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January 16, 2012

Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel Arrested

Ben Zion Sobel 2Sobel is an alleged – and notorious – pedophile who allegedly abused many boys at Neve Tzion yeshiva. He apparently is also one of the six people arrested yesterday morning in the Eidah Charedis money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement scandal.

Ben Zion Sobel 2
Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel

Arutz Sheva has a two line report on Sobel's arrest and release on bail. Here's the money line:

Sobel is suspected of financial crimes and of organizing and financing public disturbances by the extremist Sikrikim [the Sicarii gang].

I'll post more details when they're available.

Ben Zion Sobel.

Update 12:50 pm CST – The charges against Sobel and the others arrested with him are in the following Hebrew PDF file:

Download Charges against 6 haredim money laundering, embezzlement and tax fraud arrested 1-15-2011 Jerusalem

Update 9:16 pm CST – Here is The Awareness Center's page on Sobel as a PDF file:

Download The Case Of Ben Zion Sobel – The Awareness Center


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PLEASE let this be accurate . how sweet that would be for so many. may he be zocheh to spend lots of time where he really belongs.

It's too bad he's in Israel rather than Chicago. It'd be fun to see him be sentenced to a term in Joliet.

Pardon my last post -- I meant "Statesville" prison. Joliet was closed several years ago.

Isn't he the brother in law of [C. S.…] . He once wanted Ben Tzion Sobel to move to Lakewood, till someone stood up to him.

For shame. Such a good looking gent. Would be perfect for Ruthie. Like a talking carrot.

Masters at deceit.so it's not only the roman collars raping or molesting defenceless children.never let your gaurd down and let the freeloaders and moochers steal the luv from your heart.

Another day, another fool jew! Who is running this derailed train of a religion anyways? Another case of the blind leading the blind...Is it any wonder that there is anti-semitism? The real Nazis should have taken out these 'jews' years ago!!!

Please Shmarya, this statement by Kol Tzfardayeh has got be too much, even for you.

Please Shmarya, this statement by Kol Tzfardayeh has got be too much, even for you.

Posted by: Moshe | January 16, 2012 at 11:21 AM

It is way over the line.

Rabbi Ben-Zion Sobel is the executive director of Rabbi Grossman's Jerusalem office of Migdal Haemek.

Were any of the alleged activities linked to the fundraising Sobel was involved in as part of his job there?

Please Shmarya, this statement by Kol Tzfardayeh has got be too much, even for you.

Posted by: Moshe | January 16, 2012 at 11:21 AM

good call and thanks for FM for removing it

I have argued that the Sikrikim are a cover-up for the Haredi penchant for young children.

Anyone who thinks a 3 year old girl is erotic like the Sikrikim have admitted, are really sick-rikim! (The term "reka" in Jewish Aramaic means "low life."

any update on michael sabo ?

its a differnt benzion sobel- check your facts loser

How are you sure its the same Ben Zion Sobel?

Its the very same sobel from telz stone

Its the very same sobel from telz stone

Posted by: deremes is sheker

how do you know?

If they made them all do a perp walk we'd know.
Between the flakiness of the Israeli criminal justice system and the criminal mindset of these haredim I'll wait for more info.

Though I'll say Sobel is a good choice if the Eda was looking for a clever guy to do funny business.

May he rot in jail. I wish they'd send him to an american prison so he could be assaulted the way he assaulted all those kids in Neve Yehoshua, behind those heavy iron doors.
This monster has never been brought to justice, it is time.

Maven, don't get your hopes too high.
First it's uncertain if it's the same Sobel.
And if it is, we don't know how it will play out.

In other times I'd think if these guys are indeed high up in the Eda, then a political deal would be made to get them off the hook.
There is now hope that with the current spotlight on haredi behavior some justice will be served but it's far from a sure thing.
If they do do time (doubtful it will be for very long) when they get out they'll be heros in the haredi velt for "taking one for the team".

Well the haredis can have him (beats me why a parent would subject their kids to such dangers but they kept sending kids to school w/Kolko and the like and they keep taking them to mikvehs) but I hope this will alert Jews who still use their grey matter that Sobel cannot be trusted with anything.

It IS the same Sobel. If you read the Hebrew court papers that Shmarya posts, he is remanded to House Arrest at the home of his daughter due to him being elderly and ill. That's THE Sobel's daughter

Oh, yeah,
My modern hebrew is rusty so I didn't read through to the end.

That does sound like the name of one of his daughters (of course it's a common name and my memory is foggy after all these years).
And it's probably safe to assume "Mr. Chaim Biton" who provided the 10,000 sheckels is R. Chaim Biton who works for R. Grossman's Migdal Or (where Sobel works or worked).

Hope Sobel passed some of the sheckels he undoubtely skimmed onto his kids. He's giving them so much to be proud of.

PS: He's elderly now, but he's been "ill" for a looong time...

I was worried Sobel was trying to rehabilitate his reputation to get more contact with boys. Hopefully this will keep kids and responsible parents of kids, safely away.

this is more evidence of the poor judgement on grossmans part in hiring him at migdal ohr.

Yes correct- Biton is his son-in-law. Have no fear- it is the SAME Rabbi Sobel.

Same Sobel alright!
He's in his mid 60's - not so elderly.
And he wasn't acting so frail when he was sucking up to Lubavitch last year.

APC, good point about Grossman's judgement.
Grossman may be genuinely well meaning but such people are putty in the hands of a manipulator like Sobel.
I do wonder how someone like Grossman could hang near the Eda creeps - how blind can one be?

The recent (and not so recent) incidents of haredi Talibanism has really shown the lack of leadership among the non-Taliban ortho communities.

This might clarify somewhat why, after it became clear that he had sodomized large numbers of students placed in his care, that all that happened to him was that he was given a cushy job at Feldheim publishers. I'll bet he had a hand in the "finances" at Itri; Elefant was reputed to be doing something colorful with funding, and I'll bet Sobol in on it.
These guys are beyond corrupt and evil, and yet they claim to speak for "true Torah Judaism".

hi y'all, here's something anti semitic:

what did the jewish pedophile say to the little girl on the payground?

"hey sweety, come with me, I have some candy for you ..... for sale"

The recent (and not so recent) incidents of haredi Talibanism has really shown the lack of leadership among the non-Taliban ortho communities.

Posted by: Jewish Cynic

youre right. its non-existent.

maven -

thats an interesting possibility.

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