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December 14, 2011


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In other words, he was just a curiosity.


Let's get real, what made him "interesting" that led to his fame was the fact that he marketed himself as a Hasidim Jew. If he would have been just another white kid, with average rapping or reggae talent, he would be singing in local bars, no record, no t.v. other than possibly a strange local channel between channels 13-99. he would have been another K-Fed, an aspiring white dude who only got famous because he banged Britney Spears. Here, Matisyahu, used Hasidim.

He had a taste of the secular world and liked it, nothing wrong with that.

From this point on his record sales will not depend anymore on his Hasidim appearance, which was very effective, the novelty of seeing a Hasidim man rapping, it will be on sheer EXCELLENT talent Will he become just another white dude aspiring rapper, or reach REAL stardom?


I think Matisyahu is confused. His latest video Miracle pretty much depicts the Greek killer Antiochus and the skating thug Santa as the same type of person: a non-Jewish white guy.

On the other hand, blacks are cool because Matisyahu from Hanukkah was apparently black (and of course reggae music is black).

Then, after an epic ice-capade battle, the non-Jewish white guy/Santa/Anitochus loses...

but then Matisyahu regains consciousness from his dream and wishes everyone "happy holidays!"

Total flip-flopper.

Adam Neira

Many people go through various spiritual journeys and awakenings in their life. An unexplored mind is like confining yourself to only one part of a beautiful tropical island. I don’t really care where people have been, as long as they really are sincere about getting their navigational system right.

Again, wearing a beard does not necessarily guarantee or facilitate righteousness. It is a minor custom/mitzvot. The interpetation that as much of our day should be focused on uplifiting the spiritual potential of a situation and not focusing on vanity does have merit, but taking this idea to the extreme is the problem. The golden mean principle here is important. This does not mean for one instant that I am against men having a beard. Each to his own. I am more interested in the reasons for the decisions people make. There is also some confusion about whether or not we should seek answers, analyse or rationalise the reasons for the mitzvot. For some this is stepping on hallowed ground. However I believe we should make these inquiries. The prophecies are crystal clear that faith and reason would coalesce in the Messianic Era.

P.S. No scapegoats are going to pushed off any cliffs when the Messianic Kingdom is up and running.

Chicago Sam

Correct me if I am mistaken, but didn't the Rebbe trim his beard when he was a young man living in France?

Kudos to Matisyahu, have a happy Hanukkah.


Office of the Secretary

Thanks for allowing us to read the letter from the rebbe hakoydesh, hafarkakte.

Yesterday I found this in my post box and think it, too, may be related to your letter.


Attention alle frume yidn and other mishugoyim:

It has come to our attention that Mattisyahu has shorn his facial hair and is now a hefker mentsh, a total no good bum and an oysvarf fun lubavitch.

Well, we have already put him in herem before he did this so his gesture is meaningless since we refuse to sanction it.

Also, my wife, Mitzi, who is now in the kitchen making rugelakh for shabbos hakoydesh Friday night meal after which she will be shtupped l'kovod the rebbe, hamoshiakh tsidkeynu, told me that when she went to the market today she overheard from another eyshes hayil that Matis was behaving strange before he did this horrible deed.

It seems that he tried to buy some Tam Tam crackers and was attacked by an anti-semitic hooligan named Velvel Krinsky. Krinsky has now become famous on VIN for this deed and after being attacked in the comments section by heylige yidn has had his home torched and sukkah repossessed l'kovod hatoyreh hakoydesh.

In addition, his section eight housing rights have been rescinded by the Rov Afikomen Horowitz, III.

Let this bring moshiakh beemheyru beyumaynee.

Your pathetic servant and eved hashem,

Mandelbrot ben Rasputin
Tiferes Hadreydel

Office of the Secretary

Greetings and Blessings , to the sons and daughters oF Israel wherever they may be !May G-D be with you !

I am in receipt of your letter ansd I decided to answer it unlike the thousands of letters I receive that do not merit a reply.
In reply to your question as to the importance of a beard in Chabad compared to Stolin Karlin.
I can not honestly reply as I know nothing of other Chassidic doctrines. the only Stolin I know was the dictator of Russia. Do you refer to George karlin ? In Chabad it is important but it may be eliminated (trimmed)if the person involved is a nosen (see what the Zukumftiger rebbe says in Hilchos Yerusha Siman 770)
You have a holy first name the name of one of the sainted men in the history of Israel, Matthew and you must live up to that name beard or no beard, as it is unlcear if M. had a beard .
As far as Bob Marley goes , I do not know of him but have asked my gabboim rabbis Gruner and Krimsky to report on his teachings.Please check with them as to their findings.
May we merit to hear good news from you and about your career to serve chabad and contribute to our Holy cause.
Place of the Holy Signature,
Menachem Schneerson


