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June 03, 2011


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Documentary Dude

The links from the documentary trailer is not showing for me.


They should get child molester Sammy Borger to produce it. It would be a great work of fiction like his previous productions about how his abused son "lost his balance and fell off a hotel balcony."


There are a series of recently released videos depicting the door-to-door solicitation of funds. I don't know how sincere these people are about the cause, or if they are paid professional fund-raisers.

Anyway, there are four at this Youtube user account:

and one here:

It seems a custom in NYC for cheeky fundraisers to sport hokey ID cards hanging from a strap around their necks.





The bankrupt family is putting out some expensive films.


Finally a Documentary film about this saga
Can't wait to see this


Hey Shmarya,Brown has a good idea, we should get together with Michael Moore and make a real documentary, we'd have to make a whole series, this is bigger than anyone truly imagines. WE could start it from the very beginning of Postville, the start of Agri in 1989. Oh the information that I know!! Maybe it could make up for all the money that he stole from me and cheated me out of.Now here's an idea that I love.


Is Mr. Rubashkin kidding when he says he thinks they were good citizens until this very one day? What does he think he was doing for the past 20 years? Does anyone realize that Leah stating that his father begged him to come off of shliachus to work for the company is a lie, they were thrown out of Georgia by New, they could not get along, SMR wanted to take over and New would not let, just another lubavitcher political shliach diaster. It was only then did he get offered a job in the butcher shop in Brooklyn and then in Iowa by the family. No one begged him.


Is this the Michael Moore Doc that was announced a while ago?


Guilty or not, this looks good...


NEITHER,it should be listed in the comedy section, just another propaganda to raise the funds they need to live on. You see they have to keep up finding new reasons to raise money, maybe all the politicians they have in their pocket csn give back they money given to them to speak on their behalf, Judge Reade did not find smr guilty, the jury did, let him do the time, he did all the crimes plus the ones they don't know about.

Yitro Tull

Will this be listed as Docufiction or Mockumentary on Netflix?

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