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August 21, 2011


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Poor response.

Every graphic designer has their own criteria.

I know Deyo and he is no liar.

Every graphic designer has his own criteria, to be sure, but they do NOT have their own facts.

And the facts are that Deyo was lying.

What a shame it is that you are too blinded by hatred and by support for your friend to understand that.


And, to compare photo shopping a picture to committing a crime is silly.

You are oh so petty Shmarya.


Poor response.

Every graphic designer has their own criteria.

I know Deyo and he is no liar.

Many, including myself, have had interactions with you, and you have lied and misquoted in order to sensationalize and vilify people.

Therefor, I will take Deyo's word over yours any day.

You attacked him. You attacked his organization unprovoked.

You are a bully and have squandered any opportunity to make a difference with your blog.

Your obsession has consumed you.

What a shame.


Lets see.

Anyone with basic graphic design training can see Deyo is lying.

I did graphic design and was considered to be one of the best in my area of specialty.

Even untrained people can see he's lying if they spend a couple minutes figuring out what the graphic would look like without the breast reduction.

You can't deal with any of this because you know its true, so you attack me rather than the points I made.

Or, you attack me because you don't have the capability to determine whether I'm right or not, so all you have left to do to protect your cherished organization(s) is attack me, not the points I made.

Past all this, I report news.

The news you so dislike exists not because I report it, but because HAREDIM DO THESE THINGS.

The proper response is to direct your anger to those haredim who encourage, turn a blind eye to, who commit crimes and do these other acts.

But doing so makes you confront the actual state of your community, your leaders, and your life.

And because that is too painful for you, you lash out at the messenger instead.

Any (non-frum) psychologist will tell you what you're doing is unhealthy.

Why don't you make an appointment with one and find out why.



You wouldn't know truth if it hit you square on your ass. I know MUCH more about you than you realize.

Your hatred for all things religious makes you twist the truth until it become a your invention entirely... We all know your blog is cheap, mean trash from a tiny deranged person.

What once began as a cause has long since become an obsession to you, to give meaning to your pathetic meaningless life..obese fat slob living in his mothers basement..stewing in his own bile and poison. LOL

You have become the exact cartoon of a JEW that you hate so much.

Every entry I read on your blog, I picture your pathetic worthless ass spilling over the sides of the chair, convincing yourself your are doing something worthwhile.

You are the fraud you accuse everyone else of being. A very average JEW, ripping other Jews. Nazi, Anti-Semites, and Islamic publications copy and paste and "Favorite" your blog.

I promise, the next Holocaust will give you plenty of credit.

Perhaps an honorary medal.

Your blog literally throws logs into the crematorium fires.

Good work. There WILL be blood on your hands.

LOL...Pathetic fraud.

Hey..at least you are on Wikipedia.


lol. Even with all the edits, how is this an appropriate picture for a religious advertisement or website? Making her breasts smaller is truly insane, but even having a "touched up" photo with sleeves on it does not make a girl posing like this an appropriate logo for a supposedly religious site. How stupid can people be?



Mental mockup??

Jerk. And very average.

Posted by: Mark | August 28, 2011 at 09:55 AM

Can't handle the truth, can you?

It's so painful for you when another one of your rabbis is caught lying.

Maybe you should get some counseling.



Mental mockup??

Jerk. And very average.


Shmarya, youre just a average jerk. Let it go. You have BIGGER things to worry about (weight watchers comes to mind!)


I should also add that in the quick mental mockup I did now, her un-reduced breasts do not touch the J or even come close to it.

Put another way, you're lying.



I quote your website where it is exceeding clear what the makeup of activities to earn points is, and what the "free" trips are.

Your program is deceptive. It is meant to trick kids, get them into yeshivas and, whenever possible, out of college.

As for your remarks about graphic design, they may fly with people who haven't worked in the field or done any graphic design. But for those of us who have, we know there are other, better ways that "J" problem could have been handled.