I can't find any significance in me for the beard, Odox people attacking his decision had shorter beards...Frei people applauding him are ignoring that now he looks like EVERY F'ING HIPSTER JEW YORK JEW OUT THERE. There's a whole world of orthodox people dressed like that with cropped hair who ALSO ditched charedi ideology and appearances; he's just one more of them. That's a D, it doesn't make him OTD. When he speaks more, he'll speak more, stop being deniers of Neviim who are dispensing neviut.


I wonder how his family is dealing with this change.

Posted by: ca | December 15, 2011 at 07:57 AM

Yeah, I was kind of wondering about that, myself. I saw his wife on TV the other day. She certainly seemed frum enough.


Oh, and if you want to "kick my ass", go ahead. I could use the money.


Hey Jeff, You are the biggest scumbag on this site, why don't you STF up before I kick your ass

Posted by: The defender | December 15, 2011 at 06:06 AM

The biggest? Really?

I finally excelled at something!

(Meanwhile, what is it, precisely, that you're "defending"?)


I wonder how his family is dealing with this change.

Gevezener Chusid

had he not grown the beard he never would have achieved the level of fame that he has achieved - he marketed himself as the "Chassidic reggae singer" - now he'll have to find a different pitch. He's neither the first nor the last.

Conversely, the Lubavitchers in their unending search to sell themselves to those who ought to know better, used Matisyahu as if to say "see - you can be cool and chassidic too." No you can't. The only way that works is if you water down your chassidus (as Lubavitch has done for the past 50 years) so that it becomes palatable to those who would reject it. You get rid of your mesorah, your minhagim, your language, and your culture, and you adapt yourselves by adopting goyishe folkways, all the while calling yourselves chassidim.

Chabad was once the most cerebral of chassidic cults - they have turned themselves into a bunch of buffoons.

As for Matisyahu, I personally can't stand his music, but nevertheless I wish him well in whatever path he chooses to follow - but please, Matis - make it a path YOU choose and not some narishkeit that someone else tries to foist on you.


oh for g-d's sake.
if a jew wants to wear a beard to connect his brain to
his heart....ALL GOOD
if a jew decides to not wear a beard....can we see/look into his heart?
g-d can look into his heart.
maybe g-d is ok with it.
he could be eating shrimp and still give more tzadakah than you can imagine. he could be showing kindness to people every day.
he could be a real mentsch. shut up everyone.
no beard. NO F0((*&&&((^^(^(^)*_IY^$^ beard.
big deal.
if he's a good person...he's a good jew.
full stop.


I don't subscribe to any chasidus in general and am not influenced by anyone in particular. I sais that he is confused because his entire being screams confusion. Follow his lifestyle up until now and 'tell you me' that it isn't so.
You seem to be angry about something; direct your anger at the source...


He is still my rabbi!

The defender

Hey Jeff, You are the biggest scumbag on this site, why don't you STF up before I kick your ass


Translation of a Letter from the Rebbe (Igros Kodesh VI pg. 285):

29 Av, 5712,


Greetings and blessings,

For a person like yourself, it is surely unnecessary to elaborate on the concept explained in many places in Chassidus, and also in works of Mussar: that a divine blessing [“arousal from above”] requires a fit vessel, appropriate effort on man’s part [an “arousal from below”]. It is absolutely obvious that one should not initiate something that runs directly contrary to the “arousal from above” for which one is [requesting and] praying.

[In light of the above,] How shocked was I to see you[r appearance] in the office of the Merkos Le’Inyonei Chinuch, that you labored and compelled your divine soul to remove, Heaven forfend, the “Image of G-d” from your face, by cutting and removing the thirteen fixtures of the beard, which correspond to the thirteen pathways of divine mercy! They are the channels for one’s livelihood, as is explained in the Zohar and in Chassidus in several places. Elaboration upon this is unnecessary, especially for one who hails from the Sephardic community who have held fast to the study of the Zohar for all time. There, no opposition ever existed to it, as did exist in several places in earlier days among the Ashkenazim.

