter | March 08, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Wisler! are you lucky! you got some koolaide drinker mad at you!
Keep it up!

Rubashkin = a reincarnated slave plantation owner


This quasi-religious drivel is so very bad that there is a kind of magnificence to it. I can only marvel at the effort required to even read the half of it.

And the most tragic aspect of it is that Chabadnik children will grow up associating "Rubashkin" with "merit", because of his "charity" (carried out with other people's money) and his observance of Mitzvos (such as condoning the sexual abuse of his female employees by their supervisors and the leasing of substandard housing to his workers' families).



Fred- he has the worst lawyers money can buy, they are looting him and the silly people who donate to the lawyers.

I read about half of it. He has some ideas but doesn't develope or provide any sources which are stimulating to a discussion like this.

One funny part where he says something about how hard it is to keep Mitzvos, well better late than never I suppose.

Malka Gittel

The only thing I got out of this is that the Jews are one people and therefore not Chasids alone, but all Jews, should pay into collections for his legal fees. Other than that? Well... other than that can we see the original just to prove this is real? I don't doubt it because you can't make this kind of thing up, but... a picture of this rambling and unintelligible screed would at least let me try to deal with its existence a little better.


Has anyone actually read his message from top to bottom.

I've tried like three times, and just can't do it. He is babbling shear nonsense like a lunatic. Goodness... is this what a Chabad education does to the brain?


Who is paying to have this circulated? There are probably thousands of Purim messages written throughout the world. But how many get printed or posted to the Internet.


I think shlomo rubashkin set himself up as a mrtyr when he stole all that money and mistreted all those workers in the name of hashem and his cult, so no one should complain he is a martyr for the cause.


Younger kids will grow up thinking that he is their rebbe...


He's already working on the new generation to create for himself endless advocates for himself and himself alone. That's why he didn't mention the Rebbe.


celebrities diminish intellect --

While many (though, to be fair, not all) Charedi believe they are above "the rest" of humanity, this type of denial regarding vile business practices seems to be an equal opportunity mental health issue for EVERY SINGLE business owner/leader in the USA arrested-for-(fill in the blank). I just saw the coverage of the Sanford arrest & he's "innocent", "did no wrong" "helped his community", blah, blah, blah. You can superimpose Rabushkin's tales of woe & misunderstanding & how much he actually did for his workers, bladey-blah, into the mouths of ALL convicted of fraud, worker abuse, sexual misconduct, harassment, embezzlement, insider trading, etc … & maybe .05% have been Charedi, with maybe 35% Jewish. So this attitude seems to infect a hell lot more than just Charedi businessman.

The biggest problem (I have at this point) with the Rabushkin case fallout is that instead of using this as an important lesson on what not to do in business, how not to treat people, etc., & issuing some edict on making him do tshuva, Chabad has all it's followers fighting for his release as if he was some poor innocent rounded up by anti-Semites, with no regard for the disgusting & illegal way he treated workers or animals (as someone else pointed out, breaking both man & hashem's law). He's a criminal who deserves to sit & think a good long while about what he did wrong & how he can make it right for his former employees (I suggest any cash left over when his lawyers are done with him & before Chabad manages to suck him dry), but instead Chabad is teaching their followers a VERY bad lesson on right & wrong (ok, I wasn't ACTUALLY expecting to hear they were starting up lectures about 'humane treatment of employees' or anyone else for that matter … but dare to dream) & perpetrating the myth that you can do anything you like because the REBBE is on your side (for a cash donation of course).

BTW, what did you mean by "your lawyers"? I'm guessing you meant his lawyers. I'm certainly no where close to thinking he should be let off the hook. Though I can thank the undercover video coverage of his 'humane animal treatment' for turning me into a card carrying vegan.


this vile man is quite morally ill. i'd rather children be prison pen pals with bernie madoff.


Speaking of pink slime...does anyone know if there is a kosher version of this that is used on Kosher beef and in kosher chicken nuggets?



