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November 20, 2011


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Yoel Mechanic

the display window of mixed dancing should be ignored. no good can come from protests.


I'm not making aliyah. I'll stay here, thanks.

I would neither visit Israel, nor contribute to it financially, until it disenfranchises the Haredim.


Jeff: "I never thought I'd say this, but I'm beginning to be in favor of private ownership of firearms - and it's Jews who've made me feel this way."

It's like they say, "there is nothing scarier to a Jew than a goy with a gun" ... unless it is a traditional Jew.

The Haskala is being reversed before your very eyes, Jeff. So what are you going to do? Make aliyah and return to shtetl life? Or make aliyah and fight for your people, your nation, your country?


huge demonstrations

What, a few people said "Nebech"?



Why you not covering the huge demonstrations and bans against the extreme Taliban women of the shawl.

You can't claim that you don't understand Hebrew. It's been in English on YWN for a while already.

Is it because it paints the rest of haredim in a good light???

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Need: Flash Mob at the intersection of Meah Shearim and Strauss.

S. Bracha

And Mazel Tov, to them! The arts are the truest expression of our humanity and one of the things that separates humans from the animal kingdom. If the haredi want to align with the animals and eliminate artistic expression, I know which side I'm fighting for! You can't hide the arts and remain human for very long.

Proton Soup

Posted by: The F-Stops Here | November 20, 2011 at 12:19 PM

really now? that is very tame, and certainly nothing new or shocking for israelis.

Spencer Tunick nude photo shoot at the Dead Sea:

certainly nothing too over the top, still. looks like a flock of white geese in the distance, no?

Garnel Ironheart

This will end badly.
The dancers will perform
The fanatics will show up and riot
And guess who the police will shut down?


It will lead to violence from the charisishe yes. the danceers may be hoping to goad the establishment into punishing the hareidshe but that hasn't worked before. still that is the only thing they haven't tried severe and serious and justified punishment over assaults on other citizens for no justified reason.


What kind of stance. If the area is turning Hareidi,opening the shades wont make a difference. Open a pork store in Boro park with the nicest storefront is worthless. If the customers are not there,than you might as well move.

who knows

There is no business sense, but there is life sense. It is the last moment to take a stand. Soon it will be late. It could very well be already.


First of all Nachlaot is a mixed area of artists,Carlbach types and yes some Chareidim. But if you announce war on Chareidim and that you are looking for trouble, of course you will find it. Why declare war,unless you have window insurance. It does not make business sense.

Alter Kocker

Prepare yourselves for the soiled diaper onslaught.

Load your rifles if you got em. Slingshots with stones if you don't. Guaranteed the neanderthals will attack as if they are the walking dead.

The F-Stops Here

And I'm sure someone from the slippery-slope method of arguing will posit: "one day, exposed dance school; next day, Yerushalmi body-as-art advocates disrobing on their blogs!"


(and here's the blog it refers to: http://arebelsdiary.blogspot.com/?zx=1e2ac56a6ff47ef6 )


the bloggers and the newspapers are the one who forced the frum world to deals with this

Just like the they did to the Catholic church and many other abuses that people do

light is the best disinfected

Posted by: seymour | November 20, 2011 at 11:17 AM

wrong thread

this was supposed to be for the abuse thread


the bloggers and the newspapers are the one who forced the frum world to deals with this

Just like the they did to the Catholic church and many other abuses that people do

light is the best disinfected


Only last week, when photographs were being taken ahead of tomorrow's event, an ultra-Orthodox man came to the hall and threatened them, Stern-Asal said. "I'm quite afraid of their response. Many friends expressed their support and said they would come to be with us. I also hope that when something happens and I call the police they will respond," she said.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm beginning to be in favor of private ownership of firearms - and it's Jews who've made me feel this way.

As they would say, "Nebech".


I'm sure they'll behave as the Haredim always do, in the most extreme and forcefully repressive manner imaginable while the holy enabler rabbis look the other way. It's just a matter of how violent and evil the Haredim choose to behave this time.


To really open the haredi eyes they should open up the curtains to the dressing rooms as well!

ultra haredi lite

This will certainly lead to mixed dancing...

Adam Neira

Should bring some colour and life to the City. This is a bit like gyms in some cities that have their windows overlooking a street. The people exercising would get bored looking at four walls and the view from the street is pretty harmless. It is all about balance here. No one should be provoking too much. Not every urban space is suitable for such displays. (There will not be weekly Zumba classes on the Temple Mount.) This is almost like the cases of public spaces where people do Tai Chi, Boxercise, Walking, Rollerblading and the like.

How will some of the Haredim deal with this though ? Falling into a paralysis of lust on the pavement at worst or a heart attack at best. Oh well, they will survive. Or maybe some bright entrepreneur should invent special blinkers like racehorses wear.

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