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October 16, 2011


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Minister after Minister. Judge after Judge. Policeman after Policeman. Isrealis over and over show themselves to be spineless cowards when it comes to rule of law in a (supposidly) civil society.


What they do in their avodah zorah shtibelakh is their own damn business.

But in a public thoroughfare?

It is all politics.

These scum, who refuse to serve to defend Israel, who avoid taxes, who live off of those who they condemn, and who now have a higher birth rate than the Arabs, do vote.

And they vote as they are told to vote by their thuggish rebbes.

Morons and sheep but good morons and sheep. They will never change until they are forced to do so.

And no one will ever do that in Israel if they want to get reelected.

It takes two to tango.

wHas Kategor

Israeli High Court bastards doing their usual thing.
Maybe Shmarya Sheigetz could be appointed as Chief Judge


Like in wrestling we need referees to make sure that men and women "mix it up" and be forced to mingle. We must make sure that they act like we want them to act whether they like it or not! They are children and must be treated as such.


Sounds like you are the one that want grown people treated like children; apparently, Jewish men in your opinion will just jump on and rape a woman if they see them in the street. So instead of having Jewish men act like humans and stop raping everything they see, you force women behind barricades...again, like children! Why don't you just become Muslim already? You are 90% there!

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