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June 17, 2011


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+++First of all, Sage is not a credible source for this or anything else.+++

Hi Shmarya,

I take issue with this assertion on your part.

I simply passed on to this blog what some other blogger posted, be it true or not or even relevant.

I posted this to try to make a point that SMR is, most likely, still a flight risk.

This does not make me not credible on anything I have posted for almost the past seven years on this blog or on future postings I may make.

I am as imperfect as are all who post here, but perfection should not be a requirement for credibilty.



First of all, Sage is not a credible source for this or anything else.

Secondly, even if it happened, it would not be ex parte communication.

He says someone from Rubashkin's 'camp' warned the judge.

That means one of two very simple things that normally intelligent non-trolls can easily grasp happened if Sgae's fairy tale is true:

1. Rubashkin's camp spoke to the judge without notifying the prosecution, which would mean the only possible issue would be if the prosecution objected.

2. The judge was informed of a crime in progress. (Yes, moron, planning = in progress.) She would then notify the FBI, who would investigate. If the information was found credible, she would then notify both the defense and the prosecution.

Either way, there was no exparte communication.

Now I told you to hit the road, and I mean it.

I've had more than enough of your lies, your trolling and your stupidity.



The way you tell it sounds like ex-parte communication took place, and this time it is clearly not "just logistics".


Yes. Lots.


I can't downloand it. Does it have exhibits?


PACER will only charge for 30 pages or $2.40. However, most of these documents are broken down into segments. So, for example, you can have a document broken down into 6 segments which would be $2.40 x 6. The costs really do add up very quickly.



Your credibility on the above post is suspect.


+++Posted by: norm | June 17, 2011 at 12:16 PM+++

Norm is correct that the Motion to Grant Bail will be denied.

And the following came up in a past thread, concerning the appeal to Judge Linda Reade to grant bail to SMR after his conviction, prior to his sentencing.

One of the bloggers learned, from a confidential souce, that an informant in the Rubashkin camp passed on to Judge Reade, that there were plans in place to permit SMR to flee, immediately upon being granted bail.

IMHO, these same plans are still in place.

Whether or not this knowledge, in any way, influenced Judge Reade will never be known.

And whether or not the St. Louis court is aware of this will also never be known.



Federal court documents are capped at 2.40 a document. That's the max they charge. Are you claiming you paid more?

Posted by: lamdan | June 19, 2011 at 07:57 AM


And they are not capped at $2.40.



Federal court documents are capped at 2.40 a document. That's the max they charge. Are you claiming you paid more?


It is amazing how much money is being pissed away on Lewin for an uncertain result. Yet a simple prayer of repentance could spring and restore him.



I am not sure you understood the question. Yes, he travelled all sorts of places. But he claims that he was driven by others because he himself had no license. From where do you know that he drove himself?



They cost .08 per page.

Some documents bundled with other documents are occasionally free, and I think judge's rulings are free.

This document is 219 pages. Some of it was free. Most was not.


It's not expensive. They never cost more then 2.40. I'm afraid Shmarya didn't pay for it. If yes he would know its cheap. That is not tp say one should not actively support this blog.. but dont bait and switch here..




Thanks Itchie, best regards, and a Gutten Shabbos to you and all the FM crew.


I'm with you WSC. Good Shabbos.


++itchiemayer | June 17, 2011 at 12:28 PM++

I'm sure the answer is yes.

Considering how the orthodox slam Obama in every one of their publications every day, it will take one heck of a 'contribution' to get a pardon. Also, granting such a pardon- and the revelation by any Republican opponent as to the underlying $$$ that resulted in the pardon- would be political suicide during a campaign.

Bill and Hillary made it happen because the Skverer Mafia Rebbe paid her off during her campaign in NY State, and Bill was on his way out of the White House. Bill had nothing to lose. And it wasn't for the lousy 2,000 bloc votes. Hillary won by 831,580 votes. There must have been a ton of money given to her by the Skverer.

Aleksandr Sigalov

666 (walnut st)... maybe Christians are right in their assumptions about connection between evil and this particular number ;)


what's this about? do you have to pay to download the motion?

Yes. And it adds up.


As long as the money keeps flowing from sources such as:


there will be motions for bail filed. Its only money. At the end of the pdf file are copies of all the Rubashkin bail denials, and a newspaper clipping about how bail was given for Dominique Strauss-Kahn. "If Strauss-Kahn was given bail, why not Rubashkin"? Well, Strauss-Kahn has not been convicted or even tried yet. Mr. Rubashkin also got out on bail before his trial, once trustee Joseph Sarachek took over control of the plant and presumably made it impossible for Mr. Rubashkin to enter the offices and destroy documents.

So, the crook's fund is paying three, yes three, law firms to submit yet another request for bail.


Itchi-about lunch at Simon Kohn's next week. Its on me?

As I said its a guess.


"• This is an expensive document relative to how these documents are priced. By all means, download it and read it. But if you can afford to contribute something towards it, that would be very much appreciated.

what's this about? do you have to pay to download the motion?


I am missing something here, but if he has been found guilty, then shouldn’t he be in prison?

From the federal point of view, I think it is much better for someone like that to be in prison as he is much more able to practice his religion, especially the bit about keeping the laws of the country that you live in. He has shown that he finds this very difficult to keep outside prison. Surely, we should be doing all we can to help him keep that part of the Jewish religion.


So based on Norm's comments, is the orthodox community prepared to sell its soul to the devil in order to win a pardon for SMR.


Defendants are rarely granted bail by the trial Court especially if there is a long sentence because of the flight risk issue which is greater if there is a long sentence. Here the District Court denied bail andthe court of Appeals is unlikely to grant it. If it does, an inference can be then drawn that the Court of Appeals is going to modify or reverse the judgment of the Trial Court in the case in chief.

I've got a theory which is just a guess-and that that the Frum community is getting ready to approach President Obama for a pardon clemency or commutation of the sentence-maybe in advance of the 2012 election which could be very close especially. Some of the pleadings in this case may be crafted toward that end.

Remember that President Clinton issued some very controversial pardons during his term including those for Marc Rich and some frum fraudsters. Many people thought those pardons were granted not because of meritorious mercy but because of politcal and contribution issues.


I skimmed the first few pages of the transcript and noticed that Rubashkin claims not to have a driver's license. Does anyone know if he had a driver's license before the raid and it was taken away, or did he never have a license?

What kind of  goyishe name is Harold z"l?

Do they normally grant bail in such cases? My only knowledge is from TV and movies where I always see an already jailed convict stay in jail during the process(es).

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