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August 31, 2011

Hasidim Smash Mobile Phones At Public Event

Smart phone Hundreds of chassidim were on hand Monday when the Lelover rebbe spoke about the prohibition of owning and using smartphones. Also present was the his brother, the Lelover rebbe of Jerusalem.


Lelov Rebbe Opposes New Mobile Phones – Chassidim Smash Phones At Public Event
Yeshiva World News

Lelov Chassidim in Beit Shemesh were called upon to attend an event in Moshav S’dot Haaretz near Beit Shemesh where they merited meeting with the Rebbe Shlita, who according to reports requested participation in a kinos on erev rosh chodesh.

Perhaps to the surprise of the tzibur, the Rebbe did not only deliver a powerful rosh chodesh message of words related to the end of bein hazmanim as many expected, but he spoke about the Blackberry ® and iPhone ® and the prohibition of using such devices – even for one’s business towards earning a livelihood. One of the chassidim held up one of the very units mentioned by the Rebbe and smashed it before the tzibur, adding that in the near future a vaad will be established in the Chassidus to address similar to the Vaad Rabbonim for Cellular Telephones that exists, responsible for today’s so-called kosher phones.

The Rebbe joins the ranks of the Belzer, Toldos Aaron ad Dushinski Admorim Shlita, all of whom used their respective tishin to speak out against the smart phone devices.
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Hundreds of chassidim were on hand Monday when the Rebbe spoke about the prohibition of owning and using such a device, on Yom Kippur Katan, erev Rosh Chodesh Elul. Also present was the Admor’s brother, the Leluv Rebbe Yerushalayim Shlita.

Many were taken aback as the Rebbe dedicated a full 15 minutes addressing the prohibition surrounding the phones, singling out Blackberry ®, even towards assisting one in earning a parnasa.

It appears the vaad will roam among the chassidim towards learning who is defying the ban, those who opt to disregard the Rebbe’s words and use a non-kosher phone.

[Hat Tip: Burich.]


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nu vus vet zain mit dem velt no drinking not internet no smartphone no sex what is there to live for:) what is he drieing my kup twisting my brains with such idiotic thing i have more improtant things then to care about new prohibition let them first take care and punish their molesters among theese groisen or groben rebbies.

what is the halachic prohibition? If there is one then how come all chassidim/jews dont follow it also.

How many Lelever rebbes are there at present. I count at least 3 in NYC.

Mike Powers- dont forget the lelover grandchildren oy gevalt iz mir.

All you live for is to spew your twisted incoherent yiddish-isms at those whose opinions you don't like. Get a life you tired old shtick drek dee farkakte shoite dee.

corn popper-hahahaha hey corn go pop youre corn, you dont like dont read it.

There are programs to donate surplus cell phones to people in Third World countries. They should have done that.

Who was the plant with the fake smartphone to smash?

מענין לענין באותו ענין
I remeber the world before the plague of cellphones descended upon the human race. People spent some quality time... Nowadays, in the car, at work, during vacation, at important meetings, during family gatherings and even in the restroom! Let alone the noise polution these 'beautiful' toys have caused. How about the distraction factor?
But no, all the afforementioned are a non issue to the 'farshtupte kep' who know too much about nothing and 'hock a tcheinik' all day about all the latest gossip Shmarya puts out for grabs.
I can vouch for several marriages that suffer from 'smartphone syndrome'... So, in effect, ridding ourselves from the devices we are all too attached to, is not so bad an idea after all. Maybe people will find more productive things to do with their lives.

Just a thought for those who don't mind excercising the brain.

YECHEIL- this goes especially to the frum among us life is very very boring for frummies since they dont get leisure time like other people their rebbis alsways hound them with more and more humres so this is an outlet for them the cell phone no one should try to take it away from them they wont succeed.

Posted by: 'Yechiel' | August 31, 2011 at 04:55 PM

while there is some validity to what you say

however, that is not the reason why these rebbies banned it

"....Many were taken aback as the Rebbe dedicated a full 15 minutes...."

Really? neither these rabbis nor the people there have real jobs.

what the hell else are they doing?

To Mike Powers:
the sam ammount of SPINKA REBBES there are the same Ammount of LELOV REBBES there are now go count them....

seymour- rebbes need to feel they are somebodies without any word from them they would be obsolete so now and then they come up with some new decrees and the rest of the dupes or dummies follow them blindly

Hasidim and Smartphones? It sounds like an oxymoron. Maybe the Hasidim ought to use "Dumb-phones" instead.

I suggest that people should get a real life... Woe is to the person who must resign to cellphones or the internet for leisure. As a matter of fact, even Hassidim enjoyed a more serene life before the current technology evolved.

You are absolutely right; the rabbis did not ban the cellphones for THAT reason. However, in general the current technology is more harmful than helpful... יצא שכרו בהפסדו

Even the language YWN uses in this report is stultifying and awkward. Probably like the worldview of the Lelov Rabbi. I-Phones don't kill people, people do.

yechiel- i agree with you on this we have a common ground herei never ever take my cell phone to sheel i make sure that i dont but others in my shul do and it constantly rings i never can understand how far people degenerated to this level no respect for a place like a shul and no respect for the congragants i get very angry,also i see the hassidim talk all the time on cell phone maybee they think they look important but i do know this it is very innapropriate to behave in this manner to talk talk in front of people loudly and in sheel.

It is like anything else people can decide to be responsible users of the cell phone whatever this may mean to them, or not. We dont' normally attempt to make this prohibition except in some other areas of illegal substances. but really, in my practice i abhor the cell phone, i have one as used for emergency with the car. I hve no texting plan, i use a pay as you go. I purchase a 90 day card for about $30, and I usually have left over around 10$ at the expiration point.
my main objection is talking on a public bus, loud boring intrusive conversations, and texting in general at a party for example, I just saw in fact fruma chareidishe at a Bar Mitzvah party sitting texting most of the dinner, it is very imo disgusting of course the whole world does this.

"It appears the vaad will roam among the chassidim towards learning who is defying the ban, those who opt to disregard the Rebbe’s words and use a non-kosher phone."

This is the key point - what's at stake is a desperate attempt to shore up the Rebbe's power by increasing the opportunity for using coercive force and limiting the chassidim's awareness of the outside world. It's like the PRC's attempt to block the internet, or the former USSR's jamming Radio Free Europe

To jancsipista,

Mobile phones should be banned in : Shul; Cinemas; Theatres; Libraries; Art Galleries and a few other places. At the very best they must only be on mute with no lit up screen. I hate watching a good film in a movie theatre only to be interrupted by some idiot texting their boyfriend about what is happening in the movie. Some people have the attention span of a goldfish. Mobile phones are powerful tools but there is a time and place for them. Some adolescents are text mad. A mother once told me that her 16 y.o. daughter who had a new phone was averaging 4200 text messages a month. We worked it out that that was doing one every seven minutes of her waking life. The mother was worried her daughter would get RSI !

The word stupidity comes to my mind.

People in Bet Shemesh are not rich. Besides the Ba'll Tashchis factor, these people could have used the Shekeles they would have gotten for their used phones on eBay etc..

Why didnt the Rebba just tell them to get rid of it, why destroy it??

Just another case of Symbolisim over substance!!

Yeshua speed you on! No to the techno-antichrist!

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