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July 30, 2011


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Seems to ignore the fact that the attack took place inIndia, meaning, India is fuming over this (against Pakistan) as well. And India " over $12bn-worth of trade in the first four months of 2011 alone" according to the link below. The link also notes a military angle as well.


In other words, the lawyer's boisterous claims are way over-exaggerated compared to the real issues and problems. And blocking the suit may cause more infuriated response by India than allowing the suit would cause in Pakistan.


Its clear from the testimony of David Headley now on trial in Chicago that elements of the Pakistan's government where involved in the attack. Should the murderers of Jews and others go free.
Read the report


don't go to secular court unless one can make money


If they dont have a lawsuit are martyrs, if they go with a suit they are money hungry. Perhaps the suit should take place against main Chabad or the rebbe, they were the emissaries or not?


I guess its time to settle and pony up the big bucks!

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