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December 25, 2011


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Sad but true

I think that someone should copy this article and mail it out to the frum community. As most people in the frum world probably don't read this site and others that expose oorah for what it really is, we need to reach them directly. So much money is poured in from good people who believe that oorah is legit and really it is for the most part a scam


Donation is a way to complete the willing of god, it is pool of connecting in social life, hopes of hopeless and chance to do better for society, countries and upcoming generation.
We are working with diyafoundation for propagate welfare of the underprivileged society with special emphasis on slum children, handicapped, aged; infirm and destitute with donate charities.


i can promise that the typical non jew couldn't give a damn that oorah is being successful

Posted by: chushka | December 25, 2011 at 08:33 PM

You don't know any non-Jews, who are you kidding.


I knew it. Wish my J-dar was not so attuned to unfortunate stereotypes (you can take the boy out of the shtetl but you can't take the "is it good for the Jews?" out of the boy.)

The third time I heard that jingle I had to turn it off out of sheer embarrassment.

Please don;t let it be the kind of scam I think it is, I thought.

And it is.



This is precisely why I reacted cynically to the coat giveaway. My complaint in the comment on that post were precisely this. While I appreciate your charity in commending them for the forced gesture, their charity is non-existent. They are, because of this masquerade, among the worst of the worst. Societal leeches with no regard for anyone not qualified as "Jew". We love you(r money), haBriot! They confirm one persistent negative stereotype of Jews.

Alex Schindler


I transliterate it miSwa because I pronounce a Saade as an emphatic "S", not the israelian "tz" that's just one of many germanic phonemes that modern jewry confuses with Hebrew/Semitic phonemes. and I pronounce the sixth letter of the alphabet as "waw," consistent with every other semitic language (though Vav is legitimate as a later development possibly already present by the time of the Tiberian Masoretes).

These pronunciations are both attested in se`adya ga'on's Kitāb Faṣīḥ Lughat al-ʿIbrāniyyīn (see, that's transliteration that takes effort), though they're pretty obvious to someone who studies any semitic linguistics...


I think I have an objective take on this, as follows: This organization has been written up in the St. Louis papers in 2005 and now in the Twin Cities paper, and I'm sure others as well. I guess the Mintzes are slow to get the point. I am not well versed on the law but I assume that technically what they are doing is fine. However, as Torah Observant Jews I believe they have an obligation to disclose far more than they do. Therefore, what they are doing is not fine. I ask that the Mintzes and their attorney Ronald Coleman take heed of my comments. The fact is that each time this story hits the press, it is a chillul Hashem. At the end of the day, it is clear they are trying to hide what the money actually is used for.


I see that Shmarya is having fun with kiruv organizations again. He is just jealous since they do so a damn good job but left him in the dust.


AS, why do you spell it MiSwa?


i realy feel bad for all of you! your all so deprived you probly grew up in some hasidic family and became rebelious to such a far extent! i can promise that the typical non jew couldn't give a damn that oorah is being successful, ur all just jealous and extremely deprived, i wish you all alot of help!!!

Alex Schindler

KJ, do you actually think if it was framed as exclusively a charity for Jewish children, run by Haredim, with no interest in helping anyone else, nonJews would donate their cars there as opposed to giving to some less exclusive, less religiously-focused charity, or selling it to a used car dealer?

cause I'm so philosemitic I even got circumcised at day 8, eat kasher, keep shabbath, and study torah and talmudh a couple hours a day. and I wouldn't donate to Kars4Kids over another charity knowing the information they willingly declined to publicize.

If I were a random secular American, `al aHath kamma wekhamma.

Now, knowing of the deceit, I hope no one rewards their dishonesty except with a nice government fine. Deceptive advertising is forbidden, right there in babha meSi`a (4th pereq, penultimate mishna). any "Kiruv" resulting from such a semi-scam is a miSwa habba'ah be`abhera at best. At best. Personally I never thought taking kids and making them haredi was a miSwa anyway; all statistical data indicates that this simply reduces the probability that they'll grow up to be honest in their business dealings.

Maybe instead of complaining about people's impressions, you should be complaining about that.


"I guess they figure they wouldn't be as successful if people knew what was really going on."