It is difficult and burdensome for me to elaborate upon this. Surely these lines will suffice. I give you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps your intention [in cutting your beard] was as follows: You have seen and contemplated the statement of our Sages that earning one’s livelihood is as difficult as splitting the Red Sea.[1][1] It, therefore occurred to you that perhaps it is worthwhile to assist the A-lmighty (Who sustains [all creatures] from the eggs of lice until the horns of the wild ox[2][2]) in His task by causing your outward appearance to resemble the gentiles. This would then make it easier for you to be given a rabbinical position, or the like.

However, even one who is not intelligent will easily understand that this is contrary to simple faith: to suggest that laxity in observance of the mitzvos of the Torah—i.e., distancing oneself from the Source [of life]—will bring the person to be granted a large flow of blessing. You should study in-depth that which is explained concerning [the verse], “[He will bless himself in his heart, saying, ‘Peace will be with me, though I follow the caprices of my heart] adding the watered to the thirsty.”[3][3]

It is my firm hope that the efforts that my father-in-law, the Rebbe, of blessed memory invested in you as his student and his Chossid will assist you to leave behind the aforementioned mistaken thinking. If the hand of someone else is enticing you [to cut your beard], then explain to him as well that such conduct is contrary not only to divine intellect, but also to human intellect. For every Jew believes that G-d is the Master, even of this physical and coarse world. He and only He is the one to allocate sustenance to a person and his family. Thus, the human effort [“arousal from below”] should also be consistent with this.

From one who awaits good news and blesses you with spiritual and material success, which, for a Jewish man and woman, go hand in hand,

[The Rebbe's Signature]

PS: Our Nesi’im have elaborated upon [the prohibition of] cutting one’s beard: Tzemach Tzedek, Shu”t Yoreh Dei’ah, 93. Tzemach Tzedek, Chiddushim leMakkos, ch. 3. Piskei Dinim on Yoreh Dei’ah, 181, sec. 2. Derech Mitzvosecha, 2:221b. In the book known as Amudei Arazim of Rabbi Margolis of Yerushalayim, towards the end he compiled the opinions of the later rabbinical authorities, etc., concerning all the above


Please start using that so he doesn't look so freaky

Thank you

Posted by: DF | December 15, 2011 at 12:42 AM

Unfortunately this was the picture that Matisyahu himself uploaded so it is appropriate to use it. In time we will see just how he wishes to be seen. The point being are there more transformations down the road or does it stop at the beard.


Too bad for him. He was going on the right derech, chaval.

Posted by: Mark | December 15, 2011 at 04:12 AM

Too bad for you - you're still stuck in the delusion.


Too bad for him. He was going on the right derech, chaval.


Another confused soul. No big deal here.

Posted by: 'Yechiel' | December 14, 2011 at 11:24 PM

Naturally, He no longer agrees with you - so he's "confused".

Do you have even one opinion that hasn't been dictated by your rebbe?



The first pic he posted to twitter is a creepy looking pic

He used some stupid instagram filter etc

There is a new and proper picture of him without his beard

It's on the WNYC site along with this story:

Please start using that so he doesn't look so freaky

Thank you


Another confused soul. No big deal here.


What's most telling about this event is the response from the collective. All the little tyrants with their iron fists are making up so many excuses as to why Matis would leave. It must be an intrinsic fault in his character! Read them! Read these responses by these haredi shitbags and think about their psychological motivations.

Their ONLY GOAL is to protect the collective like the worker drones they are.


His main motivation is to be a global superstar more than anything else, this stuff is just part of that. Now everyone will want to get his new CD. It's like a sort of chess game. I happen to be in the music business a little, there's all types but all of them want that fame.


I just saw the video. Nice soft spoken Jewish boy. The question for us is "Is he haredi?". The beard is gone but he did say that he went to the mikvah and did go to shul to daven.


"I liked Bob Marley so I grew dredlocks."

"I decided that I wanted to be a Jew so I grew a beard, peyos and wore tsitsis."

Then he talks about a kabbalistic interpretation of why to wear a beard.

I would have expected more from someone seeking Truth.

Hopefully, he will go the whole way and grow up, use the brain that hashem gave him, and finally become a real mentsh and Jew, loving hashem without having to follow the edicts of the rabbinic cult.

I understand that he needs to mature at his own rate; we all do.

Give him time. He may actually develop as an independent mind and artist.

Or not.

בחדרי חרדים

תדהמה: 'מתיסיהו' הוריד הזקן והפיאות
הזמר מתיסיהו מילר, שהיה לאייקון בינלאומי - גילח את זקנו ופיאותיו והודיע: "אין יותר כוכב רגאיי חסידי" • העלה את תמונותיו החדשות לרשת, וצירף וידוי אישי • כל הפרטים - בפנים


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