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November 03, 2011


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Amish Guy

Obviously Nahari is an idiot. Shalit (or anyone) should not have to live with people peering over his shoulder and judging. Anyone who does judge can go jump in the ocean.

I am troubled by some (Seymours?) comments about painting all of orthodoxy in one wide brush. ALL the rabbis prefer girls under 8? All Orthodox people are stupid/perverts? Come on. That's insane. I am not aware of any evidence of a higher ratio of orthodox perverts then any other demographic. Yes there has been some cases, yes they were hidden, yes they should be brought to light and prosecuted. But if you make it worse than it is that you lose credibility.

Adam Neira

Gilad in captivity had very few choices. His whole life was terribly constrained and restricted. He needs to be eased back into life and he must have as many gentle choices open to him as possible. Anyone criticising this venture to the beach has got rocks in their head. Meshulam Nahari has all the healing nous of a brick being thrown through a glass window. Gilad will make his way to shul in his own good time. There’s plenty of time and space for a healing paradigm to emerge in the Holy Land but some people just manically want to rush the process.

An excellent book on healing is...

“Trauma and Recovery" by Judith Lewis Herman.


These people are all just bored. They spend all thier time looking to blame others and find fault in others. They are low life idiots! If they would stop for a second and think about how Gilad suffered (protecting them!) then they should be as all the holy seforim say dan lekaf zechut and leave the guy alone. He has been through so much - perhaps he needed to go the beach to get some sun after sitting in a dark cell for 5 years. Maybe he finds the beach relaxing. It is so bothersome when these jerks open thier mouths. Mind your own damn business for once and let everybody live.

spacedout BT

OMG! Just who are we giving tzedaka to?????

Chicago Sam

The self-righteous folks should leave the young man alone. He has suffered enough; in time, perhaps, he will someday make his way back to his spiritual home.

Michael David Kittell

Hey, man, nobody said it would be a day at the beach

Proton Soup

My wife a nurse worked in a haredi camp with severely disabled children whose very survival was a daily miracle never the less she encountered blockades to giving them proper care on shabbat

Why am I not surprised?

Posted by: Jeff | November 04, 2011 at 06:16 AM

they don't even know what Vitamin D is. probably don't understand protein and B12 are either. there was a woman while back, ate vegan for years, and went stark raving mad. did they allow people to help her? hell no, they circled the wagons.

on the one hand, you're dealing with profound ignorance. on the other, you've got a guy whose release was arranged for political purposes, and now they're pissed because he's not playing along. on the positive side, maybe not everyone in israel has gone stark raving mad, given the ex security chiefs efforts to undermine the current lunatic's war ambitions.


Photos: Gilad Shalit Spends First Free Shabbos at the Beach.



Closed the bold tag.


Shalit could have gone to the beach on SUNDAY ,MONDAY ,TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY ,THURSDAY AND FRIDAY.BUT he went on SHABBOS,MAY Hashem FORGIVE HIM.


I'm also pretty interested in this rabbi's idea of how to be mekareiv someone. Ripping into them for not going to shul doesn't sound like the smartest way.
What an asshole.

Alter Kocker

Fucking orthodox morons: You get to say nothing! None of your kind has the courage to put on that uniform and stand a post, so, fuck you. Shalit suffered and you condemn him? Just you and your bunch of black hatted assfucks go straight to hell.


one word comes to mind, pidaras.




why thank hashem who permitted him to be held captive for 5 years and got released at an enormous cost.
secondly, if he is a secular Jew going to shul to thank hashem when humans got him released does not enter his mind nor should it

also the ultra Orthodox should shut up and bow their head in shame

they did zilch for his release, the spent more time and effort concerning smugglers and fraudsters to be released from a jail then a IDF guy who puts his life on the line to protect their butt

but we have learned they the frum have no shame.they will take credit when none is deserved

here is a link to an even more ridiculous statement buy a frum magazine that blasts the shalit family for not seeing the divine in his release. And (this really is just a lie)how they the frum hurt and how much effort they put in the have shalit released.

as we know that is a lie, there was no rallies , no call for tehilliem or anything like that like they had for drug smugglers, SMR and many other criminals


Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, WSC.


