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June 21, 2011


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He did not spit on her. He disrespected her, but he did not spit on her. And she was in the wrong for putting her arm around him in the first place. In these kinds of situations, laying a finger on a person of the opposing side can be construed as an assault. It seems to me she crossed the line first just to rile him up, and it worked.


she should not have touched him..
and he should prepare himself..to behave.. when gays can legally marry..


A.They are not officially Satmar they are the NK from monsey and williamsburg.
B.I did not see any spiting,although i wish they did spit on her.
C.If i saw correctly she placed her arm on one of the chasidim and he throw her off.
D.She did something very wrong when she touched one of their signs and stood with them showing off her sign.

Finally,she is a disgusting POS by wearing a talis asking for gays allowed to be wed



You seem to have no shame or red lines when it comes to bad mouth religious Jews. Your headline is false and misleading.

At no point in the video can it be seen that the Satmar spits at this “rabbi”.

She was clearly trying to rough up these Hassidim. She repeatedly pushes herself in directly in front of them, touching them several times.

She then proceeds to wrap her arm around a Satmar Hassid. Will you make excuses that it was “innocent”? don’t you think this “rabbi” knows that orthodox male Jews don’t have physical contact with women other then with their spouse or close relatives? (I guess that in her world it makes no difference since she has no attritions for males…)

She was clearly provoking them in the worst way possible. And what did he do? He brushed/her OFF HIM. All he wanted was for her to stop holding/touching him.

And that gets you this sensational headline…. Get a life.

Satmar Rebbe

She should not have touched him. All I saw was her trying to rile them up. She is clearly in the wrong in this Case and the video proves it.


in this case while what the chusid said was disgusting "you are not a Jew" (maybe instead of protesting he should go back to yeshiva and know a Jew is a Jew frum or not)she is in the wrong

what did she expect from the chusid, first if I am protesting and a counter protester put his or her hand on me I would be pissed off and push them off.

In addition she has to know that a chusid does not allow a woman to touch him in that manner or any manner.

so what was she thinking.

unfortunately, this chusid blew it by his reaction. he should of have said do not touch me but not say what he said. He showed what he is thinking at that is disgusting. his message right or wrong got lost


Why in the world would she touch him? She is guilty of battery. I would say he showed admirable restraint.


This woman gives all gays and lesbians a bad name.

She is a disgusting piece of shit. Whether you agree with Chasidim or not, they have a right to their religious views, as long as they don't bother you. And these Chasidim have never had a strange woman touch them. She had no business touching him.

These Chasisim had every right to stand there and protest, and also had every right to not have a strange woman touch them. She disrespected their religios freedoms, they have every right to disrespect her.

Aside from all this, to me it looked as a legitimate act of self defense on the Chasid's part, of getting her filthy hands off of him.

On top of all that, her smile is so creepy......


Cool! I hope she liked the taste of his spit.


I am surprised that the stench of these 'men' did not make her pass out.

I hope Sen. Diaz understands who he's getting himself into bed with (pun intended). Perhaps he should speak with some of the local politicians in the Squaresville region. He might as well hand over his soul.


I think they make a good couple who knows maybe one day she will have his baby


Definitely I see spiting, as for her putting her arm around his shoulder, well he kept pushing her, she just tried to show Jewish love and friendship, if the Chasid feels it is ok to push her, she has the right to show friendship with her arm around his shoulder.


See @ 0.54 seconds


Exactly when did Chastity Bono get s'micha?

Malach Hamovies

Maybe he would have been more comfortable if she molested him.


Maybe he would have been more comfortable if she molested him.



Why are these dumbasses always spitting? It's as if they have never gone beyond the mental age of 2 years old. Try that on someone who is not a frumbag, and they will kick the shit out of you or worse.

Morris the Katz

This video should be required viewing for all creationists, Jewish and Christian alike.

While it doesn't prove evolution takes place, it sure proves devolution does.


