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January 23, 2012


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You are the one who brought up teshuva. Re-read your own comment. I don't care if it was "religious", it was a trangression against the community which you aver with your use if "teshuva" in your own comment!

Don't be silly. He did something wrong. I feel badly, sincerely, that the effect of his error is so grave. If you jump off a building I can help heal your broken bones but I can't make if so you didn't break them, or guarantee you will be able to walk again. If you are an editor and you write a dangerously stupid editorial, I can't change that you lose your credibility and so your paper.

I can only help make sure you don't suffer what a person who didn't show remorse would suffer, just like a criminal at sentencing will usually get leniency if they express regret for their actions, but never a pardon.

So please, stop with the simple-minded rhetoric. I am not stupid and I actually read what you wrote.

Proton Soup

what's not to get Michelle? are you incapable of seeing this from anything but a jewish perspective? i'll do my best. Adler is a rodef to America. people defending him likewise look like rodefs. suggesting that people voicing some displeasure about this are antisemites is insulting.



Bob, I was responding to the comment made about Teshuva.

Please understand what you are reacting to before posting.

Proton, I would love to respond to you, but I have no idea what you are saying. Can you possibly write this a bit more clearly so I can respond?

Proton Soup

Michelle, the bigger problem is not Adler. the bigger problem is the response of a few people, the ones like Nuran here who are reflexively going on the defensive. as if, AS IF, americans who are angry about this are somehow all antisemites. people have a right to be angry. this circling the wagons to protect Adler, and hurling slurs at people to do it, only shows that the problem is not isolated to Adler. so Foxman thinks that Adler has done irreparable harm? it wouldn't be if the response of a few didn't belie the fact that there is a significant number of jewish nutcases out there who sympathize with Adler.

Bob Guthrie

Does are not tears of repentance, those are of "Oh, S***, I got caught, and there goes my livehood."

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: Michelle

It wasn't a religious transgression, it was an editorial.

...Calling for the Israel backed, Mossad led assassination of the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

It seems you read the article, but didn't understand it's implication, maybe like... MORE HATE TOWARDS JEWS?, which are considered by the US populace to being all religious to begin with.

Comprehension, it helps on discussions.

Bob Guthrie

Posted by: centrist

Most people wouldn't take one nutty editorial seriously.

Does the name Rabin mean anything to you?. It takes one influenceable lone nut job,...


His apology: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnOLxhJQbfc




It wasn't a religious transgression, it was an editorial.

Joe and Dan,

Did you read the original editorial? I don't think you did.

If you didn't read it, you can't comment on it.



…it does not obligate the people around him either believe his transgression or…

should read:

…it obligates the people around him to neither belief in his sincerity nor abandoment of…

Sorry about that confusing editing error.



When a person repents a transgression, it does not obligate the people around him to either believe his transgression or abandon self defense. I have not seen his 15-minute apology video so I have no idea what he said.

I do know that even if I accept his sincere apology I would be culpable if I had the power to limit his future impact and didn't do it. He didn't just have a noxious and completely unacceptable opinion of what is right, he had that, and he used the power of his editorial management position of a specifically Jewish publication to attempt to legitimize it. That is, his reckless political extremism endangered others for whom he was not appointed to speak.

Teshuva can do many things but one of them is not to insulate you from the practical outcome of your transgression. We are allowed to defend the good name of Jews even if it injures Adler. He made that the case, and he is suffering the result. I hope his teshuva was sincere but it doesn't change the outcome vis-à-vis his suitability to run that paper.

Joe Field

Posted by: Michelle | January 24, 2012 at 06:02 AM
In theology, the concept of redemption does not mean that you are still a leader or in this case a voice for the public. The fact is that this editorial was not a personal transgression; it was a black mark on every person who reads (thereby support) this paper. The only outcome would be his divesting of the paper.
Finally, are you family, only family or far right-wingers like AEA, would take align themselves with such an idiot.

Dan O.


The man has a journalism degree, and has the wherewithal to own and publish a newspaper. You display him as an aggrieved simpleton.

You indicate that he is well-respected within the community. One consequence of this you probably would not like to consider is that he was not at all alone in his thinking on the matter. And so, he is being used as an example.

Conspiracy-mongering is all too common in the Chabad community. For example, the link between Chabad and total wacko Barry Chamish are well documented. People who believe that the Mossad murdered Rabin are all too likely to believe they'll go after Obama. It's an intellectual sickness. This episode has much more to do with this diseased way of thinking than it does to any threat Adler poses.


"A rather silly thing to lose his newspaper over, considering that Obama has already committed political suicide by means of his failed policies and inept administration."

Sorry, dude, you're lost. First, it's not silly - as Adler's views evidences deranged thinking, not a mere mistake. Second, President Obama going to get reelected by a landslide. He'll run on ending the Iraq War, killing OBL, and not presiding over the total disaster Congress continuously threatened. It will be effective. Because while I understand that many people are legitimately disappointed over his policies, check out the alternatives. They're ugly.

A. Nuran

Translating Andersonspeak into English:
"I don't like Obama, so he's not really President. Threatening the President is only bad if it's someone I like."



I'm very sad about this whole situation. The newspaper in question is a staple in Atlanta, and Adler was well-liked and respected by many.

Unfortunately, he made a mistake in one editorial.

So we should all destroy him? He spent an entire lifetime putting the Jews of this community first. He released a 15 minute video apologizing profusely for what was said in the editorial.

Would anyone listen?

This is a human being, a good Jew, a nice man, a man who has never wanted to do anything but serve the Jewish community.

He made a mistake. He asked for forgiveness. The Federation pretended to be supportive of him when he said he was sorry, then pulled the carpet from beneath his feet. He has now offered to sell his paper in order to save it. He has done everything we have asked in the name of Teshuva.