In fact, a cynic might say that you chose that image especially because of where the J would be in relationship to her breasts and only corrected it after the fact, after someone questioned you about it.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of stock photos to choose from. You were not confined to this one choice.

And your cropping of her buttocks was in no way necessary for your logo to work.

I guess that was just another attempt at not being "lewd."

Yaacov Deyo

Dear Blog Author,

It seems to me that the lion's share of the hateful comments regarding this post would have never existed if the author had simply emailed Partners in Torah with the curious question: "Dude, what's with the photo-shop on the girl?" Obviously, this was not done, so let me take a moment and give an alternative perspective to the dozens and dozens of variantly mean and speculative comments above.

a. The photo was photo-shopped to adapt the image to reflect the sensitivities of many of our site visitors with respect to Jewish law. For these reasons, black sleeves and a neck-line were added to the stock image. This is a complete non-crime.

For those who took us to task for not photo-shopping well, all I can say is: go ahead, get a big protest placard, stand outside the Agudah offices, and write on your placard -- “Frum people do not know how to use the graphic program, Photo-shop very well!”

b. Regarding her chest, the reason was all-together a different one. The graphic artist adjusted the image so that the large logo "Jewpiter" would be most prominent and fit with the stock image and its background. If her chest had not been adjusted, then the J of the logo's lettering would begin a good deal closer to her chest than would any other letter of the logo to its nearest surroundings. This would have drawn the eye, and been a distraction to the purpose of the homepage. That the area in question is her chest adds to the distraction. Halacha aside, it did not look good. That is the entirety of it.

Those who intuit in our efforts other intentions are mistaken. If not for the "J" issue, the stock photo would have been left as is. It's likely that another professional graphic artist, acting without a sensitivity to Jewish law, may have solved the proximity issue the same way, that is unless their intentions were to exploit the image in a sexist manner by EMPHASIZING the proximity of our logo to her chest. So in keeping score, I guess our second non-crime is -- trying hard not to be lewd.

For those out there who decry this adjustment in her form per se, please clickie-poo on the following Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photo_manipulation. The sum of what I’ve learned regarding these issues is that in photo-journalism, it’s a clear ethical breach; when it comes to marketing and advertizing, it’s an art-from. Go figure.

c. Regarding the rest of the posting, it's pretty much utterly and completely wrong in its central accusation -- "college kids forced to do Orthodox things, and then hoodwinked to sit in yeshiva all day long". There are several reasons. I'll list just a few.

- Firstly, nearly all Jewpiter people had an approved trip in mind when they first began their Jewpiter "earning". This was because nearly every Jewpiter participant came to the site at the suggestion of an organizer of one of those approved trips! In this respect, the students saw the program as a great opportunity to help them achieve their goals of going on their most favored trip.

- Second, qualifying for Jewpiter points could be done in several ways, among them: attending an Israel rally on campus (for or against!), attending ANY Hillel event, making a Youtube clip praising their Israel Birthright trip -- WHATEVER TRIP that was! Our intention was to help college kids get back to Israel by rewarding them for their Jewish activity back on campus. For instance, we gave credit for attending ANY advertised Shabbat meal on campus. Even the one on one learning the student was required to do as part of qualifying allowed the student to choose WHATEVER Jewish topic they wanted to learn, e.g. learning hebrew for instance!

As can be seen, we gave Jewpiter credit for many, many activities that were not "Orthodox". The claim that the activities the students did to get points were "specified ultra-orthodox programs" is just plain false. It was a wildly popular program, and even now, a few years out from its being put on hold due to funding, we still have 40 students working through the system and earning points! Students loved it because it let them choose the activities they might do to qualify.

- Third, most of the approved trips involved no yeshiva or seminary learning at all! Period. Zippie-poo. They were hiking, hearing politicians, rappelling, doing the whole mud-bath thing, shopping. All of them had some learning as part of the trip, but that was usually limited to a class or two each day while having lunch overlooking the Dead Sea, or at their hotel, etc.

So as can be seen the posting is not accurate.

