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January 05, 2012


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The stone-faced PR man has he right to comment anonymously on your blog. He has his supporters as do you. This is not a big deal. Must have been a slow news day for you.


lol avi weiss is such a tool too..


I'm lost over the whole sockpuppeting thing. He used a sock to do what?


Bravo, Shmarya


It appears that Ronn Torossian wrote an article at http://thejewishreporter.com/2011/12/25/make-way-for-the-young/

One of the comments to the article clarifies what Torrison wrote. The comment is written by "Joey Glick".

Sounds similar to the names "Joey Glickstein", "Jonathanglick13" and "Jonathangluck" that are referred to above. Can you say sockpuppet?


One of the comments you reproduced for the IP address is a comment defending Saul Berman's protector Rabbi Avi Weiss.

"Torossian is a close personal friend of Rabbi Avi Weiss, and grew up in Weiss' Riverdale synagogue.". Weiss recently wrote an editorial review for Torossian's book.

“Ronn Torossian has always had a brilliant ability to present complicated, sophisticated ideas with clarity and simplicity. For Immediate Release is no exception. In it, Ronn demonstrates his unique talent for understanding the issues, deciphering and filtering them, and then presenting them to the public in just the right way. This book takes the reader into Ronn's world, and gives a glimpse of his passion, brilliance, and rare aptitude for communicating well.”
--Rabbi Avi Weiss, National President, Coalition for Jewish Concerns – Named 2010 & 2011 to Newsweek list of most influential American Rabbis


what a lowlife.


One of the comments you posted for the IP address has the name "Joey Glickstein".

Wikipedia lists several suspected related sockpuppets for this IP address that include Jonathanglick13 and Jonathangluck.


You may want to check with Wikipedia but I believe several of these sockpuppets claimed that they were relatives with a shared IP address. Now we know that the IP address is from a gym that story is out the window.


Here's a copy of the archived Wikipedia Sockpuppet investigation regarding that IP address:




Wikipedia lists that IP address as a suspected sockpuppet.


@God's only Daughter

He did it for money, using multiple screen names - all of which were false. You REALLY think that's OK?


Why, why isn't this man out of business yet?

God's only Daughter

All that aside, what he says is all true. So, what's wrong? All he did was post using a "screen name".


Have you forwarded this to The New York Times or to Pinto's representatives? Pinto is of course reprehensible, but no one should be subjected to this sort of conduct.


At least they didn't use their own IP this time.


Silly. If you are going to commit fraud at least don't be such an amateur about it. It would be very easy to avoid detection with a little knowledge.

Nice catch.

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