This is such a horrible society when one person who makes a mistake cannot ever be forgiven. Too many people run around saying they should not spread gossip and rumor, then ask you if you want to hear the latest . . .

Why do we say we are a people who believe in Teshuva, but never accept it?

He has a family. Should they also suffer? Should, as one commenter her suggest "treat him as if he is radioactive"? Should he lose everything he has ever worked for?

Shame on you all.

Please think before you post.

A E ANDERSON | Auckland, New Zealand

A rather silly thing to lose his newspaper over, considering that Obama has already committed political suicide by means of his failed policies and inept administration.

Still, the episode points to another sad reality: the Anglo-Jewish press in America is beholden or dependent upon the local Jewish federations to the extent that it can hardly be called free or independent.

At first glance, local Jewish federations are a positive force, acting as umbrella fundraisers and coordinators for what would otherwise be a cacophony of conflicting appeals and schnorring by dozens of free agent groups, most legit and a few probably less so.

But all too often, they are dominated by closed circles of major donors or "big machers," or "professional" staff, who advance their own agendas to the tune of pay up and shut up. They determine how money is to be doled out, and make policy on behalf of Jews they purport to represent in closed door meetings absent even an iota of transparency.

בשלימא for the Federation-owned newspapers, but even the supposedly independent ones, as here, are beholden on Federation support and advertising, and can hardly be relied upon present news and opinion when it significantly diverges from, or contradicts, the federation party line or casts a pall over federation interests.

Even the Federation-owned newspapers present a problem, as ultimately, they must take their marching orders from Federation bureaucrats and fundraisers, leaving their local Jewish communities entirely dependent on the secular media or out of town Jewish media (where it is remotely independent) for their Jewish news.

Also, the organised American Jewish community has in recent decades been converted into basically a mouthpiece for Israeli foreign policy. That makes their staff and leaders, in essence, foreign agents, though most escape by legal slight of hand formal registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.

(When I last explored this situation, I found that only a few head honchos of the national UJA and World Zionist Organisation -- through which the money flows -- were registered with the Justice Dept.)

Now, Israel is a lovely place: I've spent nearly 3 years of my life there, and enjoy visiting. Many of my friends are DIBs, and I reflexively support Israel over the Arab regimes that encircle it. At the same time, I maintain a strict separation between my loyalty to the United States and my affection for Israel. Accordingly, I have been on record as saying Pollard should have been hanged for his treason, or virtually treasonous acts.

As to the unfortunate Atlanta Jewish publisher, his comments speak for themselves and it's not necessary to remark that they are odious and reprehensible. Still, he along with everybody else does possess a certain degree of literary and editorial license to speak en extremis or hyperbole -- not as a call to action, but to criticise, critique and lampoon.

It is even more unfortunate that the American law enforcement authorities, most of whom probably lack a liberal education of any significance or depth, fail to recognise this and accordingly fail to render the respect due to freedom of speech and the press.

Of course, we suffer under the dynamic identified by Richard Hofstadter in his 1964 work The Paranoid Style in American Politics, as well as the significant diminution of personal liberty brought about by a raft of legislation since September 11, 2001, as noted in the recent Washington Post article, "10 Reasons Why the U.S. is No Longer the Land of the Free," http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/is-the-united-states-still-the-land-of-the-free/2012/01/04/gIQAvcD1wP_story.html.


I'm under the impression that w4m considers himself a great wit.

He's half right.


Anybody here in Atlanta?
Be nice to keep us posted to see if that newspaper tanks [less subscribers and advertizing]

Malka Gittel

abcdef, I'm under the impression that w4m considers himself a great wit. Some people are legends in their own minds.

Mendy Hecht

Good! It was a historically stupid thing to say, and the gentleman will be smarting from it for years to come.


There are are people who post intellegent comments we agree with.

There are people who post intellegent comments we disagree with.

There are people who post stupid, idiotic, vitriolic, or nasty comments that we like or find funny.

There are people who post stupid, idiotic, vitriolic, or nasty comments that we don't like.

All of the above should be allowed because it makes for a good free exchange of ideas and can sometime be conducive to good conversation (when it doesn't cross obvious lines that shouldn't be crossed).

Then there are people who are obviessly trolling. Trolling is not conducive to a good conversation or exchange of ideas. Obvious trolls such as the one quoted above should be banned.

Proton Soup

i guess i shouldn't be surprised that there are so many lashing out at gentiles. even though gentiles had nothing at all to do with this. it's always blame the goy.


" No rav would have let him say what he said."

It's usually rabbonim who stick their foot in the mouth like that.

"Next time when someone has something to say like this he should first consult his rav and even then say it only in yiddish."

You think Yiddish is a secret, encrypted language? Dream on.

A. Nuran

Now that he's given every antisemite and Israel-hater on Earth a big grin let's see what the Secret Service has to say about his little stunt.


Who in their right mind would buy a toxic asset like this newspaper? Let it go under.

Someone else can start a new Jewish newspaper with a different name and staff. Adler should be treated as radioactive.


In my opinion this is a great outcome. The best that could be managed in the situation.


I guess we wont have Adler to kick around anymore. Shame.


Gotta keep the us vs. them thing going to keep people in the fold.


Next time when someone has something to say like this he should first consult his rav and even then say it only in yiddish. No rav would have let him say what he said.


The Atlanta Jewish Federation's answer to this is in itself racist assuming that all of a sudden the goyim are gonna become jew huntin nazis over one over the top uncalled for editorial.

People who are already antisemitic would already revel in it. Most people wouldn't take one nutty editorial seriously.

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