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January 22, 2012


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Bob Guthrie

How come the Haredim Pedophilia posts are the ones with the least comments? o.0


His last hearing was on Friday and they usually take two days to update the system. If it's not updated by tomorrow then something is suspicious.


David Zimmer's case is also going to be sealed. For now, though, it's at criminal trespassing for last week's arrest.


Common practice for nys court systems is after any disposition it's no longer available to search. After conviction or dismissal or any other result

Radical Feminist

It seems to me that all you have to do to keep people from outing the criminals in the Haredi community is threaten them with accusations of antisemitism. It's the perfect "tactic' to make sure nobody every criticizes you or call you out on your hypocrisy.


what is sad is they the Orthodox are only hurting themselves since the perpetrators know they will get a free pass


This isn't the only case this guy Hynes just got to go

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