"A good representation of who is in power in Israel, whom we have been funding with hundreds of billions of tax free or tax deductible 'donations.'"

No. You have been giving gifts to extended family/tribe in Israel, as you should.

It is the American goy taxpayer who is "funding" you by paying for your tax deductions.

When you file for a charitable tax deduction, YOU are the one asking Goy America to pick up the tab for your gifts to family members.


The comments posted by Haredim beneath the Ynet article enrage me. People who refuse to serve in the military or to contribute to society in any way have no right even to have opinions on such matters, let alone express them. Sit in your yeshivot and kollels, daven and study, and STFU.

They're destroying Israel. Between the power the wield and the drain they exert upon its economy, it won't survive beyond another generation, if it has even that long.

There was one comment I liked particularly:

Gilad was suffering from lack of sunlight as well as the psychological and other physical effects of lack of sunlight for 5 years . Any sane rabbi would have commanded him to go to the beach on shabbat rather than continuing the potentially fatal effects of the sunless imprisonment.

"Any sane rabbi... ." Unfortunately, we aren't dealing with sane rabbis; we're dealing with Haredim.

He goes on to say:

My wife a nurse worked in a haredi camp with severely disabled children whose very survival was a daily miracle never the less she encountered blockades to giving them proper care on shabbat

Why am I not surprised?

Yosef ben  Matitya

they should have traded nahai with shalit instead of handing to hamas 500 terrorists. he could have spent the rest of his years eating beans in jail and praying all he wants!


What part of "Shut the hell up you self-serving hack" does Nahari not understand. Recovery from this sort of captivity is a long and difficult process. Whatever Shalit needs to do he should do. If that means going to the beach he should go to the beach. If it means climbing trees let him climb trees. It does not mean being used as a poltiical football.


The last post of mine is an example of what can go wrong with predictive text the name was meant to be Shalit


Aside from being completely insensitive to someone who could do with being left alone to recuperate this is an indictment of the MK as politician as much as a hareidi he is playing to his constituents views rather than being intersected as Shallot as a person


1. one really does not know....maybe his father or mother asked him to say the prayer ...with them....in the house.
2. maybe his parents or gilad are a bit upset with g-d?
maybe the thank yous that gilad and noam were saying to g-d, over and over again, that morning on the beach...maybe THOSE WORDS WERE CONSIDERED VERY HOLY?????
leave gilad alone....this rabbi sounds constipated.


"Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, has charged him with the task of bringing Shalit closer to Judaism."

And this is how these morons think they bring people closer to Judaism??


@Radical Feminist- unfortunately there appear to be many of them who wouldn't be thrilled with females over the age of eight.

Radical Feminist

I would nail the Chareidi to the beach in Eilat and schedule a tourist group of topless Svediot to cavort around him.

We'd do that but we don't want to give them the thrill of their lives.

Maple Bacon

Posted by: taylor | November 03, 2011 at 10:33 PM

Faith? Just because Shalit doesn't look nor act like a Haredi doesn't mean he has lost faith. However he wants to observe his level of Judaism is his own business.


I'm sure it would be nice if the secular kibbutznik Gilad Shalit had emerged from captivity with newfound faith, but he did not.

Many shoah survivors also lost their faith after their ordeal. Be thankful that Gilad Shalit did not emerge as a Muslim convert r"l.

who knows

Going to look at the sea with your father, who you might have given up hope of seeing, sounds mighty spiritual to me.

What is the much more spiritual alternative offered by the honorable Rabbi Meshulam Nahari? Ah - sitting in stuffed room full of strang people (like rabbi Nahari) who care less about you? Going to a little pool in a basement of some hous called mikvah, instead of going to the best mikvah on earth - the sea? How is this more spiritual?