He most definitely did spit, several times. And his reaction to a woman touching him is very Talibanish.


Anyone in the Judaism business in the NY area knows that these guys are mentally ill neanderthals.
She had to have known that going in, and yet she seemed rattled when the frumbag shoved her and started spitting.
I hope she studies the tape and works on strategies for future encounters with the frumma savages.
I have no problem with her provoking a reaction from them; they don't deserve to be treated any better. She should have started laughing, singing and clapping when they went nuts.
In any event, I hope she brings some friends along next time to help her if the frumma get violent.
She did learn what sets them off- being touched. Next time, my dear, touch them o'plenty and start singing in your best soprano voice. And make sure the cameras are rolling! Have a can of pepper spray in your pocket, too.


Good advice, is pepper spray legal in NY?


If we are going to have lesbian rabbis, why can't they ever be really hot?


OMG, yes!




she knew who she was dealing with and yet touched the guy. sorry, but she got what she asked for.


++esther | June 21, 2011 at 08:16 PM++

A small price to pay to show thousands of viewers what mentally ill neanderthals the uber-ortho are.

This video is getting plenty of play on social media websites. Don't kid yourself. The frumma made asses out of themselves.

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum 1
Frumma cavemen 0


right on wsc you describe it perfectly, they are mentally ill very very ill,its mind buggling how humans can become this stupid like theese hassidim they make tottal asses of themselfs.


I can see the spit. I am pretty sure that spitting is just as much "assault" as putting an arm around someone is

Visting the sick

notice how Shmarya is not responding to any comments here.

Adam Neira


A video to throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Many issues raised e.g. Boundaries, sexuality, religion, marriage, law, civics, identity, use of space etc. I could use this to trigger discussion with certain people. Opening up the Pandora's Box is sometimes necessary. Always sitting on the fence is boring. People need to make decisions on important issues or nothing progresses. That's life.

Apikorus Al Ha'esh

Kudos to Sharon for outclassing these chasidishe assholes and proving she has more chutzpah in her little finger than they do in their entire bekeshes.

You wanna see a Jew with balls? Look no further than Sharon Kleinbaum.

Also, the NK shithead didn't even notice her arm was around him for a good couple of seconds. Maybe he enjoyed it.


She should be ashamed of herself. If I were there I would have gladly spat upon her.


I don't know what's worse for the normal Jews. Stinky, smelly hasidim or gruesome Jewish fagalas. Yeah, they both suck.


Love the gay pride tallit.


Posted by: Visting the sick | June 21, 2011 at 10:13 PM

Idiot he is providing you with the rope to hang yourself.

Sam The Man

I have to agree with with the Rabbi on this one. This lesbo freak should know that she can't just live any way she wants and do anythings she wants. Where does she think she lives? America?



r u the lesbian rabbi?

Doresh el HaMeisim

What's wrong with marrying a dog? What's wrong with polygamy?

Polygamy might help with the shidduch crisis, each Lakewood boy will marry 2 or 3 girls, get 3 nadan's and then send them off to work.

BTW, I would not waste 1 drop of my spittle on that piece of S... who calls herself "Rabbi". They want to sin, it is their problem, but legalizing it? OMG - they have no G-D.

See: http://discussions.godandscience.org/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=33568&start=30#p66577
These goyim have more common sense that our so called "liberal" G-Dless jews (no caps).

And besides if there is no religion, why not mate anybody you bump into, what for do you need marriage at all? Let someone explain to me what's the problem with sex free for all?

Forty Eighter


How come you are not covering the suspicious death of a 19 year old boy in vegas. His last name is the same as one of BML's accusers. It's certainly worth a look.


It was first thought to be a suicide and then ruled to be an accidental fall.

Not every accident or death is a crime, and not every accident or death is related to abuse.

If any actual evidence to the contrary turns up, I'll cover it.