When I stopped at a post office 1-2 years ago there was a sheet of paper someone had left behind on a counter with one of his jail/prison addresses. Part of a massive letter-writing campaign. Wondered if large groups of people were being manipulated into participating in that.


"Wisler" your rotten scum of a little man, your unabating hate almost has me convinced that perhaps you should be the one behind bars.


The tragedy of all of this is that he never showed remorse or regret.He should send this message of charataw to all children so that they may never emulate his deeds.


A frailicha purim to all the children. Hopefully one day in the near future Sholom will be freed and be able to celebrate Purim together with them and the rest of kelal Yisroel.

Eli, befuddled

The hidden meaning of this letter would be?
- Praise the lord, I've accepted Jesus as my savior! I even forgot how to talk Jewish. Now hurry up and get me a hearing with parol board.
- Boo!
- Bubba in cell 3 said I get to be his bitch this week. Yay!
- Beats the hell out of me. Let's wait for Mordechai to explain it.


It really bothers mean that he got such a harse sentenc and we should do everything possible to get it reduced . But what bothers me more is how they are turning him into to a teacher, role model , and someone kids should look up to and listen to .Enough already he did break the law both mans and g-d he deserved to be punished ( justly ) he is not a role model nor a spokesman enough already let him sit quietly .i don't want the hear his messages especially to kids before Ashzitz oh I mean Lipshitz turned him into a role model he was a plain ignorant butcher . Why doesn't Lipshitz take up real innocent causes like Gross in Cuba or how about Pollard . Enough already with this ganifs messages

Garnel Ironheart

This is outrageous. Did I miss it or did he NOT mention the Rebbe even once?


for fred.: while you may very well be correct in your point of view, the end result, bear in mind these chardei actually beleive in themselves to be so above "the rest" of mankind,that they do not beleive they have erred.these people see themselves as holy,and while their lives are filled with BAD behaviour and scant disregard for eveyone else they see that which they will.This is why your lawyers are so welloff .but not for discussion on purim. Lechaim.


the son of aaron the butcher has become a wise sage. praise the Lord halleluya. Soon he will lead all the chabad followers into the promised land. a true incarnation of nathan of gaza. may his purim have been a spiritual one in his present home. liquor of course is forbidden for this year.


His rantings are as important to me (and as intelligent) as those of, say, Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.

Robert Wisler

SMR wrote:

SMR... the word "I" is capitalized in the English language. And what the heck does the word "BITACHOIN" mean?

I have bitochen that Ha'shem will give assistance to the workers and families that Rubashkin and his cronies exploited and used like beasts of burden.


Your post says a whole lot about you.
I know many people who dislike this man for assorted reasons. However, that in itself is not enough reason to want to see him behind bars for so long a duration. And to wish more people to be locked up by an unjust and corrupt government shows that you are a disgruntled person. Get a life.


Incoherent? Definitely. Crazy? ... Maybe not.

Rabushkin has some of the best lawyers money can buy. No way they'd let him do, say or write ANYTHING that isn't part of a game plan. I predict a few more rambling, incoherent memos, as well as 'reports from prison' that start leaking of "disturbing behavior", a request for independent psychiatric review & a motion from his lawyers for clemency or release to a halfway house, based on mental instability.

Just wait for it...

Robert Wisler

Why couldn't he use the common English transliterations of the Hebrew words (such as "Torah" and "Yom Tov'im" instead of adding this Eastern European mispronounciation "Toirah" and "Yoimim Toivim" to this letter? I used to be that people used to be ashamed of illiteracy and ignorance. Nowadays, these hareidim seem to revel in it.

bozothe clown

The joke is on him.

Robert Wisler

His first sentences where he hopes that he can meet the children face-to-face... Does that mean he hopes that they'll all be put into prison with him (beeezrus hashem)?


Thanks for the post.

The best to to him and his family.


What an incoherent ramble...

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