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July 21, 2011


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The sketch artist's drawing is NOT a match to Levi Aron.



Assuming your stpry is true, why the hell wouldn't you call the police?

Yoel Mechanic

Posted by: l.S | July 21, 2011 at 09:54 PM

The story makes no sense at all


my daughters were flashed by a "frum" man in front of a well known yeshiva and they caught it on surveilance tape. When shomrim saw it they knew who the perpetrator was and said "he is a nebach" we cant prosecute him. It will embarras the family. This man is still walking around - probably flashing other young girls. its really apprehensible. Shoimrim should care about our kids - not embarrasment to family members.

Yehuda S

" A 4 door black sedan" Not much of a description of the perpetrator to act upon. But has anyone in NYPD checked DMV records to see if Aron ever owned such a car. What color car did he rent? It may be a longshot but , with the way the facts in this case have developed, worth a try. Maybe the two victims should be shown pictures of Aron as he appeared three years ago.


You are leaving out a much more recent data point: the September 2010 shooting incident in which Shomrim members were following a suspected perv - who was previously reported to the police, yet there was no police record!

This flies in the face of thesis that reporting to the NYPD necessarily means that they will take effective action. If the time of death was late-Tuesday/wee hours Wednesday, didn't the police have plenty of time to review surveillence footage?

I think the powers that be have always had an axe to grind against the shomrim and they are using this incident to raise questions about the shomrim.

While you raise legitimate concerns, try to keep all sides honest.


What are the odds if the cops knew that aron is a child molester that they would of knocked on his door?

Am sure that cops know of SOME frum molesters,did they go check there for poor Lieby?


mesira schmesira... I'm not talking about a wake up call involving the police (who weren't even able to find Aron themselves)I'm talking about a community that is blindfolded, gagged and deaf and enjoys it that way.

reb chaim

This is an old, but still a very sad story. The degree of cooperation between the frum community in neighborghoods like Boro Park, Crown Heights, Williamsburg, etc. and the NYC Police Department leaves a lot to be desired. Countless incidents have been uncovered by the Shomrim and others and the names of the perpetrators never passed on to the municipal authorities. This is just the community's mindset which has been encouraged by their rabbonim. Some have said that maybe the Kletsky case will be a watershed moment and change this situation. But I doubt it. In a few months from now Leiby will be forgotten and things will return to where they always were. Don't report suspect perpetrators - turn them over to the batei dinim so that we don't wash our dirty laundry in public.


Go here and enter the zips for Boro Park - or any New York zip - and take a gander at the registered sex offenders. New York overflowith. http://criminaljustice.state.ny.us/SomsSUBDirectory/search_index.jsp

And these are only the ones who are complying with the law.

But still, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


why call Shomrim when we pay taxes to NYC.
- Jewish Prince

- seymour

I think he's talking about property taxes or other state taxes that pay for municipal stuff like the police.


How come the "wake up call" for the community didn't come after the five attempted abductions a year before actual abductions? This community will never wake-up. Bizarro.

Posted by: dh | July 21, 2011 at 12:34 PM

it still in a slumber

mesira is still taboo


How come the "wake up call" for the community didn't come after the five attempted abductions a year before actual abductions? This community will never wake-up. Bizarro.

What kind of  goyishe name is Harold z"l?

Keep the heat turned up high on this. Eventually the people will come to their senses and demand competent leaders that care at least as much about the children as they do about the money. I am hopeful but it is unfortunate that such tragedies must occur to start the ball rolling.


why call Shomrim when we pay taxes to NYC.

Posted by: Jewish Prince | July 21, 2011 at 11:44 AM



I have mentined this before

I play ball with a da who is involved in sex crimes in Brooklyn

now I am sure she was talking about these cases

there was dna evidence but destroyed by the so called Torah leaders of the frum community

the parent originally wanted to cooperate but then said

we cannot do to community leaders pressure and never handed over the dress with the dna.

and she said it was a Orthodox perpetrator since when it is not an Orthodox frum person cooperation is not a problem and they ask for a a full blown investigation arrest and sever punishment


Jewish Prince

why call Shomrim when we pay taxes to NYC.

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