But the haredi rumor mill?



ugly lesbo dike

heradi house

I salute the orthodox Jews who stood up against these sick fags and their evil acts.

heradi house

marriage between brothers and sisters,why not it will keep the wealth in the family. Then a woman will be able to marry ten men but a man will not be allowed to marry 10 women because its anti feministic. And of course why cant you then marry your pet dog as he will be entitled to free vet care on his husbands medical coverage. It dont matter if the dog is male or female after all it will be happening in the era of gay marriage.



OK, does it make sense for a guy to be Shomer Negiah with a lesbian? . . . Seriously, what is either one of them going to get from that? Spitting is assault, though. Was he arrested?


The hasids response is hilarious!
I don't see him spitting on her.She should not be touching him, especially knowing that hasidic men don't touch the opposite gender


The frumma already marry their cousins, so why not marry their sisters?
"these sick fags and their evil acts" sounds like you're talking about the frumma.


Why are these dumbasses always spitting? It's as if they have never gone beyond the mental age of 2 years old.

Posted by: effie | June 21, 2011 at 07:15 PM

There you go; you have your answer.


This is not the first time that Sharon, who is a woman of great chesed intention, has behaved in a way that marginalizes her. If anyone thinks that this is Sharon v. Chassidim; you need to look back at The New York Times reporting on how she could not even act with any diplomacy toward the Reform movement years ago regarding the Salute to Israel Parade.


The frumma already marry their cousins, so why not marry their sisters?

Posted by: WoolSilkCotton | June 22, 2011 at 04:22 AM

The inbreeding has been producing demonstrable problems for at least the past couple of generations - but, of course, that doesn't bother them. Because there is no such thing as genetics; that's a lie created by the frei scientists who are really just envious of the frum yidden and their lifestyle. All that really matters is that the woman goes to the mikvah, and that a cohen doesn't marry a convert or a divorcee. Just follow those simple rules, and the children will turn out all right.


All this obscenity and vulgar imagery directed towards Gay people by the supposedly "holy" religious people on this site. The very same people who often defend rabbis who are child molesters.

So in your sick evil minds, if a Rabbi presses his penis against a little boy or girl's anus without penetration- he has done nothing wrong. But if a woman touches another woman's genitalia she is the object of violent scorn.

Thanks again for validating my rationale for leaving Orthodrek Judaism.


I was on a jury here (Canada) not that long ago and the judge explained the Canadian law to us very clearly (and gave us a written sheet) and without doubt putting that arm around him was assault and battery (at least by the laws here) as clearly it was intentional. If they just happened to touch otherwise (which is not at all clear in what I could see that they did) during "jostling" in a crowd, that would not be considered assault for the same reason it is not assault in a crowded bus.

And clearly the alleged "spitters" were aiming at the floor, in a "poohing" motion and there I saw no actual visible spit.


I wish we would learn to treat each other with respect...regardless of our beliefs. The hateful comments I see here from both sides is very sad.

moshe gross

"Spits On" - wrong again. He spat on the floor in front of her, not on her!!!!


Without justifying the overreaction, Heeb considers it more newsworthy that Rabbi Kleinbaum was out of line.



For those who maintain that he did not spit on the woman and instead spit on the floor. He's inside a public building and should be arrested and made to scrub the floors. What disgusting behavior.

Shmarya is a douche

Shmarya, you piece of filth. When you're rotting in hell at least you'll have this dirt bag bitch to keep you company.



I saw no spit. I used the word "poohing", which mean making "P" sounds with the lips.


george: Then you better tell that to your fellow frummies since they are insisting that he spat on the floor.


he really said "youre not a Jew"? Assuming she was born to a Jewish mother, that is not only incorrect, it furthers a radical misunderstanding of halacha and Jewish identity, one that lots of folks, including lots of Orthodox folks are constantly trying to overcome. How ironic, someone claiming to defend the integrity of halacha, is in fact spreading ignorance about halacha.


looking at the video, looks everyone was jostling, pushing, and generally acting rude. I dont think anyone is innocent here, or anyone would have a cause of action in a secular court.


interesting that a J street type and the NK can't get along. Makes me glad I'm a Zionist.


