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October 28, 2011


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Can we assume that when of of them "throws up a brick" from behind the arc, that they literally throw up a brick?

Yochanan Lavie

What's next?

The Boston Bochurs vs. L.A. Lamdenim
The New York Navi'im vs. San Francisco Frummies
The Chicago Chachamim vs Denver Dati
The Miami Masmidim vs the Seattle Sages
The Toronto Talmidim vs Portland Prophets

Bas Melech

It's about time. Good luck to all the players and teams.


YL: great!

how pathetic are their lives when some have to hide their identity lest others find out theyre playing basketball.


different dave

Shamarya, you are a dick!!!




Very very sad that they have to be ashamed of getting some exercise by playing with a ball.

And yet their elders brazenly stick up for others who play with little kid's balls.


@different dave

Thank you for showing us all how to be religious.

Michael from Lakewood

If I was somehow in the mood to feel disoriented and physically inferior (hand-eye coordination, speed, strength, balance, etc) to everyone around me, I would seek out a basketball game to play in.

If I wanted to feel intellectually superior to everyone around me, I would go to watch one.

We all play the cards we're dealt.

Adam Neira

Good luck to them !

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