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January 09, 2012


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Your comments prove that FM is like the bar scene out of Star Wars. All sorts of creatures can just wander in. Beware the light sabre...

Posted by: Adam Neira

yocHANan shot first!

Adam Neira

To Ray Drecker,

Your comments prove that FM is like the bar scene out of Star Wars. All sorts of creatures can just wander in. Beware the light sabre...

Ray Drecker

I shook hand with someone who shook the hand of Leib Tropper. I still feel disgusted by the thought of it.

But if Tropper also shook hand with rav Elyashiv so I am close to maran by it.

And if I shook hand with Russell Brand it like I touched Katy Perry's boobs or even finger her


Ron Paul would be electable but his foreign policy stance will not allow him to be a serious candidate.

Obama is not doing a good job at all on the domestic side. Overall not so good in foriegn affairs, some good but much not good.

But on the domestic side, only time will tell if his policies of government meddling on companies designs on doing business will have been good.
If things improve then he will have get credit. but as of now, there is not much to be excited about.

Overall he is average to bad, not sure if Romney is much better.

Consider voting for Gary Johnson, the Independant.


The NK is like a gift to the Democratic Party.

Reb Chaim

It just shows how desperate politicians are for votes. They will shake hands with anyone and everyone no matter how obnoxious they may be and even kiss their babies when the opportunity arises. I hope that Ron paul really doesn't appreciate where NK leader Weiss is coming from because if he did, and still shook his hand, then he is nothing more than, to put it charitably, a damned fool.

Adam Neira

I think both Ron Paul and Rabbi David Weiss's understanding of what the correct command and control structure should be for the world is slightly askew. On this point they are not on their Pat Malone, but this doesn't mean that people of different backgrounds are not allowed to shake hands. The fact that the same hand that shook President Ahmedenijad's has touched one of the main US Presidential Candidate's hands actually shows that in 2012/5772 the world really is interconnected. Not so much six degrees of separation, more like five. There just may be some hope for the world. Good connections really do make the universe go around. The bonds between all of G-d’s children should be strengthened. Perhaps people are finding their correct place in the grand scheme of things right now and the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are falling into their proper alignment.

P.S. It's up to the good people of the USA who they elect as their leader on the first Tuesday of November but I believe President Obama is doing a good job.


That's funny, I always thought that calling Israel a theocracy was for white liberal college students in the Bush years. It takes only the most casual glance at the government of Israel to see the government is not based on religion and I thought that level of shallow foolishness could only be achieved by an intellectually dishonest leftist.


Actually, I'm a 50 something constitutional conservative.


tonda - That makes you a twentysomething American leftist. Israel as it stands now is not a theocracy. If it was, the trains wouldn't run on Shabbos.


So as someone that recognises Israel as a state, but thinks that any theocracy is a bad idea, what category would I fall into?


tonda - depends on the context. A Jew is a Jew, a Zionist doesn't even have to be Jewish. In this context, a Zionist is a non-chassidic Jew that recognizes the secular government of Israel.

The frumma are a collective and aren't exposed to many new ideas. Hashem prevented them from having those a long time ago. What thEy haen't figured out, and what drives them so goddamn insane, is that they're not part of the redemption anymore. Nobody needs modesty patrols, especially not the Jews.


For clarification, define the two as you see it.


The VIN thread on this event is quite telling of the "False Torah" community of NK and Satmar, their agenda, talking points, and general outlook.

The NK showed up to acknowledge and strengthen Ron Paul's anti-Israel position. What's funny about this meeting is that neither appears particularly well-versed in the nuances of the position they're supporting.

Ron Paul is trying to counter (badly) his anti-Israel image, and shaking hands with the enemy impostor of the Jewish people isn't going to help him. When Paul shook hands with Weiss, he probably thought he was going to help his image. The enemies of Israel have a hard time with the Zionist concept, they don't know who is what or why, so they just use the word as a euphemism for "Jew" in certain company.


chief rabbi of England shook hands with implicated mass murderes in the Vatican

Some poeple just can't help themselves, can they...


Not Simple 10:16, "Ron Paul shook a hand that shook Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hand."

And Rabin shook a-hand of the terrorist murderer Arafat! Rabbi Meir Lau chief rabbi of Israel, and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks chief rabbi of England shook hands with implicated mass murderes in the Vatican, all PM’s of Israel shake hands with the arch murderers of Germany ?!


Eli 9:38, “This Yisroel Dovid Weiss is quoted as Rabbi - does he have smicha or just a long beard and bigger mouth?”

Does BML or Weingarten have smicha? FM likes to call every bearded yutz Rabbi when the sting will be more felt, well it goes both ways!


Paul's stated opinion that Israel should never have been created


i dont dispute that pauls positions would be terrible for israel if implemented, but i didnt see anything in the links you provided which say that israel should never have been created. while it wouldnt surprise me if he made that statement, i'd like to see it before accepting it as accurate. can you copy and paste the quote?


This dick headed weiss is nothing but a robot an evil one at that,on 2 sides of his head his 2 payeses are like 2 dicks hanging what a shame on us all rational yiddin.

Not Simple

Yesterday in Meredith, NH, Ron Paul shook a hand that shook Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's hand.

What a strange statement.

Yochanan Lavie

Ron Paul is proof that alien life exists.


Find a more stable source than Dondero.

His rants make some of the more extreme posters here seem polite and moderate.


Question: This Yisroel Dovid Weiss is quoted as Rabbi - does he have smicha or just a long beard and bigger mouth?

Garnel Ironheart



Tom Stedham

Can you provide a source for "Paul's stated opinion that Israel should never have been created"???

I've never heard that...

Garnel Ironheart

First of all, do you think Ron Paul knows about any of this, or even cares?
Secondly, the NK philosophy fits Paul's stated opinion that Israel should never have been created so why is anyone surprised?


Pick any prominent politician and you can play "six drgrees of Kevin Bacon" with any other politician.

To paraphrase Freud, sometimes a handshake is just a handshake. Or would it have been more proper to spit on him. Nope, wasn't a woman.

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