So you'd rather be in the company of Zionist Rabbis like Dov Lior who call for the extermination of all "foreigners" living in Israel?


From The Jewish Religion: A Companion, published by Oxford University Press.

" The Evil Eye (ayin ha-ra) is often defined as the ability to bring about evil results by a malicious gaze. In most cultures the belief is prevalent that some human beings have the power of sending destructive rays, so to speak, in order to cause harm to those of whom they are envious or otherwise dislike.

Development of the Concept

The concept of the evil eye seems to have come about in stages in Jewish thought. Originally, in the Mishnah, for example, the "evil eye" simply denoted that its possessor could not bear with equanimity the good fortune of others. In this sense the term is used in contrast to the "good eye," the possessor of which enjoys seeing others happy and successful.

But, especially in the Babylonian Talmud, the notion developed that some persons do have this kind of baneful power and there are a number of superstitious practices to ward off the harmful effects of the evil eye, for example, spitting out three times when a person seems to be at risk.

Today some people, when praising others, will add: "let it be without the evil eye" (in the Yiddish form, kenenhora), meaning I do not intend my praise to suggest that I am enviously casting a malevolent glance."

From the point of view of the primitive and superstitious peoples such as chassidim (in whose fearful semi magic world devils and evil spirits are conjured up which can turn people into a heap of bones by means of a glance), the spitting should be understood as an act of self defence against the evil eye rather than an insult directed at others.

From a rational point of view it is better that someone spits in another's face by way of assault than spits on the floor to ward of the evil eye. The former is a expression of violent anger, the latter suggests mental and social retardation which is a far greater burden to bear than being unable to manage one's anger.


"So you'd rather be in the company of Zionist Rabbis like Dov Lior who call for the extermination of all "foreigners" living in Israel?"

we also have our makhloikes, which are repeated everyday in the newspapers. There is a meme abroad, among some naive leftists, and some muslims, that NK represents the true liberal Judaism that has been perverted by Zionism. That is abundantly false, and needs to be countered at every step.

There are zionists I disagree strongly with, esp on the right (i disagree with some doves, including some actual Zionists within J street, but respect them more, usually). But they are fringes among zionists - the core, both among the Israeli public, and amcha in the diaspora, is a range from sane right to sane left. I dont see a core like that among the antizionists - at most you get leftists who arent so filled with hate, because they are mostly apathetic, or haredim who keep their antizionism more quiet.


This is ridiculous. She constantly jumps in front of the men, touches them, and put her arm around a chassid?? She's out of her mind. She deserved whatever she got and more.


And he deserves to be arrested for not only spitting in public but spitting on the floor of a public building. He's not only disgusting but he is also a public health hazard.

Friar Yid


Finally,she is a disgusting POS by wearing a talis asking for gays allowed to be wed

Oh please. I'm sure if she had done the same thing while not wearing a tallis you'd be just as crotchety.


Is Sen Diaz,going to tell everyone how proud he is to be on the side of these folks who are militantly antizionist and who consort with the govt of Iran?



I think he is complaining that the tallis itself has progay rights symbolism. if not, his comment is far more objectionable than I read it.


Dishonest Reporting: How failedmessiah.com failed to report the truth of events taking place this week in Albany.

Yochanan Lavie

I used to know Sharon Kleinbaum. When I knew her, she was honest and sincere, but a bit self-righteous. Obviously, it's atrocious that she was spat upon.


I attend CBST. I'm a trans woman and a convert who stands a good foot and a half taller than Rabbi Kleinbaum. I'd like to see someone try that when I'm around - I know she disavows violence, but I'm really not opposed to intimidating these pigs if that's the kind of tactic they resort to.

Even so, her good nature outshines the worst they can do, and it should be an example to me and to everyone as well.

Jeff 3

I think they're all a little cuckoo. Signed, your friendly atheist

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