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July 13, 2011

Mehadrin Kosher Poultry Salmonella Problem

Mehadrin Kosher Poultry Logo 2 Mehadrin Kosher Poultry failed two consecutive salmonella tests.

Mehadrin Poultry pullquote
Mehadrin Salmonella USDA FSIS 6-2011 annotated

Update 7-15-11 9:15 am CDT – Mehadrin passed its next test. Here are the more recent results, which again show a period of two failures in a row, follwed by a third acceptible test:

Screen shot 2011-07-15 at 9.14.56 AM
``` end update ``` continue with post:

MVP Kosher Poultry, the parent company of Mehadin and Vineland (as exclusively reported here in January) also rehired 35 workers Mehadrin illegally fired and paid the workers for scheduled bathroom breaks Mehadrin withheld from them:

Chicken plant rehires 35, pays $85,000 in rest breaks case

A Birdsboro, Berks County poultry plant has agreed to pay $85,000 in back wages to 35 workers, and offer them their jobs back, after they were fired Dec. 2 following a protest over the cancellation of their paid restroom breaks.

The chicken-packers downed tools after management declined to meet with them to discuss the cancelled breaks, which had "resulted in longer, grueling work shifts," according to the workers' lawyers, Arthur Read and Matthew Stark Rubin, of the nonprofit law firm Friends of Farmworkers Inc., Philadelphia, and paralegal Sol Maria Rivera.

The employer, Mehadrin Kosher Poultry LLC, later went out of business on the site. New operator MVP Kosher Foods agreed to the settlement, which ends the worker's complaint of unfair labor practices. MVP and its law firm didn't immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

As I exclusively reported in January, a Long Island businessman with no previous kosher slaughter experience purchased Vineland Kosher Poultry and Mehadrin Kosher Poultry.

Only Vineland's brand was purchased, though. Its production was shifted to the Mehadrin plant, which the businessman did purchase.

Previous Mehadrin Kosher Poultry Posts:

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Previous Vineland Kosher Poultry Posts:

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[Hat Tip: Mobius.]


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It might kill you but, hey, it IS kosher!

I hope the apologists and haters realize that Shmarya's providing a community service to them when he posts articles like this one.

This is exactly what the USDA is for. Here's hoping enforcement survives the next round of budget cuts.

@Anuran...Unfortunately, the USDA inspection program is very understaffed, now. Forget the next round of cuts.

Seems that the USDA ends up spending most of its money to provide subsidies for ConAgra, etc.

Ain't it grand.

it is clear that the Salmonella virus is anti-semetic ! why else would it be in the Mehedrin product !

This is just great isn't it? I get bent over buying kosher and now I find out that the products are potentially dangerous to consume. It just never ends does it?

FYI That Long Island man is an investor and the old owner of Mehadrin is running the plant and the business.

why wont you post the company respond?????

stay away from this outfit they lie and cheat

warning dont do buisness with mvp they will rip u off

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