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September 01, 2011


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Shragi Getzel

Well..... what do you know? It arrived in the mail!
Now let's get to work......


Would one use a un-kosher Sex Toy ? Depends on the Sexual Need i Guess ?

Shragi Getzel

Has anyone tried buying from the site?
I did and my stuff never arrived....... hmmm certainly a typical Lakewood method for making money.
It's only been a week though so I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions, I'll come back and update if it comes in.


Warning: looking at Kosher Sex Toys can lead to mixed dancing.


I can't IMAGINE they carry these (link possibly not safe for work):
from the people who brought you the Jesus Jackhammer!

Moshe aron Kestenbaum,Williamsburg ODA

Under the strict supervision Hashgacha temidis of Rabbi leib Trooper Shlita


I wonder if they can use Fleshlights or shaped vibrators as they have genitals pictured on them

Ah Poshitter Yid

As they would say in Lakewood, this is geval-dik!!

A E  ANDERSON | Auckland, New Zealand

What's next?

Star of David Butt Plugs.

Yad Dildos?

A kosher GloryHole in the Boro Park Pizza Shop mensroom?


Is the vibrator circumcized?

Sidney Anolik

Oi Gevalt, Next we will have kosher Bacon and Ham, or Kosher Prawns, what fun, must be a F rummer Maidel, who got tired of her 30 second Hymie come quickly husband


Yochanan Lavie, a song ... ?


Abe, I thought you were going to write that Channie wore her old shaytel pretending to be a stranger that Yerachmiel picked up on the challah line at the bakery. You know what the scent of fresh baked bread can do to a person.

The website lists practical information for each item - dimensions, color, material, etc. - and everything else is so vague and non-specific, how will customers know what to do with these items? I think in the end they will be forced to do some research on the non-kosher websites.

I hope the website owner has invested in a high level of security. If someone hacks the site and makes public the information (s)he finds, that would be a huge embarrassment.

BTW, I see from reading the comments above, many FM readers are well versed in sex toys. :)


Again, enough already with all this kosher sex toys shtoos.

I'm off to watch another rerun of My Son the Schnorrer on the Satmar Channel.

Today's second episode:
Channie Hindie makes Yerachmiel Binyomin sleep on the couch, after he persuades his wife to experiment using her old shaytel as a french tickler causing a painful lice infestation in her pubic area.


Enough already with all this kosher sex toys shtoos.

I'm off to watch another rerun of my Son The Schnorrer on the Satmar Channel.

Todays episode:
Channie Hindy is rushed to the ER with a crotch infection after her husband Yerachmiel Binyomen, implementing the suggestion of the Spinka Rebbe, convinces her that applying 4 week old ripened chulent to her genitals would ensure the birth of a baby boy.


Awesome, I was looking for a place to pick up my favorite porno ever made:

Shabbos-Dick and His Double Mitzvah Bitch


Does this have Mordy T. Hasgocha from New H.

ultra haredi lite

B and H = Blow and Hole


Cursed feminism has crept into the yeshiva world, and the woman do not respect their husbands. I don't think toys will help. see Racytorah


What a phlucking mess. This is straight out of a chapter from Sefer Ha Loophole.


I'm guessing they won't be selling this


Hatzlacha on this business, however I notices that the dildos offered does not have a base which makes them unsafe for anal play.

Bfeirush in Fartscroll

Chassidim don't need to buy toys, that's how they view their women in the first place. Chassidishe men will first have to learn that the three stroke blow and go that takes all of 25 seconds isn't really sex. Chassidishe women don't come, they just wait for what ain't coming. Sad part is these guys would never let their wives blow them but every skank hooker working within a one mile radius of B and H knows that payday at B and H is their pay day too.


On a serious note, good for him. I hope he's successful.


There. I fixed it.


I think it is a great idea,however....... I think he's marketing it to the wrong sect,I mean there aren't to many black Hebrews here (why else would he market a 8 inch vibrator on a Jewish site!!!!)

Posted by: Drillick!!!!!!! | September 01, 2011 at 08:38 PM

Cause if you've born 10 kids already, there's a LOT of room in there.

Office of the Chief Rabbi


We on this site are bombarded with pop ups for the sake of your income Shmarya yet you give this guy free publicity . Or is he giving you freebees nstead?

The economist sucks. I wouldn't use it for toilet paper

ultra haredi lite


under duress

Is this for real? In the About Us section, they call themselves .com instead of .net.

ultra haredi lite

They should sell Satmar approved bullet proof stockings along with the cuffs. Great turn on.

ultra haredi lite

BMG guys can have it delivered to their mail cubbies, or to Rishels house.


Who on earth would give their credit card details and address on this site. What if word got around that you were buying sex toys? I can't imagine anyone in their right mind would use this site.

Adam & Eve

What about ANAL beads ?


I don't understand they have porn DVD's with fruma?


hershman- i think the intent of this site is to do the exact opposite!! instead of turning to porn, or bad sites, and getting ur goodies in the wrong places, this person is providing a clean environment to get what u need. so, like i said, u DON'T hafta go to all the other sites.


