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June 21, 2011


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A seventeen year old boy and a fourteen year old girl pulled off a legitimate Torah marriage here in Israel - without any rabbi present or assisting them. That doesn't make them qualified as to sit as judges on a rabbinic court. The presence of the "rabbi" at a wedding is to assure that all is done correctly and in accordance with Judean law, but a layman can pull it off if he knows what he's doing, as in the case of the two (legal) minors.

western jew

If a Reform or Conservative Rabbi can indeed make a marriage a Torah Marriage with a full Torah standing, then they can in my sight also confer the spiritual equivalent of being jewish to a convert. I have struggled with this issue and this is my opinion today. Those who convert under the R or C synagogues are indeed Jewish. Worry about educating them instead.

Alter Kocker

Mr Yishai, why not tattoo the Reform or Conservative converts so that you can continue your war of discrimination against them. Why not segregate them? Oh wait, that has already been tried.


The other "secret" indicator, the Hebrew DOB (wink, wink, no one will ever know...), will continue to appear - as it does now - only on the IDs of Israelites and those who converted "Orthodox."


why not just have the Jews that they accept wear a yellow star on their cloth


It's actually a ploy to make sure that people with IDs issued prior to 2002 who are weary to switch to a new ID because the word "Judean" will be removed will now relent and renew their IDs thus assuring that everyone switches over to the upcoming Big Brother biometric ID system. It has nothing to do with "branding" anyone, it's quite selective to those who already have it on their IDs and won't give it up.

who knows

JJG, most Arab citizens of Israel, unfortunately are rooting for elimination of Israel. The converts on the other hand are loyal citizens of the country. Do you see any difference? How blind you could be to make this statement?

Satmar Rebbe

Is he is decent Sefardi or $ephardic? What a lying piece of trash. He ain't Jewish to me. Throw the A-hole out


How about two values for nationality

"Israeli subject to conscription" which would include secular jews, MO and R and C Jews, russians and converts of uncertain status, and Druze arabs


"Israeli but NOT subject to conscription" which would include non-Druse Arabs, and Haredim.


Y'know, maybe if Jews had been more insistent on the ideal that the State couldn't discriminate against its Arab citizens, it'd be taken for granted that the State couldn't discriminate against any group of its Jewish citizens, either.


honestly i cannot see why the haredim made an issue of this - its not like they were marrying reform/conservative jews either way

there should be a proclamation with lots of sources and examples by the non haredi jew world proclaiming that the haredim are not practicing judaism; rather some twisted paganistic spin off religion


Just like in Germany (1930's).
May God save Israel from the lunatics who
call themselves religious.


Muslims have more rights in Israel than converts to Judaism.

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