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May 10, 2011


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I know Abe Friedman believe or not he was my chavresa in the Satmar Yeshiva, he was always a decent human being. As for the publication of the doctored photo I am positive that he is ashamed of it, we all make mistakes, and with the fact that as people get older and they are now part of the leadership in the community they tend to get more conservative in their approach to religiosity, so I try to understand him.


Perhaps we can all agree on the following:

1. Your daily actions, even the routine ones, could end up having incredible repercussions. You could end up on every news program in the world, just for some routine task. Be careful and thoughtful about everything you do. The world may be watching!

2. The concept of tznius started off as a good idea, but some folks seem to have taken it too far. Not publishing any pictures of any women seems rather extreme. Maybe the religious world needs to rethink whether this is a bit much. Perhaps recent events can serve as a wakeup call.

3. Altering a photo containing women, especially a photo that is well known, should not be done unless you are honest to your audience about what you did.

Can I get an 'amen' from the congregation? Deremes, when you return in the morning, can we at least agree on these 3 points?


Posted by: WoolSilkCotton | May 10, 2011 at 08:09 PM

Positively, I agree with your three points, but I do not think that even for one second that the leadership in the Charedi community will take a second look at their view of Torah. It will not happen. It is no different from the Taliban; I am not talking about their action but their extremism in unwilling to move with the time, no question that both groups need a reformation to change their trajectory.


OMG, I feel the same way.

For the time being, I am trying to reach out to some of the people here on FM who are trying desperately to defend the indefensible. I feel the pain and cognitive dissonance that Deremes must feel. Perhaps reaching some common ground may promote healing.

Alex is just a silly Baal Tshuvah hack, probably at Hadar Hatorah in Crown Heights (been there, done that in the 1970's), and so I don't take his junk too seriously. Having once been like him, I can understand his current mindset, and so I can't bring myself to be too hard on him.

As we've learned from recent events, even a small action can have big consequences. I am hoping that an effort at peace, even among a few anonymous faceless bloggers, will be a good thing.


All I can say is that photoshop is better than when I was in yeshiva, in those days they clipped out every picture of a woman (including elderly ones) and it was impossible to read the articles on the other side of the page. So thank you to technology.
Did their graphics guy learn to do this at Touro, or was he an old Stalinist (they were good at removing people from pics as well)? Just wondering.


For all you jew-haters out there, consider Hugh Hefner your Rabbi. Hes jewish too. Thats where the Reform community leads to.

Ah, if only Reform Judaism really led to the Playboy Mansion...

I happen to think Hefner's an intelligent man with bright ideas, & I am glad he's around making our world a better place.

He won legal battles over freedom of the press. He champions non censure-ship of cinema. No woman featured in his magazine ever complained of being coerced or pressured into it. Quite a few had highly successful careers after they posed.

A generation of boys & men who bought Playboy for the pictures were exposed to articles written by the finest authors of our day. I have no problem with Playboy or with Hefner.

The nudes in Playboy represent an ideal of beautiful women. Artists have painted nude women for centuries. The vast majority of people of both sexes across all cultures view the beautiful representation of women as an homage to them.

You find the female form distracts you from infusing your life with piousness? You, you, you. It's all about you? Guess what? NO IT ISN'T. Get over yourself.




Posted by: JEW | May 10, 2011 at 11:32 PM

The problem is not with us, we know that we all make mistakes, but in your mind, you and your ilk think that your Rabbis are infallible, well this goes to show that even your Rabbis are human.

Yoel Mechanic

Colberts sketch was wonderful and delightful. He was making gentle fun of silly people, and the silly things it leads too. Key point is that these silly people are PEOPLE. He did not dehumanize them. Some good might even come of this if it causes the newspaper clippers to re-think their philosophy. I think good will come of this.

Contrast this to the dehumanizing and rancid mockery often seen on this blog. That sort of banal banter will only alienate the target.

For the frum world, this comedy is good news. First they are laughing at us, but eventually we can laugh together.

Secondly, this photoshopping Hillary is mild stuff, and hardly any harm to her done. Nor does this degrade women, but rather is a symptom of a pre-existing problem (NOT a cause) Newspapers like the NY Times have caused far greater harm in recent years with mislabeled pictures of mob scenes in Israel intended to make it look like Israeli police were beating Arabs when in fact is was an Arab mob beating an innocent and the police chasing the violent one away. Or that photoshopped picture fraudulently exaggerating the bombing attack of Israel on Lebanon. These were either gross incompetence indicating prejudice or more likely malicious intent. Real damage was done. Compared to these, this Yiddish newspaper is mild stuff.

And Colbert is handling it all excellently. And the audience is reacting with good natured humor too. It is not mean spirited. I see no harm here.


++gentiles of the world don't really want to mix with Jews++

Deremese, Have you already forgotten whom Hillary's daughter married?

++many people in the non-Jewish world understands and respects...++

In the 18th century London, people used to go to Bethlam Royal Hospital to stare at the lunatics. For a penny one could peer into their cells, view the freaks of the "show of Bethlehem" and laugh at their antics. Entry was free on the first Tuesday of the month. In 1814 alone, there were 96,000 such visits.

By the mid 19th century this practice stopped when people realised it was wrong to mock the afflicted. That does not mean that the inmates in the lunatic asylum suddenly became respected.

The fact that people do not generally mock the Ultra orthodox does not mean that they are respected. Who can respect anyone who believes that the world in less then 6000 years old, or that Noah's flood actually happened, or that it is right to put people to death for making a fire on the Sabbath or for adultery? It is that most people are polite enough to understand that one should not mock the afflicted.

corn popper



'They would HAVE'; not 'they would OF'.
חכמים הזהרו בדבריכם...


Another viewpoint on the photoshopped Hillary controversy:


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