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July 13, 2011


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Wild rose

Sara O
I remember her , had a crush on her, I remember what they did to her. I to am a victim of beatings and stuwies six of the best ..


That attitude expressed by AE Anderson reflects so much on the malaise within the Orthodox community. I don't know if Sara's claims are true or not. I do know that the Melbourne community is being rocked by similar allegations and the orthodox community will suffer greatly.

Melbourne's Jewish population is quite small. It is not too hard to find out about anyone within the Jewish community. These allegations hurt everyone.


Shit happens. Get over it.

Who cares if some perv waltzed Matilda on your Map of Tassie 30 years ago?! I, for one, certainly don't.


Hope he's put away (in general population) for a very long time


I have been sitting with my head in my hands for a while now beacause of what happened to the boy found dead but your stupidity just made me smile.



Sarah, to prove to us that you are not a liar, please give the names of the 3 dead students.


Apologies for posting off topic but I feel this needs to be said.

Each and every one of those teachers employed by Rabbi Y D Groner in Yeshiva College in Melbourne, Australia that allowed acts of Pedophilia committed by David Kramer to continue in their school while not informing the police, is guilty of Negligence.

Those exteriors of serene righteousness on the faces of Mrs Ella Blesofsky and Rabbi Avraham Glick, both now employed in Groner’s schools for over 30 years, most of that time as principals, are nothing but covers for interiors of total moral corruption.

How many children were beaten and raped during that time, daily enduring horrifying acts of humiliation and sadism?

In my class in Beth Rivkah, of the 30 students in my class, 8 of them were abused, so you do the math.

Three students that I know of who were abused in the Melbourne Jewish community during my high school years, are now dead and many, many more wish that they would be.

Anything, just anything to stop the endless suffering.

The blood of Jewish children has been running down every street around Yeshiva College for 50 years and Melbourne is now the site of its own miniature holocaust.

The stark reality that must be faced, is that the Melbourne Orthodox Jewish community hold Australian law in complete contempt and have been hiding behind the smokescreen of anti-Semitism to get away with murder.

The crimes they have committed are infinitely worse than money laundering or drug smuggling.

Torturing a child, in whatever form, is the worst crime known to humanity.

And those people responsible are not Rabbis and not Orthodox, they are fiends, and must be brought to justice if we are to call Australia a civilized society and not a haven for Pedophiles.

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