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November 17, 2011


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I wish you luck - You will need it.

Jacob Solomon

Thank you very much for the article, and articulating my deepest thoughts.


"Since the government showed its complete contempt for them over and over again during the Oslo Discord and the 'Aza Retreat."

Poor disenfranchised minority has dominated Israeli politics, and even more so Jewish American politics, for decades.


Oh please, the National Religious have been getting huge subsidies from the gov't for decades in the form of settlement subsidies. I know for a fact- I have family in the settlements for quite some time.

In the meantime, many of them advocate a violent overthrow of the gov't and want to raise their "Sanhedrin" to rule Israel.

Best solution: send a women's choir into their communities to sing at full volume. If they have true emunah, the men will commit suicide.

The Real Joe

The Army and government is going to have to chose soon do they want Religious male soldiers whom consistently sign up for the most elite combat units or do they want to make life impossible for these soldiers by not making proper arrangements when it comes to kol isha and kashrus etc

Garnel Ironheart

> Since when does the national-religious camp contribute only when it gets something in return?

Since the government showed its complete contempt for them over and over again during the Oslo Discord and the 'Aza Retreat.


as the National-religious leader get more and more right wing and so called religious this is to be expected

they are becoming just as bad as the herdiem the only difference is they are willing to put their live on the line for Israel

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