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June 16, 2011


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Adam Neira


"If I can't eat meat..."

Adam Neira


I think I saw PITA protesting cruelty to chickpeas down at the hummus stand at the local delicatessen yesterday. If PITA and PETA get together all hell will break loose. I think we should use the old divide and rule tactic on both of them. If I can't meat or vegetables what is left ? No way I'm going to join their fruitarian commune.

The Union of Self Hating Jewish Pieces of Human Garbage

I hope the 'court' doesn't condem the PITA folks to die and come back as bloggers.


Peta is made up of militant vegans who want to outlaw the consumption of meat and other animal products such as cheese. And ice cream. That's their bottom line.

Actually, they don't want to outlaw meat or cheese, etc.

The DO want the world to become vegan, and they do want to see the end of animal slaughter and animal-based products, but they want people to choose to become vegan.

Their lobbying efforts are mainly to advocate for animal welfare laws - usually laws to go after animal abusers, stiffer penalties for processing centers that violate existing laws, etc. But I don't think that you'll find that PETA is pushing any laws to ban the consumption sale or production of meat in the US or elsewhere.

They're not trying to outlaw meat. If anything they want to get people to give up meat and choose to outlaw it themselves. And that won't happen until they convince more than the majority of people to go vegan. And you know quite well that won't happen any time soon.


Socialist tyrants equals WRONG

Nice try, just throwing the word "socialist" in there for no reason at all.

the world is for people first, animals second.

Well, the animals were here first. The only reason it is for "us first" now is because we took it from them. If we're intelligent enough to "take" the world from the animals, we should be intelligent enough to understand that we share the world with them, we don't own it.

Aleksandr Sigalov

I would think that a death sentence against an animal would require a Sanhedrin of 23; if so, either the Rabbis are ignoramuses or the story is spurious.

And that is based on which verses of the Law of Moses?!


Typical Jewcentric shtiss. The Hindus have been around a very long time, dude.


Some of the posters here are so pathetic - seriously, using this story to bash orthodox Jews. Get a grip. FYI: Reincarnation is a Jewish concept. Chances are Hindus got it from us.


Reminds one of the witch trials where they put black cats and such on trial in a court before hanging them.


Thanks, sage. Good to see you are alive and well.
Bli Daas, an EXCELLENT take that should go viral.Death sentence by stoning for a dog. Excellent. The holy rollers can and do interpret Jewish law any way they like without impunity.


If this is true, then the heimische world had gone completely off the deep end...I run like crazy away from these people's influence.


+++ Posted by: yidandahalf | June 17, 2011 at 05:37 AM +++

Hi Y&1/2,

GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could not be said any better.

Chamor Bli Daas

I would think that a death sentence against an animal would require a Sanhedrin of 23; if so, either the Rabbis are ignoramuses or the story is spurious. (Of course, nothing indicates that the dog had done anything wrong.)

Morris the Katz

Peta is made up of militant vegans who want to outlaw the consumption of meat and other animal products such as cheese. And ice cream. That's their bottom line.

As far as this dog is concerned, nothing happened. As usual, PETA is barking up the wrong tree, and is making a fool out of itself in the process (along with the rabbis).


Perhaps if the holy roller corrupt politicos disguised as corrupt "rabbis" had honored their pledge of abandoning their old trusty shackle and hoist, this would not have happened. That is, another avenue of dialogue could have been opened. But no, as usual the holy rollers are a law unto the themselves and are above and beyond any such committments even when it involves honoring their own promises and words.


Peta is not made up of left-wing Jew haters. It is entirely apolitical and in fact, many members are JEWS. The animal rights movement itself is made up of a disproportionatley large number of yidden. When a message needs to be sent or action needs to be motivated, Peta often is the catalyst. They get the job done. You may not like Peta per se but again, they get the job done. There can be no justification for stoning a dog, or ripping the throats out of cows no matter what kind of foul mood one is in that day or how hungry one is. These matters need to be addressed and Peta is usually the only entity that steadfastly addresses them and does not fall by the wayside and give up in the process.


In Israel, due to fear of rabies, stray dogs and cats are usually rounded up very quickly. Animal control should have been called. Hashem gave the dog a special position in our world via vie us, his ultimate creaton and that is to be our companion, protector of our home and family and the ability to service in hospitals to visit the sick who it has been proven perk up when these loving creatures come by.

Usually strays dogs will approach humans because they have a homing beacon to us thanks to the creator. They would prefer to be in our company then without it even if they could find food on a regular basis in trashbins. Dogs have been known to travel great distances to find their owner and will lie on the owners grave in mourning.

What bunch of pond scum these people are.


The rabbinical court did NOT sentence the dog to death. They said that stones should be thrown at it to drive it away.

