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September 18, 2011


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Michael Hornsby

A couple of times, people have told me they are interested in Judaism and then when you dig further, it turns out they are interested in fact in only the extreme fringes of the religion, i.e. the Haredi, presumably because they are more 'authentic'. If that's 'authentic' Judaism, then they are welcome to it. Let them go and stand with these Haredi and throw egss -and worse - at these schoolgirls. That's not my Judaism. I just wish these interested parties would get interested in something that represents how the majority of Jews act and believe these days, not the lunatic fringe.


I imagine they checked the eggs for blood spots before using them?

Truth Teller

Until the modern orthodox put a few of these hooligans into the hospital for an extended stay, nothing is going to change.

Moish the spacedout BT

Unfortunately the term Chareidi will have to be jettisoned in favor of the more accurate label- Ultra- Orthodox.

Adam Neira

Let's line them up and piff a few dozen week old eggs at them and see how they like it. Despicable behaviour.


please where do you live I would love to throw some eggs at you and i guess you will just pack up and leave

Posted by: seymour | September 19, 2011 at 06:58 PM

LOL! When you find out, let me know. I'd love to come with you.


Don't they have to separate the eggs before they throw them?


Posted by: rebbeca | September 19, 2011 at 08:21 AM

please where do you live I would love to throw some eggs at you and i guess you will just pack up and leave


what I do not understand is

that throwing eggs should be assur since it is bal tachches how do they justify trowing eggs?


How is it that these incivilities have become common place and tolerated in haredi circles? Are they so isolated in their communities that the concept of hillul hashem no longercrosses their mind?


So Rebbeca (sic), you think violence should always win? What if some chilonim come along and decide to throw the "blacks" out of Meah Shearim. Those chilonim served in the IDF and I hear they can be pretty fierce! Shall we just let them? Hitler invaded Europe country by country, because his army was strong. Should we have let him? Oh why, oh why, did we try to stop him? The Europeans should have just moved. Staying in their communities caused so much trouble. Oy. That just was not COMMON SENSE! (ps, are you the great granddaughter of Neville Chamberlain?)


Calling this group of nuts haredi is the same as calling members of he JOhn Birch society Patriots.


In response to those who say that there are a large Bnei akiva community in beth shemesh,I think they are mistaken. Yes there are but all in all there are far greater chareidi residents there and growing very fast. I recall as a child when I moved out of Crown heights because several Black people moved into the upper fourth floor of our apartment house. All the Jews moved out as the building turned unsafe, It wasnt like we Jews became a minority but rather the majority fled. That how Borough park got to be on the map. For the sake of peace move this modern school to Efrat or some other modern type community and all the violence will stop. Common sense is not so common anymore.


Rebecca is also the one who, several days ago, informed us that young people are going off the derech because their leaders are taking "treif gay gelt". She isn't the brightest bulb in the box.


So any time a small group of extremist charedim moves into a neighborhood, everyone else has to move?

Posted by: maven | September 19, 2011 at 12:48 AM

That's how it's always worked before. ;-)

maximillian genossa

Rebecca, your hemoglobin numerical value is higher than your IQ, whatever is let me ask you a question.

Would you like to have 2 daughters, and have them egged, or stoned, which is actually a battery, check the legal dictionary in Wikipedia for the definition, or chased and called whores by fanatical bullies?

So, you are defending bullies, do I get this straight?


"rebbeca's" comment is facetious, since Bet Shemesh was (and is, to a great extent) a "Bnai Akiva" type neighborhood, with a large population of American olim. So any time a small group of extremist charedim moves into a neighborhood, everyone else has to move?


Rebbeca, I have a better idea: how about the CRIMINALS in the haredi community move into jail? That would solve that problem. Then all Jews can live in peace and harmony as Hashem intended.

Btw, is your native language something other than English? Because if you tell me you are a haredi American woman who can't spell her own name correctly or use proper syntax, I'm just going to scream.


Why dont the school move to a different area. There is plenty of space on the west bank to relocate the school among the Bnai akiva type people. This way thyere would be no friction. If being in a neighborhood is unsafe you move to a different area. Isnt that what most Jews did when they moved from Brownsville,Crown heights,East New york etc. to areas like Borough park,Forest hills etc. 40 years ago.


