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September 24, 2011


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Peter Garcia

Let's pray for this man..........



I've met Mr. Drebin a few times and from meeting him I judged him as a good man, who taught me a little bit of Torah through our conversation in shul. Readers of this blog would be very impressed with what he taught me. He's intense perhaps to a fault, which is probably why some people don't like him.

I've never done any sort of investigation on him nor do I really care to. He's never wronged me. I just thought I'd make it public that Mr. Drebin has genuine positive character traits.


I don't know why I hate bagels. I've never ate one before but the fact that they have holes in them have always given me the creeps. Why make bread with a hole in it? Yet, I do like donuts. But I can understand why donuts have holes: In order to maximize surface area so that there is more room for icing. So I eat it. I'm a very picky eater.


Bezlalel you are a fool. Before you say good man you look into his life to find out what he really is like. Your attitude reflects the very same attitude that keeps sexual predators and fathers who commit incest free. He is a good man. Everyone who worked with Ted Bundy thought he was a good man too. Go look it up. Can't judge ever a book by looking at its cover. Hold on to your goodness but dump your naivety. Your thinking is part of the problem not part of the solution.


if it's attempted murder he will get jail time. Loks like tho no one is injured so he may get off. he should get jail to learn how to behave. its assault but the justice system... It's still a very big embarrassement there is no justification to behave the way he has allegedly.




I've never met anyone who hates bagels. This is a first for me.


The comment I just posted applies to you as well.


No one is 'picking' on Drebin, he put himself in this position. You are correct, child molesters need to be dealt with but a person who assaults innocents in a public venue is a menace too. He's a wealthy man who will likely be able to buy himself out of this situation. Nevertheless he's a bully who is entitled to a fair trial. I hope I can arrange my schedule to go see the law in action.


I am going to say again this fellow is a good man, expose the famous Ner Israel pedophile/abuser (if you know who...) now because of lowly staples the bloggers of FM started a smears campaign.


I'll repeat. Mr. Drebin is a good man. He's not perfect, but neither is anyone. If you want to pick on someone, pick on the child predators, not him.

I'm saying this as someone who hates bagels and has never ate anything from his bagel store. And wait until all the facts come out before you judge him.



Kesef mitaher mamzerim. Think about the source of the tzedakah not just the end product.

shimon baum

Oh no anyone have Staples stock? Yankel wants to boycott I'm sure the stock will take a nosedive now.

Maple Bacon

Just because someone gives tzedakah doesn't make him any less of a belligerent asshole.


This fellow is a Tzaddik and even gives money to the ones that are jewish but not religious, be ashamed to talk bad about him, I suggest to BOYCOTT staples.


The Age newspaper is the main broadsheet newspaper in Melbourne. The incident made front page on the net. Chillul Hashem. The actual punch-up was in the casino.




Solly Lew is one of the richest men in Australia.


...was NOT on the welcome list...


There was a guy like this in my shul of old back in the 70s EXCEPT this guy got into a fistfight IN shul!
Shunned by all!!

I wrote a syrupy letter to a yoske missionary preying on Jews with this creeps name on it.

Yoske missionary had to run for his life-maybe the brute beat him up-was terrified that this brute would get him-Yoske missionary left town.

The brute creep went to Israel, figured he was on the welcome list anymore

Two problems solved!



I, Stanley Drebin, of Baltimore am a good man.

I give to tseduka, make bagels and beat the shit out of those who would sully the Holy Name of Hakoydesh Borukh Hoo.

It with the above in mind that you need to understand what happened on erev shabbos hakoydesh in Pikesville.

I ordered a chair. It was not an ordinary chair. It was certified shatnez free and I paid $2 extra to some Spanish guy there to make sure of this.

When I went to pick it up so that mayne beshert could sit on it while I sang zmiros on Friday evening once returning from the Glen Allen shul, it was not only not ready but someone had apparently taken a piss on the seat.

I know this for a fact for I brought a glatt kosher pissometer which I bought from the Jewish Press classifieds. This machine which fits in my kapoteh easily along with my miniature shas is always accurate according to R. L. Tropper who manufactures it.

So I lightly stuck the employees who disappointed me. I only caused light skin wounds and a broken jaw. I could have done more but since it was erev shabbos and I still hadn't gone to the mikveh I refrained.

Now my bill with the local authorities has increased by $50,000.

I told the cops to just add it to my tab for my weekly assaults.

Yours in the Torah-true way,

Stan the Man Drebin
Ben Torah
First class shmuck
Maven: first class endangerment.


Just to let you know he is not an "Agudahnik," he attends the Glen Avenue shule. That being said he's still a putz.


This guy is a major asshole. I've known him for years. He is rude, crude & very nasty. I hope he goes to prison. I get along with everyone here in Baltimore's frum community but we almost came to blows on more than one occasion.

Gefilte Fish

That's one damn expensive chair! Hope it was worth it.


He's a good man. I was surprised when I heard this. But there are two sides to every story.

Maple Bacon

What a fantastic way to act on erev Shabbat! Yeah, and violence is always the answer to solving disagreements....


Obviously, he needs to take his medication to control his anger.


But he makes a damn fine bagel.


Any relation to Frank Drebin?


He needed the chair for a shiur on Shabbos about ahavas yisroel and shalom in the community.


He has been a bullying baby for years. His employees will be first to tell you how he could easily fly off the handle.

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