Haredi House

PETA are a bunch of left wing Jew haters and are more concerned that the arabs dont use donkeys to blow up Jews. The donkeys are more human than Jews to these PETA racists.

Adam Neira

Stray dogs are a problem all around the world. Go to India and see how the canines are treated there. Too many people let dogs breed like rabbits excuse the mixed metaphor. Dogs are also domesticated animals that have thrived due to human progress. Because of my traditional stance I think it is healthy and wise to round up stray animals like cats and dogs and dispose of them humanely. The point with this story is that the Rabbis may have just said to the kids to toss some stones in the dog's direction to get him to move on. This is a very different scenario than one out of "The Stoning of Soraya M." The point about the reincarnation idea is bizarre and may show if true that toxic groupthink can develop in certain leadership cliques over time. It is one of the reasons I have always attempted to relate to as many types of different people as possible. I also like trying to work out people's frame of reference and how to "connect" to them. PETA are specialists at capitalizing on a certain mindset. If they are willing to change their philosophy I will reconsider them. The fauna of the world have a special place and cruelty can never be justified. Happy to say Australia is a very advanced place in it's treatment of animals. Just recently there was a major brouhaha regarding the slaughter of live cattle exports in Indonesia. Anyway getting off track slightly. I really think the city of Jerusalem needs the presence of a wise counsellor right now.

Proton Soup

reincarnation? i don't get it. is there some link between judaism and hinduism that i've missed? are the tribes simply castes?

charlie runkel

let me guess peta is pro choice like the same guy that is pushing for the anti circumcision bill in sf


Seymour -

did you NOT read the post? Let me be clearer:

Charedim equals WRONG - shouldn't torture/kill dogs
Socialist tyrants equals WRONG - the world is for people first, animals second.
Derech HaZav equals CORRECT! kindness to animals - except when humanity at risk.



Posted by: FrumButSentient | June 16, 2011 at 09:45 PM

so issue with a beais din telling people to stone a dog

tzar baal hchaim out the window


I LOVE this! You just CAN'T BUY BETTER ENTERTAINMENT! The only thing more self-serving, more hypocritical, more delusional, and more controlling than the self-righteous Right is the Looney Tunes Left! I'm tellin' ya; PRICELESS!

Maybe we can call it even by first making the Av Beis Din have sex with the dog, and then making the PETA People eat the dog!


and i think PETA should be charged for incitement against humanity

Posted by: Shmuel Dovid Rokeach | June 16, 2011 at 08:26 PM

you should be happy that someone is helping yiddin not to commit tzar baal hachaim since the rebbies think that is does not apply anymore.

evidence of that is the srteamel a cruel curl article of clothing for no good reason yet many animals have to suffer to make one.

explain to me how it is ok to be ovar an dearasi to perform a tradition at best


I'm on the side that says PETA has lost it.

If they had stoned and killed the dog, ok. But he only "called" for the stoning and I have heard of no injury to the dog.

People have thrown rocks at dogs to run them off forever, since when is that a crime? You don't even have to hit the dog, just land it close to him and it'll scare them away.

Maybe you have to wait for the dog to attack? Self-Defense?

If he had killed or injured the dog, that would be a whole new ballgame.


shmuel dovid- you are mentally disturbed go get help before youre taken into an insane asylem peta is 100 per cent right beyond a shaddow of a doubt, theese moronic rabbis have absolutly no shame they are less then an animal in my eyes a dog has more common sense then they do.


In my opinion, PETA is sexist, dishonest, ignorant and prejudiced against many people including fat people, and I don't like their tactics. They also don't seem to let nutritional requirements or honest nutritional information get in the way of their desire to convert the world to veganism. I'm not a dietician or nutritional therapist, I'm just speaking from my own experience with and observation of the organization.


They've got a point. I think it's a good idea. I'm apalled at witnessing what the Charedim and egomaniacal Rabbis are doing - not just in Israel anymore, but in the US as well now. It has to stop. It's insane, it's embarassing, it's tragic and disheartening.


Doesn't it stand for "People Eating Tasty Animals?"


@Betzalel | June 16, 2011 at 08:39 PM



And if PETA keeps this up, their leaders will be reincarnated in the same way.

Adam Neira

More information is required. Stoning of a dog is uncalled for, but I am no friend of PETA due to their anti-humanistic mindset and inversion of the Genesis principle that "G-d gave man dominion over the fauna, flora and minerals of the Earth".


PETA is completely justfied in pursuing this action.

Maybe, while they are at it, they can petition the USDOJ to file the long awaited RICO charges against the RCF, the OU, KAJ, Rabbi Weissmandl and others, associated with the Agriprocessors Ciminal Scandal.


this is the first time ever that i actually agree with PETA.


Shmuel Dovid Rokeach

and i think PETA should be charged for incitement against humanity

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