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June 15, 2011


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Jorge Torres Puello

I was sentenced to 17 months not 3 years

Jorge Torres Puello

You are all bastards. I am free since 2011. After all that bullcrap. You are all leading to Averah.


Who is claiming Jewish routes?


No light
It is not uncommon for people with a mental or phsycotic disorder to diagnose others with it.
I doubt you are a doctor so I guess that is where you get it from.
What I have noticed on this blog is, that when ever someone comes with proof to the defend Chareidim, the defenseless anti-Charedi group, starts questioning the defender's mental state.
It is pretty obvious that when they get called out, and have no answer, they try to attack the questioner personaly.
So No Light who will never see the light has just again personally attacked me.

No Light

LH- I'm genuinely wondering if you've been diagnosed with any schizoaffective disorders? Your paranoia and word-salad ramblings are classic. If you're not schizophrenic, or suffering another mental illness with schizoid features, then you're doing a very good impression of someone who is.

I feel sad for you, no wonder you always seem so confused and angry.


Reading his memoirs.
He writes he was inspired by a website called Failed Messiah, which says Chareidim are criminals & cover up for each other. He grew a beard , put on a kippa, & decided he will be a chareidi. Being of Spanish origin, he could even Justify it, that his routes 500 years prior were Spaish Jewrey.
They were very nice to him, didn't even suspect he was a goy, and he started with his crimes, then he saw Chareidim are a law binding society unlike he had seen anywhere else. They wouldn't tolerate his crime, and his fake Chareidism, so they assisted the authorities in having him caught. .Well, when the stint failed he shaved of his beard & took of his Kippa, changed his ancestory, and became a Goy again.
Now he is mad at Shmaryahoo for 2 reasons;
One Shmaryahoo still looks at him as a chareidi & reports his crimes. He isn't even a Jew let alone Chareidi.This may harm the next criminal who pretends to be a Chareidi.
Second problem,Shmaryahooo lied he said all Chareidim are criminals, and they cover up crime that was proven untrue, and now he is in deep trouble. Shmaryahooo he may sue you when he gets out.


In spite of his beard & Kippa he isn't even Jewish.
He claims to be decended from Spanish anusim, & tried to steal a whole community complex in S. America.
He is definatly not a Chareidi, unless Shmaryahooo has found Goishe Chareidim, who are criminals. If so maybe he will start posting Loshon hora on Goyishe Chareidim, so far this is the only one I have heard of, and the imposter Floyd AKA Levi in Lakewood a few years back.
So not bad last 4 of this type ofcriminal over here were not Chareidim, let alone Jewish.
DSK form the IMF.[maybe his current wife is Jewish, but I think he has married out B4]
Anthony Weiner [married to Muslim]
Moshe Greenstein [married to Jenifer Jackson].
Thank you Shmaryahoo for pointing out what type of people look to marry out of the faith, and that these crimes don't happen any where near as much in the chareidi community,so you have to dig them up from outside & then tie the knots to make a Chareidi connection, like Weiner's letter for rubashkin.
I think you are either begining to realize it is time to do tshuvah. You saw the Chofetz Chaim worked for Rubashkin so far, and may work for you to find a shidduch & make some Torah kids.
You also are scrambeling for chareidi scandel & not finding it to post one a week so as not to bankrupt your business you suffice with Jewish scandel. When that runs out you take those who claim Jewish routes 500 years ago, and can't even prove it.


Pimp, mass kidnapper, fugitive from justice, possible sex slavery trafficker. He should be rotting in a Haitian prison for a LOT longer than he's getting.

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