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July 13, 2011


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It might kill you but, hey, it IS kosher!


I hope the apologists and haters realize that Shmarya's providing a community service to them when he posts articles like this one.


This is exactly what the USDA is for. Here's hoping enforcement survives the next round of budget cuts.


@Anuran...Unfortunately, the USDA inspection program is very understaffed, now. Forget the next round of cuts.

Seems that the USDA ends up spending most of its money to provide subsidies for ConAgra, etc.

Ain't it grand.


it is clear that the Salmonella virus is anti-semetic ! why else would it be in the Mehedrin product !


This is just great isn't it? I get bent over buying kosher and now I find out that the products are potentially dangerous to consume. It just never ends does it?


FYI That Long Island man is an investor and the old owner of Mehadrin is running the plant and the business.


why wont you post the company respond?????

jonn rabb

stay away from this outfit they lie and cheat


warning dont do buisness with mvp they will rip u off

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