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December 18, 2011


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Why would he not disclose the names?
Also, why doesn't the press get it with Freedom of Information Act?


I diaagree with the NY Post on many things, (and with FM, of course) but this Hynes is an Hyena opportunist corrupt politico, and should be chased out of office at best.

He is doing no one a favor except for himself and the corrupt Agudath Israel. He is burying the victims. Just like with the pervert priests, Hynes will get his comeuppance.


Why would he not disclose the names?

Because his mouth wrote a check his butt can't cash.

Or, to put it another way - he lied about the number of prosecutions.


Who are any of you to attack a fine man who is a friend to us? Are you a Rav or even a lawyer? And speaking of the law, the goyim have this idea called "double indemnity" that says you cannot be punished double for a crime. ok, so far, so good. If you are a goy and you are commited of a goy crime in a goy court then you go to a goy jail and thats that. But lets face it, if you are a Yid then you are punished JUST FOR THAT in jail by the skinheads and the darker ones (yes, thats what they are) and everone else. You are punished in ways that the goyim themeselves claim not to approve. Also even if you are not in jail if you are a Yid and word gets out of any of this they punish you on the street, every hoodlum looking to make for himself a big name by throwing rocks at you or through your window and innocent people get hurt. Thats double indemnity, and even by the laws of the goyim it is unconstitusional. And Mr. Hynes knows all about this. So rather than allow Yidden to pay double what the goyim pay, he helps us out. And for that he is criticized by Yidden?

If we keep this up soon we will have no friends left anywhere. Is that what people want?

Yochanan Lavie

Waiting4Ever: Anyone who will not protect Jewish children is no friend to us.


Re. Waiting4Moshiach - what a distorted mind.


Or, w4m, how about not doing the crime in the first place?

If a Jew does crime, then they deserve to be punished just like any one else.

If you tried not do do the crime just as hard as you tried to wriggle out of things, then you would have no problems.


There is a lesson to be learned - stay away from the media. They are like quicksand. The more you engage with them the more you sink. By volunteering the stats he let the genie out of the bottle and is now in the mess that he is in. It is best to ignore them, then if you are lucky, they will go away.



Hey, dude - I know you're a troll and I know you're just jerking our chains, but "Double indemnity" is a clause in an insurance policy where the company agrees to pay double the amount in the contract in cases of death caused by accidental means or murder.

It has nothing to do with a criminal case.

So be a troll - pretend to be an idiot, but do so intelligently, please.


w4m,do you understand that most of the molestors don't just stop? THose who may have success at changing need many hours of therapy and even they would be very careful of calling themselves 'cured'.


W4M - the concept is "double jeopardy" not "double indemnity".


Waiting4Moshiach-but do you have another alternative to punishing the molester, no you dont if our so called gedolim would punish theese misfites we wouldnt have to go to a goyishe court to punish them, its that simple but you cant see that.


It's nice to see Susan Edelman tell the other side of the story after her one sided report last week.


He is protecting The Taliban Cults campaign contributions. He also looks like a pedophile to me. The rose colored cheeks give him away.



I have been joking with all of you with my posts.
I do not believe nor have I ever believed any of
the BS which I post.




@Waiting for the Messiah, you're the kind of "Yid" who deserves some jail time. You are a racist scum. You are also a delusional psychopath. You scum have no friends. You think because you pay off these criminal politicians they then become your friends? You are simply an ignorant moron who can't take a shit without your child molester Rabbi's permission. I used to live in Williamsburg, Northside 21-25 years ago. Junkies and crack whores in front of my house daily. The most customers the crack whores had were dirty Rabbi's bringing HIV and other STD'S home to their wifes and their children they molested as well. You will all burn in hell.


Dear Waiting, thank you for coming clean. Now try to put that energy toward helping our kids and keeping all of us safe.

Robert Wisler

I appreciated the humor in your post Waiting. Unfortunately, New York Jews (especially Lubavitchers) really think and behave in ways that you parody in your posts. Using "double indemnity" (the name of the a 1944 classic film starring Fred MacMurray) was hilarious!

I enjoy the humor, but it seems that the New Yorkers on this blog seem to be getting offended (maybe your parody hits too close to home!). Keep it up and thanks for the daily laughs!


That last post was not mine.


to be clear I did not write this so please remove it!:


I have been joking with all of you with my posts.
I do not believe nor have I ever believed any of
the BS which I post.

Posted by: Waiting4Moshiach.



This is just too confusing.

Which of your posts did you actually write?
If you didn't write the posts that have your name then how are we to know which are kosher and which are treyf?

Maybe you can just put special gematria in your posts so that we will know they are kosher and valid W4M posts.

When reading hypocrisy, bigotry, and stupidity I insist on the real thing and don't want to waste my time on any troll imitating my favorite troll.



This is just too confusing.

Which of your posts did you actually write?
If you didn't write the posts that have your name then how are we to know which are kosher and which are treyf?

Does it really matter? Lighten up and don't take what faceless posters say. It is like a fart in the wind.

Proton Soup

wow, even after you tell them several times (and i'm not referring to this article), they still cannot discern that W4M is a parody. it's like some kind of mental illness. over and over again, you sit here and watch the trainwreck. but it never changes. like goldfish in a bowl, that plastic castle is a surprise every. freaking. time. sheesh....

Mendel Mendel

I think W4M is for real. And I admit that I always enjoy reading what he writes. I plotzed laughing when I read his current defense of Hynes. It is just too good to be satire.



What I wrote is a joke which you obviously didn't get.

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