While suggesting the blog's author could have chosen to be slightly dan l'caf zcus of Jewpiter regarding the homepage might seem to go against the very ethos of FailedMessiah, it does seem odd that the basic secular standards of journalistic integrity learned in a Junior High School's newsletter project were not used; this is super unfortunate. Why did this happen?

Here is my answer, and I acknowledge it is speculative. In that the post cites no student's testimony, no actual trip or program, no quote from anyone ever associated or with personal knowledge of the program, nor any detail to back up its claims -- and in that the poster failed to check with Partners in Torah about any of the content in the post, leaves me with two options for why it was posted:

a. It was a willful act to demean.

b. It was a deep-rooted cry from the soul of the author that the Jewish people ALWAYS act in the most glorious ways, and that cry -- upon seeing a perceived injustice -- blew past the normative intellectual screens that regulate our actions.

I can understand both because I’ve done both myself on occasion. I'm going to go with b though as my final answer, and I give credit to the yearnings of that soul for trying to improve the world. In my view, that soul has never given up on its desire to become a Rabbi.

Next time though, call first!

Be well, Yaacov

Chicago Sam

These religious nuts might as well be from Jupiter; I am starting to think that the Orthodox world suffers from OCD: Orthodox Compulsive Disorder


Jewpiter as a program ended 4 years ago.

4 YEARS!!!!!

Shmarya, 4 years ago you were 100 pounds lighter (a svelte 325!)

Also marks the last time you gave a penny of your own to a charitable cause (I have heard on good authority)or did anything positive or meaningful for another person. You could die tomorrow and no one would miss you.

Selfish, self-hating loaner!

Yochanan Lavie

Thanks, Sara.

Daniel Herzl Ben-Dov

Jewish girls love a good bra:


Music video from the Australian Union of Jewish Students 1998 revue.


@ Mr. Lavie - as usual, good stuff!

(and put me in the mood to Youtube Frank all night and listen, so thanks!)

Alter Kocker

And you sir are a filthy shit-house rat. Go take a shower,(probably your first in several weeks) and jerk off, you might just get your mind to clear, fuck head!

shmaryah,is a dirty filthy self hating rat

Shmaryah,you are nothing but a criminaly insane sex obsessed piece of filth

Alter Kocker

Just one more example of the rampant immature sexuality among the ultra orthodox. Looking at a picture, and experiencing "impure thoughts" aka a hard-on is the purview of 12 year-old boys, not mature and intelligent men.

These clowns need therapy.

Visting the sick

All images can be clicked to enlarge.

Very funny!


I understand that USY and NFTY both have twice as many girls as boys. And while the Uscj has a tzius code the URJ doesn't. A better way to be m'karev. "women: better than pork."


I agree with the criticism on the misleading nature of the advertising, but harping on the Photoshop weakens your case--there's nothing wrong in this day and age with changing a picture for advertising.

Yoel Mechanic

Um, lets see: a public relations religious outreach organization photoshops a photo to use in an advertisement. Now that is some poignant news ya gots there! Now if this can't bring a chuckle to the humor challenged then I just don't know what to do for such a dour crowd.

shimon baum

Meanwhile that model is probably dressed more modestly than most frum girls. Shes not wearing a skin tight top and skirt.


Ways to Earn:

1 to 1 learning sessions
Maimonades classes

========== doesn't inspire confidence


regarding Kiruv organizations and use of women in pictures, posted by Shmarya
(sorry I dont know how to bold comments in this comment box as you did).
I will defer to your expertise on this as I am not a target audience for Kiruv orgs so I don't usually read their materials. The only ones whose materials I regularly see are both out of Lakewood - Shalom something with the annual raffle (no women I believe) and the world famous Oorah which as far as I can tell used to use women - with a stated heter - but lately has switched to postage stamps size pics that presumably have women. I give it another year maybe two before the women, even the microscopic ones are gone. Of course Oorah is not trying to lure women - just their school age daughters and sons to Chareidi schools and camps.