Mendy, yes, they are haredim. If you allow them in your shuls, if you allow them or their wives to use your mikvaot, if you allow their children to attend your schools, if you allow them to shop at your stores, if you allow them to live in your neighborhood, if you allow them in your kollels, you are accepting them and you are part of the problem. If you really find their behavior a chillul Hashem, then you are REQUIRED to do something about it. They need to be cut off from the community, swiftly. Like, right now. Pick up the phone and start calling people in your community and raise a plan of action. Otherwise, you are complicit. Yes, YOU. No one, I mean, NO ONE but other haredim who are in denial and too cowardly to do what G-d asks of them, would believe that "these aren't true haredim." Oh, yes they are.


These people are not Haredi. Period.

In related news - No True Scotsman, yadda yadda.

Dr. Kishmiere N. Touchas

What is profound is, these ultra-religious Jews have been seen going into massage parlors for massage (yea, right!) and this is considered OK.

I guess it is if a male is giving the massage, a scantly clothed or nude woman is forbidden.


its no wonder anymore that there are so many molesters among theese hassidim they have nothing to do all day and they make up so many new rules and their young kids think they are the inforcers of theese moronic rules and they gio wako since they have no real life besides trying to dominate others.

Yoni Doe

Unfortunately these creatures have already been let go. A Rabbi named "Kupshitz" (or cup of shit) reflexively uses his clout every time someone in that community gets arrests. Never mind that these creeps are actual terrorists. No, all this "rabbi" sees is that men in black hats and black coats got arrested.

It's clear that these people are sexual deviants. One wonders what lust could motivate a "rabbi" to intercede on behalf is such low-lives.


If you really believe that the mere presence of young, modestly-dressed elementary school girls is so sexually provocative as to render you completely out of control, then you reveal yourself to be someone who should never, EVER, be left alone around small children.


Good, Finally. It takes a coward to throw something at little girls.
And as someone wrote, they aren't charidim.

Lou Fass

Yea, "waste eggs" not "sperm!"


"The problem is these fanatic Jews don't jack off" - Posted by: Lou Fass | September 18, 2011 at 12:07 PM

O Rly?

Lou Fass

The problem is these fanatic Jews don't jack off, and thus, they get a sexual release by throwing eggs at little girls---borderline pedophiles. Why not make all *frum* women wear a "Burka" too. Duh~!!!


if only the Israeli government would give harsh sentences. in this case, a hate crime and assault give them 20 years for this.only thing these sub humans will understand.


++Mendy Hecht | September 18, 2011 at 10:39 AM++

Read about another one of your heroes, Moshe Rubashkin:



Haha. Yes, the police in Israel arrest Haredim once in a while. The Haredim are always let out within 24 hours and never have charges filed against them. It's all meant to look like someething is being done. But the reality is that the government is afraid of these nuts. Why? Because they vote in a block!


The police and politicians are too scared to act.

The whole point of the story was that the police *DID* act. They caught the perpetrators and had them arrested. The same thing would have been done here.

As long as they don't back down and arrest them they are doing their duty.


Philip, last thing anyone would want is sicko cowards like this in the army. Guys who could do that to little girls are more likely to be hidden sexual criminals.


The only things these animals understand is violence. The police and politicians are too scared to act. It's high time a vigilante group forms to respond to them with violence.


mendy hecht- you cant deny what youre eyes sees they look like it they talk like they are fanatical hassidim dont even say hareidi hereidi is a mild term for it they are fanatical hassidim mindless morons is what they are.

Mendy Hecht

I am "Haredi" and I don't throw eggs at little girls.

You want to take a stand for the holiness of the Holy Land? I could think of a million better ways to do it.

These people are not Haredi. Period.


A good texas ass whipping is in order. In public. then jail.


theese hassidik fanatics are spawing monsters in our midst soon they will start killing people if it is not stoped in time, those who do this need to be deprogrammned before its too late.


See Apicorcrap (part 2) by Racytorah


Put these pigs in the army..... Let them
try this crap on adults and see what happens.

They really must be sexual repressed to call
children such names. I wonder if these fools are
sexually aroused at some level and they just
turn the arousal into anger.


Unbelievable! Grown "men" abusing young girls accusing them of being "sexually provocative"... Throw them in jail right away!!!! And they don't deserve the protection of the special sections that most jails reserve for child molesters, police informers and lawyers.


..and then the haredim went home and jacked off to thoughts of immodestly dressed little girls covered in egg whites.....

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