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August 04, 2011

Video: Hats Of Jerusalem

The hat appeared to him in a dream Nati Adler's facinating documentary film about the different types of hats worn – almost as part of a uniforms – in Jerusalem.

The hat appeared to him in a dream

The video should auto play through all the segments. If it doesn't, there are 9 segements in all, but one, number 7, is missing from YouTube. Even so, this film well worth watching:


[Hat Tip: BT.]


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Very good !

I wear lots of metaphorical hats but am not a hat person per se.

Thank you for posting this Shmarya.

Nice to see some Charedim at work - making hats...

Fascinating and excellent in all respects.

How much does a hat like that cost? Can you buy it anywhere, or only at certain places?

For every hat there's a head.
In ancient times each tribe had its own hat. Now that we no longer know our Shevet, the Hat Hakollel is the Borsalino. n.b. This is true even for levi'im

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