Bassy the Haredi Slayer

The more a woman look is closer to a young boy the more tzniusdik is for the haredis


On the bright side this is a Chareidi publication still publishing photos of women (even if they are photoshopped to look boy-ish). I don't like it at all but it's still preferable to a photo where the woman (i.e. Hillary Clinton) is photoshopped out altogether. I'm sort of hoping Michele Bachman becomes President only to see what creative ideas those publications will come up with. So far I've seen a waving American flag to represent her in one such publication...

Posted by: njprincess | August 21, 2011 at 10:49 AM

This is a KIRUV organization.

Kiruv ogs always use pictures of women – especially attractive women – because they are trying to lure women and men into their programs.

They have a heter to do this for the sake of "kiruv."

It's just another for of manipulation. It isn't anything good.


Lanner did jail time as sexual predator who had free reigh in NCSY for a couple of decades. He is out of prison now.

Yoel Mechanic

You are arguing about such trivialities.

Posted by: Steven | August 21, 2011 at 04:32 AM

right on! and write on!


It looks like they shortened her arms as well. Maybe they want her to look like a young boy.

Gefilte Fish

Calm down, everyone. The photoshop "artist" is most probably a woman, and a bad one at that. Notice that only one arm has a sleeve.

Hillary Clinton is a WOMAN?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bas Melech

The BT movement and its yeshivas and seminaries has always been more about money than kiruv. Many sincere BTs have been turned away from seminaries like Neve Yerushalayim because of lack of tuition. It is not enough for these BT institutions to bleed students, they also bilk parents and other relatives for gelt.

What happen to Jewish ethics of the Torah?

Bas Melech

What the deal with the boob reduction? Has someone found an unwritten section of the Shulchan Aruch requiring all Jewish women to have less than a C cup?

Posted by: Victoria | August 21, 2011 at 01:01 AM

I agree. Maybe that is why frummie girls have eating disorders, and the bachurim want to marry girls that are size 2.

It appears that Jewish girls are uncomfortable with their G-d given sexuality.

Some UO men have a public image to find wives without breasts and tushes, so they sneak off to prostitutes or watch porn sites. G-d made women with different physical features to attract men.


On the bright side this is a Chareidi publication still publishing photos of women (even if they are photoshopped to look boy-ish). I don't like it at all but it's still preferable to a photo where the woman (i.e. Hillary Clinton) is photoshopped out altogether. I'm sort of hoping Michele Bachman becomes President only to see what creative ideas those publications will come up with. So far I've seen a waving American flag to represent her in one such publication...

Yochanan Lavie

Adam: Many Jews are looking for spirituality. I would rather they find it in the Jewish tradition than elsewhere. However kiruv movements use emotional manipulation, deceptive tactics, and intellectual dishonesty. Furthermore, they think chareidi Judaism is the only form of Judaism. (I was involved in NCSY as a teen, ostensibly a Modern Orthodox outfit, but Lanner encouraged kids to ape the Chareidim and go to Chareidi yeshivot. This despite him touting himself as a talmid of Rabbi Soloveitchik.)


Breast reduction for medical reasons would be fine. I am mixed feelings about these fruma kiruv places. I have family members who are completely intermarried and out of the practicing Jewish mode completely.

If they had gone on such a trip they could have been perhaps moved to marry A Jewish person and retain Jewish practices.

I do also have my doubts about the big Aishes of the world. I am conflicted on this issue.

A. Nuran

I guess the censors wanted her to look more like a boy.


There is no such thing as a free lunch

I refused the 'scholarship'

So I paid my way and didn't feel guilty refusing the fundraiser [Oh it was called the 'Alumni Club']after attending Ohr Somayach


I have met many of these kids and the idea is to hopefully teach them something about Yiddishkeit. Does it bother you that they may become frum thru this program??? If it does, why? I've seen dozens of students from similar programs that are now totally frum- Married , working and raising beautful Jewish families.


fixed up photo is still pritzus

Yochanan Lavie

OCR: So it's better to be attracted to Roman idols like Jupiter...