They have got to be kidding. Here in America, they actually believe that people would not give if they knew that Jews are the recipients. Nah!


I'd like the person who voices the "jingle" in their radio ads to be publicly identified.


When is someone going to follow the money of the Friendship Circle?

the usual chaim

"The few kind acts it does for non-Jews are really done for Kars-4-Kids' and Oorah's own ulterior motives. It is really selfishness, as the Tanya or several other hasidic works would say about the kindness on non-Jews to Jews – except in reality as we know it today, the opposite is true, as Kars-4-Kids so clearly shows."

no argument with the incredible sleezyness of the organization, the fact that it reflects poorly on orthodox jews. but dont hang this one on the tanya or any other hasidic text. oorah is a lakewood/mitnagdic organization. they may have their own racist contempt of gentiles, but it has nothing to do with hasidism.


yeah this is bad or for the frumma. i also never got that free vacation. I didn't think much of it at the time, those offers are always bogus, maybe they have fine print about it, it may be capitalism but its very bad.


I'm a loser single. Where may I sign up?


In what way is it wonderful? In that loser volunteer singles get to hook up after hours?


I am involved in oorah and can say that it is a wonderful organization.


Kars4Kids is an embarassment to Judaism and to Jews. I hope Kars4Kids is more widely exposed for their misleading and disgusting deceptions, and that they get enough of a bad reputation for these deceptions that people around the country will avoid donating cars to them.

Mintz says Kars4Kids was not trying to hide anything behind the multiple charities. Joy for Our Youth was the original name of the organization founded in 2000 to support Jewish youths. But Kars4Kids turned out to be catchier.

What a load of crap. If they wanted to, they could have just changed the legal name from "Joy for Our Youth" to "Kars4Kids". They did NOT want to, obviously, because they are trying to hide from the general public that 99.9% of their "help" to kids is missionizing (they call it "mentoring") them to Ultra-Orthodoxy.

How many people are going to dig and dig and dig to get to the bottom of this web of deception? Most people say "Oh, the money goes for kids? Good. Just take my car and give me a tax break." If they advertised it for what it really is - missionizing of Jewish youth and their families - then people would call their own religious charities, or they would call secular organizations which give their charity to everyone and anyone regardless of ethnicity or religion.

Oorah and "Joy for 'Our' Youth" - only seems to care about making Jewish youth Orthodox, and if disadvantaged Jewish kids or their parents are not interested in becoming Orthodox or religious - do they get any help or any of the "mentors" that Eli Mintz is "so proud of"? Well, why don't you have some poor impoverished, inner city, non-Jewish kids calling Oorah to find out.

The big joke is that they are trying to missionize, and in the process, are making a big Chillul Hashem - a really bad name for Jews and for G-d - as is clear from this article.

Anyway, Eli Mintz who runs "Oorah" is clearly very clever, as is obvious from his many fundraising techniques. But with "Kars4Kids" and "Joy for Our Youth" engaged in these deceptions, I would venture to guess that the shit hasn't finished hitting the fan for "Oorah" or these other organizations.

And watch for many more of these kinds of deceptive practices as the Ultra-Orthodox yeshivas churn out hundreds and thousands of American born boys who graduate from high school yeshivas without the ability to read or write English on a 5th grade level.

But they know the ins and outs of Talmud and Gemara learning. And they can rationalize away any ethicaly questionable misdeed with a little thumb dipping and stretching of the truth. And their "holy" "spiritual" leaders are supporting all of this by looking away and pretending it doesn't exist.

Anyway, Kars4Kids is an embarassment to Judaism and to Jews. I hope Kars4Kids is more widely exposed for their misleading and disgusting deceptions, and that they get enough of a bad reputation for these deceptions that people around the country will avoid donating cars to them.


That's really sad, Shmarya.

BTW, did anyone else think "children of all flavors" sounded kinda pedophilic?


Not to worry they're not doing a good job at kiruv either. Their camps are filled with wild social misfits.
mintz runs his offices like the Gestapo; overworking the ladies, paying them off the books, interogating them for lack of loyalty, and then firing them at will with no unenployment. Much like Rubashkin minus the immigration issues.

Yochanan Lavie

I hope they are forced to take their damn annoying radio ads off the air.

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