YL, kudos as always.

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, APC.

charlie runkel

he probably prayed plenty in captivity

Proton Soup

if he's at all religious, he's probably been praying every day for the last 5 years.

and really, where would he go? can you imagine how many of these vultures are fighting over who gets to use him? is he really free now if submits to being this political pawn?


great comments all!!!

YL- superb.

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to the Beach boys (Surfin Safari):

First Refrain:
Let's go daven now
Everybody's learning how
Come on and Sephardi with me
(Come on and Sephardi with...)

Early in the morning we'll be schuckling
Some bochurs will be coming along
We're loading up our velvet bags
With our tallit inside
And headin' out singing our song

Second Refrain:
Come on (surfin') chabibi wait for freedom (surfin' Sephardi)
Yes I'm gonna (surfin') take you praying (surfin' Sephardi)with me
Come along (surfin') chabibi wait and see (surfin' Sephardi)
Yes I'm gonna (surfin') take you praying (surfin' Sephardi)with me

First Refrain

At Ramallah and Gaza
They're shooting the Jews
At the UN they're thumbing their nose
We're going to release a lot of killers this year
So if you're coming get ready to go

Second and First refrains

They're davening in Bnei Braq and Meah Shearim
They're schuckling in Beit Shemesh too
I tell you Gilad's mighty tired of
Getting pressure everywhere
From a Chosid to a Chareidi Jew

Second and First refrains to fadeout


If that's the case, Gilad can be equally pissed of with Hashem for letting him rot as a captive for 5 years. Why don't they see that side of their world view?

Posted by: anonguy | November 03, 2011 at 07:07 PM

that is the way the Jewish religion works

and god heard our cries and after 400 years or 190 for those in the know he finally took us out of Egypt.

this is the reason for the holiday of passover and we are still supposed to thank him for that

I think we should stone him for waiting so long.

and the holiday should be a Holiday of revolt against such mean none caring god god

spacedout BT

I would nail the Chareidi to the beach in Eilat and schedule a tourist group of topless Svediot to cavort around him.


What a disgusting piece of shit.


One would probably also crave time in the outdoors after 5 years in a cell.

Nigritude Ultramarine

I don't really know for sure but I would think one would get out of going to synagogue habit after living under the threat of having your head chopped off for 5 years straight. But that's just me.


I don't understand these guys or the the commentors on VIN.

Their view is that Hashem controls everything and accordingly, Hashem should get all the credit for getting him out.

If that's the case, Gilad can be equally pissed of with Hashem for letting him rot as a captive for 5 years. Why don't they see that side of their world view?


Seymour, LOL. Considering the inbreeding and genetic defects, and now spreading diseases, they will soon all be midgets with 6 fingers and 6 toes, and hemophilia.


A good representation of who is in power in Israel, whom we have been funding with hundreds of billions of tax free or tax deductible "donations." LOL


seymour- hahaha thats a good one it truly looks like it:)


Moron du jour.


I think e are seeing evolution in reverse within the heride community


When Meshulam Nahari is captured and held as a prisoner for all those years he can do whatever the hell he likes when he is freed. In the meantime its probably best he shut the hell up.

Maybe he was not able to access the shul because there were women walking on the same sidewalk on that route - then no doubt his avoidance of shul would be justified.


what a dope, he should have made a Kiddish on the beach with Gilad.

Maple Bacon

That Haredi can go eat a dirty diaper.

G-d can be found elsewhere besides in a shul. And perhaps Shalit already prayed at home or at another point in time. Glad to see that he's enjoying a normal life again after his release, being so thin and pale.

Abu Jihad Schneerson

Shame on this putz who I bet didn't even serve in the Idf!Is it so difficult for a useless moron like him to understand that a young man who spent 5 years in a Hamas shit-hole has a longing for sun,fresh air,the sea and some nice chicks?Why don't people like this idiot just shut the fuck up for good?

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