Office of the Chief Rabbi

Large, prominent breasts, are a main feature of Canaanite idols, so I guess Jewpisser wanted to make sure we weren't attracted by such things.


Posted by: Motti | August 21, 2011 at 07:19 AM


GOOD SEINFELD CLIP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbNyMuKAg6g

Yochanan Lavie

Apologies to Frank Sinatra (Fly Me to the Moon):

(Frank talking)
Drive me to the shul
Let me pray among the frum
Let me see small breasted girls
'Cause Jewpiter is dumb

In other words, censor me
In other words, photoshop me

Fill my heart with song
and let me sing Avodah Zarah
To rebbes that I long for,
all I worship and adore

In other words, black hat Jew
In other words, I am frum

----- instrumental break ----

Fill my heart with song
let me sing Avodah Zarah
To rebbes that I long for
all I worship and adore

In other words, Jews for Zeus !!!
In other words, in other words
tzneeyus rules.


wouldn't this be a huge TURNOFF to people looking for religion?


my mother has big breasts, i guess that makes her un-jewish. Therefore, according to halacha I am not jewish... So I will eat a cheeseburger today. Thank you jewpiter.

Yochanan Lavie

David: Not serving in the IDF is Avoider Zarah...

Dr. Dave


Actually the halachic opinions regarding cosmetic surgery is divided. Some forbid it all cases, others permit it in most.


I agree with Ken. What's next- Jews for Zeus?

Posted by: Yochanan Lavie | August 21, 2011 at 06:39 AM

Absolutely. The frumma are going completely off the derech. They won't work and they won't fight (in Israel, in IDF) so they have far too much time on their hands and so their thoughts turn to Avodah Zorah (e.g. Rebbe Worship, creation of new laws such as deletion or reduction of breasts in images).

Yochanan Lavie

I agree with Ken. What's next- Jews for Zeus?


Is the frumma censor guilty of the averah of "touching" the arms and breasts of a woman, not his wife?

Critical minyan

Breast reductio for cosmetic reasons, is halachically as bad as getting as getting a tattoo.
Maybe the rabbi gave her smaller tits to make her look more like a boy - the preferable ultra orthodox hole.


You are arguing about such trivialities.


Posted by: DF | August 21, 2011 at 01:09 AM

As always, you miss even the obvious points.

What do you need to process? These two points:

1. The BREAST REDUCTION – which has no source in Jewish law and does not make the image "modest."

2. The omissions about the nature of the "free" trip they might get.

Do try to process them.


Now now Shmarya

Just the other week you got your panties in a knot cuz "Shabbat.com" had a ad using "sex" to sell Shabbos

Not your upset when they try to make things more modest

1. Photoshoping stock images is a part of graphic design

2. The "Shabbat.com" was not even made by the site - it was made by a person who was a fan and was meant to be a surprise

3. Admit it - You don't care one way or the other - as long as you can attack anything frum or Jewish - youl go at it

Now - FB fans - go ahead and tell me why Shmarya is so right and so smart and I am missing the whole point

Shmarya - what do I need to "process" this time?


What the deal with the boob reduction? Has someone found an unwritten section of the Shulchan Aruch requiring all Jewish women to have less than a C cup?


It would be nice if someone could contact the model in the original image or owner of the stock photo and tell them about this.

Critical minyan

Shane on jewpiter. A shandeh. thanks shmarya for publicizing their shenanigans.


How did the frumma Photoshop "artist" control himself as he was doing this? I mean, seeing all that skin must have imbued uncontrollable passions.


....Man, that is one bad looking `shop job on the girl.

Turd Degree

They also covered her armpit as befits a Jewpit.


It's a very poor Photoshop job as well - they didn't even match the dress material - it looks like they've gone over the offending skin with a thick crayon.

And where in the tzniusdik code does it say that covered breasts have to be reduced or deleted?


They do deserve credit for naming themselves after the chief god of the Roman pantheon. I wonder what Rabbi Akiva would say.

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