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June 13, 2011


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@concerned: Ad hominem much?


yudel your a twisted sick soul! to say that about a jew who isnt in this world.... take your meds and shut your mouth..you know nothing of rav kahane or about being a jew..you just hide behind a screen with ur chulent stained shirt.and fondle yourself to porn... mind your own

former masmid

Not sure Sharon was any better than Kahane though..


According to CNN Nosair was convicted in the second trial of the murder of Kahane:



Maybe the only good news in this is some more bad guys will get on the radar. But at least Kahane is dead. Here was a man filled with evil, hatred, murder, lied, had a secret life and threatened anyone who got in his way.

ergo proxy

“A defendant has no right to present perjured testimony,” “and Nosair can hardly invoke the court’s aid to vacate his conviction based on such a claim.”

End of appeal.

Russian PhD

Important correction: El-Sayyid Nosair was convicted in numerous crimes, including the murder, during his 1994 trial for his role in 1993 WTC bombing. However, he was acquitted in his 1991 trial for Kahane’s murder. So, he was never legally convicted in the causing of Kahane’s death, despite he acknowledged it later.


So now he claims (in the rest the of article) that they "were preparing to fight the Soviet forces in Afghanistan." That is not relevant whether true or false. Mutiple objectives are not mutually exclusive. The question is whether there were additional motives. The following quote from Nosair's original defence attorney is found in "William M. Kunstler: the most hated lawyer in America" by David J. Langum page 322:

"If Nosair did kill Kahane, it was a political assassination. And political assassination of the right person is not something that I would always describe as wrong. Defending an individual accused of killing a man such as Kahane can be viewed as a positive act because Kahane's racism and fundametalism had the potential for interfering with peace negotiations between Arabs and Jews."

So much for the leftists' regard for the rule of law. And implicit in the following disguised admission is that he managed to assemble a jury that was like-minded:


And just for the fun of it, there is this ("Sharon was Kahane killer's target")

And this is the irony. Had Nosair asassinated Sharon (who at the time was considerably more famous and powefule as anti-Arab) then what would have happened to the Gaza-pullout in 2005?


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