I think it is a great idea,however....... I think he's marketing it to the wrong sect,I mean there aren't to many black Hebrews here (why else would he market a 8 inch vibrator on a Jewish site!!!!)

Posted by: Drillick!!!!!!! | September 01, 2011 at 08:38 PM

I agree with you 100%! but on this site the answer will be "when her rebbi molested her, it looked and felt 8inches long!"

Turd Degree

A baal teshuva woman in Teaneck asked her rabbi whether these implements need to be immersed in a mikvah before they're used for the first time, to which he replied, "not if you're using a waterbed."


I think it is a great idea,however....... I think he's marketing it to the wrong sect,I mean there aren't to many black Hebrews here (why else would he market a 8 inch vibrator on a Jewish site!!!!)


I dont like it. This is the next stop to visiting porn sites and to alot of bad stuff.

Posted by: hershman | September 01, 2011 at 08:27 PM

what bad stuff are you referring to?


This is great. But the guy is a doosh! Because people will find out who he is and his whole life will end!!


I dont like it. This is the next stop to visiting porn sites and to alot of bad stuff.

Sohn of Schneer


You ask what makes the toys kosher.

This is a good question and I shall attempt to answer it.

It is brought down in the Sefer Hadildo hakoydesh, as follows:

Kdamrinan, R. Huna and R. Akiva were strolling through a market one erev yuntif. R. Huna asked, Does the name Mondrowitz mean anything to you? R. Akiva responded, Oh, he's the one who has the kosher lubricant factory in Bnei Brak? Sure, he's my brother in law.

From this we learn that lubricant made out of the grease of shmaltz is kosher as long as the chicken doesn't come from Postville.

Turd Degree

I'm told that noted Rabbi Malkiel Kuntler fired off an angry letter of protest to the manufacturer that included the following sentence: "Never in the anals of jewish history did anyone have the chutzpah to do something like this."


LOL @ the LEIB TROPPER line!!


actually normal sites that sell sex toys send you the items in discreet packaging too. So not that novel. What exactly makes the toys kosher? Have they got a hechsher on them?

Maple Bacon

Just curious, would anything that's battery-operated be considered muktzeh on Shabbat?

Chicago Sam

Amen Yissy.

I am amazed the Rebbes haven't fucked this new idea up (pun), after all that is what the "Gedolim" of our age do best.

Turd Degree

Some of the items are now produced under the personal supervision of Rabbi Leib Tropper.


Wish him luck and LOTS of business. Bring the toys in the bedroom and kick the fucking Rebbes OUT.

Mendy Hecht

My first thought, like many of those who will read this for the first time, was, "Oh, for crying out loud..."

Let's just say this is why Rabbi Shmueley Boteach wrote his books (none of which I have read but all of which I am told in the name of very respected Orthodox rabbis that they are exactly what they claim to be--in conformance with halachah, at least in letter if not spirit).

I would just advise the young man to be even more discreet. Kosher may be kosher (and better kosher than not, as he points out), and the market may be there, but there's got to be a better way to spread the word than a website. Maybe the rabbis who privately teach soon-to-be-married young men in the yeshivos should be discreetly told that such-and-such is available from so-and-so.

For all I know, that may exactly be what's going on already--which, if it is, bingo! Can you smell the wood burning? That's exactly the idea of tznius in the first place.

You might call it the Great Underground.

Sohn of Schneer

I love this.

Finally, a good idea that has come out of a brain addled by just too much gemora.

May I recommend the most common such kli koydesh which we used in yeshivo:
a bisumim box with aphrodisiac and poppers to end shabbos.

Also, I recall the Brisker in one of his lesser known shaylos un tshuvos, wrote as follows:

Raboysay, one cold day, it was gevaltig cold, I received a shaylo from a bokhur asking if he could use the lulav for rectal stimulation. After consulting the poskim I concluded that the abrasion of the leaves might interfere with his shukkeling so I gave an osur.

But on second thought I must commend him on his khidush. This is Torah genius at its absolute peak.


They know about handcuffs in the charedi community, so I guess they figure why not capitalize on their strengths.

Turd Degree

Someone asked his rabbi if these devices are permitted on shabbos, and the answer was, "only if they're used shelo k'darko.

Turd Degree

My ultra-chareidi neighbor told me that in the girls school his daughter attends, they started special classes in the use of these toys, alongside their challah-baking classes.

"It's the first she's excited about homework,"
he gushed.

Turd Degree

One of their better selling items is a kosher vibrator called Mazal-dik.


how does he and his wife know what to buy with looking at those other web sites?

will he be getting a hashgucha on some of the products?b


look at the web site this is the best way for him to make money

You can take us at our word that we are providing you with a quality product at a competitive price, or, should you want to, you can email us for the actual product name. We do not encourage you to look at other websites selling these products.)


I have a better idea. I think the yeshiva guys should only get married for 10 years, and then have the option of renewing the marriage. You're allowed to do this according to Halacha. I say this because I hear of so many bad marriages, and then when they get divorced they mess around with divorcees.


This is great idea. It is impressive that a young Lakewood boy finds a novel way to make an honest living. The only problem is that some jealous Rabbi will defintely ban it.


Great idea!!

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