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January 20, 2012


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Malka Gittel

Good for them, and appalling that in this day and age this should even be a question. Instead Ashkenazim treat them even worse than they try to treat Sefardim, and Ethiopians are blatantly discriminated against and their form of worship is being obliterated.

It disgusts me to see what Jews are willing to do to other Jews. I pray for success for our Ethiopian brethren.


I am reminded of a joke, which I will adapt for this situation…

Three MKs are talking, one from Kadima, one from Likud, and one from Shas.

The Kadima member says, "Did you hear about Shlomo's daughter, she married an Ethiopian!".

The Likud member responds with sympathetic distaste, "Oh, that's terrible. How could he let her do that. You know how terrible they are."

"Yes", says the Kadima member, "and you know, he is going to have dark-skinned grandchildren".

This exchange goes on for a while until they notice that the Shas member hasn't said anything.

"Isn't this a shame?", asks the Likud member of the Shas member."

The Shas member replies, "Frankly, I wouldn't let my daughter marry any of you goyim."


"...they should be grateful for what they have received [from Israel...]"

Where have we heard this before? Oh yes, the American South.


Democracy in action - wonderful!

I was a little perplexed there were almost no one wearing a kipa. Usually pictures of a crowd in Israel there would be quite a few people wearing a kipa - unless it was primarily composed of women.

Just how frum are the Ethiopians? (I don't ask to put them down, only to see if that was the explanation of the lack of kipas)

King James (of Arrogon)

These Ethiopians reeeaallllyy need to shut-the-hell up!!! Human nature, is human nature....PERIOD!!! cats run from dogs, Gazelles flee from a lion, and Kushites run (or should run) from all europeon/whites.

Just imagine how naive they are to assert that they deserve equal rights in Jerusalem. Ummmm, hello....hello...did u read of YOUR black history??? just the other day they outfitted u with a rope around your neck, as u hung from a apple tree. They whipped, raped, and extortated u; Just 50-years ago they sprayed u with fire-hoses, sicked k-9 blood hounds to tears your flesh, then sent u to the back of the public bus all because of ____________ <----fill in the blank.

These people are quite deplorable in protesting for what has always been, and always will be denied to them.

In the Beggining the Europeans arrogated themselves as the kings of the Earth. The Heavens and Earth protested, but were silenced by Chem-trails and pesticide. The spirit of Godliness hovered over the surface of the deep, but was forced to retreat on account of the 'Exxon' oil spill, and sewage being released into the rivers and streams. The Europeons said let their be Religion; And there was Religion. The Euro-Pee-on's separated Church from state. The Religion they called Xnty, and the state they called The United SNAKES of America.

Day 1.) Sail to America from europe
Day 2.) Kill the Indians
Day 3.) Go on a over-seas voyage to kidnap Kushim

Day 4.) Introduce them to a blonde hair, blue eyed Woman hanging from a cross names Jeezus.

Day 5.) Teach them they're inferior to enslave them.

Day 6.) Economic reccesion

Day 7.) Invade the middle-east and bully them out of their resources.



May these protesters go from strength to strength.

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