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August 23, 2011


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skvere spitzer

dahan claims insanity also levi aron claims insanity next will shaul spitzer of new square arson claim insanity...

Adam Neira

This case is a microcosm. In any environment a confluence of negative energies leads to an evil event. Things don't spontaneously combust out of nowhere. More people should study sociological cause and effect.

One of a Rabbi's roles is to be a counsellor/therapist. Good therapists know how to connect, build trust and empathise. They also know how to guide and nurture in the right measure. The best therapists do not create long term dependence in their clients. Relationship definition and boundary setting is very important. Transference and counter-transference issues can affect inter-personal dynamics. A good therapist will pace the dependence -independence - interdependence stages. It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall of Rabbi Abuchatzeira. I also wonder how self actualized he really was.

The word's "followers" and "disciples" are troubling. I have never liked either of them. Paradoxically however all good organisations, governments, monarchies, corporations and armies do need some form of a command and control structure in place or else they become an amorphous mass. A good party requires a host and organiser and guests are like followers you could say. More thought required...


"According to the indictment, Abuchatzeira's murder was premeditated and fueled by Dahan's dissatisfaction with the victim's marital advice.'

And the moral of this story is be careful who you give marital advise to!

Pretty much the same when you read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner...what not to do when your bird shits on you!

Yochanan Lavie

Ronininja: Good literary reference!


If the mental evaluation is correct and he is mentally unfit to stand trial, then why would we give credence to his rantings as to his actual motive?


Abuhatzeira allegedly defrauded Jews in the US, where he was under investigation at the time of his death. He also settled a tax fraud case in Israel by paying Israel's treasury 20 million shekels – even though the real amount he owed was allegedly far greater.

Abuhatzeira received death threats and other threats from former followers who alleged Abuhatzeira stole huge amounts of money from them, and he took extreme security precautions as a result.

I have made such (and worse) allegations about the granddaddy... But then again, no one listens because I am 'biased' against um ah eh... (Shmarrya does not allow me to use that word). This Abechatzeira was a joke and a fraud. However, I must add I would have liked to have seen him defrocked and incarcerated; not murdered.

Mike Powers

Do Israeli prisions allow inmates to wear black fedoras while in jail. Perhaps American jails could allow this too?


I will say this again...

I forgot the context or how it came up...
Whether in Minneapolis or Milwaukee..

Rabbi Meir Kahane made a fleeting remark about Abuhatzeira
' in his youth he was thrown in jail for some fraud , Now he does this 'holy man' shtick'
Then Rav Kahane sarcastically snorted/laughed

Maybe Abuhatzeira believed his own crap...
When your followers start worshiping the toilet that he just used- that will screw anybody's brain just like it did with the L. Rebbe

About his grandfather the Baba Sali...
Maybe this guy was a smaller fraud and the grandson finessed the con-I don't know
It is no wonder that the modern world terrify certain rabbis= it is getting harder to turn people into 'koolaide' drinkers and to keep them there.

I have no sympathy for this guys victims
Paying MONEY to have this guy pray to Ha-Shem and EXPECTING Ha-Shem to listen and DO something ? HA what a joke!

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