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May 04, 2011


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It would be nice if an elevated biking path could be built over the streets. Sounds crazy? Asia does this in some of its biggest, most congested cities like Manila. Of course, for pedestrians, not bikers, but there is no reason it could not be used for them. It also has the added benefit of sun/rain protection because the top of it is usually covered. Ok, first thing you are going to say is- It's too congested to build something like this. Wrong. The cities that use these thing built them in their most congested areas. Now, the problem is the money, NYC is broke due to corruption and mismanagement.

A. Nuran

jay writes:
If bicyclists are using the streets sans bike lanes, they better be sure to obey all traffic laws, especially regarding signaling and pedestrian right of way. If they don't, they're certainly in the wrong.

Nice try at deflecting attention here. It doesn't wash. There's no excuse for trying to run people over, harassing them, vandalizing property and violent assaults. Whether or not someone else obeys traffic regulations has nothing to do with this.

Or is this a case of "Someone who has something in common with them may have done something bad, so I shouldn't get in trouble for doing a crime"? If so, that's really pathetic.


1 + 1 =2
chassideim in Williamsburg = satmer

Many of these problems are really related to satmer chaseidein. No Bobov, not ger, vithniz and so on.

The satmer are less worldly, not as friendly, and look down at others Jews much more than the other chasediem

they take after their rebbie


my two cents,

as a cyclist i couldn't care if their is a bike lane or not. i will ride in the street,

Sometimes the bike lanes are too close to the parked cars, and have to worry about cars door, taxis, people coming out just a bit between cares, and or baby strollers.

The better way it to ride more in the street when possible, however that only works if one can somewhat keep up with traffic


I don't understand why the existence of bike lanes or the legal proclivities of the bicycle community have anything to do with the story. Using a bus to trap an innocent individual is illegal and abhorrent. It's even worse than blowing through a red light on a bicycle.


"JEWDO this is not a bike lane . those bikers are breaking the law "

that is not correct. In almost every jurisdiction in the USA, cyclists have the right to ride on the street (limited access highways being the usual exceptions) However when they do so, they must follow all rules of the road.

A E ANDERSON | Epsom, New Zealand

How many bicylists have to die before they remove those ridiculous lanes from city streets? Ad mosai? O Tempore, O Mores!


If bicyclists are using the streets sans bike lanes, they better be sure to obey all traffic laws, especially regarding signaling and pedestrian right of way. If they don't, they're certainly in the wrong.


to JEWDO this is not a bike lane . those bikers are breaking the law . did shemarya ever stick up for frum yiden ????????????????


Bloomberg and the DOT commissioner biker lady are driving the city nuts with the increasing bike lanes.

With the new bike lanes in place it is known all over that bikers are lawless crazies.
They don't obey traffic laws,they swing in and out of the bike lanes,bump into cars,baby strollers on and on.There were many instances when they had fist fights with drivers,not in williamsburg.
In Prospect Park with the new bike lanes,residents put up a bitter fight,but the biker lady could care less about regular new yorkers.

In Williamsburg when the 15-block bike lane between Flushing and Division avenues was put into place,residents were upset but the biker lady could care less.
Then Bloomberg removed the bike lane,what did the lawless bikers do,they repainted. When it was in place,the Hasidim didn't paint the bike lane to cover up the lane. It is the bikers who are lawless.

But hey if it involves a frum person were a biker got into a scuffle,it makes great bashing on FM

Nuchem Rosenberg

c s Fisher is right i dont see one word of satmar in your source THE BROOKLYN PAPER

c s Fisher Gaba of r. ahron Teitelbaum

Shmarya how do you know this is SATMAR you are full of S"

Gevezener Chusid

“Bike lanes should be sited based on community input. If my community requests a bike lane, I will be happy to entertain a proposal.”

Councilman Domenic Recchia - Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst


to be fair the issue of drivers not understanding cyclist rights is a national one, not only among the haredim.

That said, the whole mob thing is a chillul hashem.


The frumma are above the law. Traffic and parking rules don't apply to the frumma in Williamsburg. They have political protektzia. They call the mayor's office or the police chief, and any violation they commit in their neighborhood disappears.

Roving Ricky

Those frummies shouldn't be parking there all the time. New York has plenty of transit, so why not use it and park elsewhere if you have to park? You only really need to park for groceries and shopping, and even that need can be eliminated with a handcart. So why bother with parking in Williamsburg?


This issue begins and ends with NYPD enforcement if NYPD were on the location and enforced traffic laws this would be a non issue. Neither the bycilst nor the Hungarians fear the government.

Rabbi Chanina, says:

Pray for the welfare of the government, because if people did not fear it, a person would swallow his fellow alive.


The chasidim of Williamsburg hate everyone. It is not an isolated incident. The frumma don't know who they're starting with.


A chabadnik bicyclist, chaim lazaros, on his way to help gentile homeless people,was punched in the face by a black guy driving an SuV in the heart of chasidic Williamsburg last week. Nobody cares because it's not a culturally divisive issue.
The chasidim of Williamsburg don't hate bicyclists. At most, this is an isolated incident. Newspaper reporters have to get page views and that's why they exxagerate issues.


The Satmar, deep down inside, are afraid of the 'artisten' of North Williamsburg.

The streets in South Williamsburg (Satmar area) are extremely overcrowded with traffic and parking.

The 'artisten' are smarter than any Satmar. The 'artisten' are also kind and benevolent, but they will not take shit for too much longer.

Look for a massive bicycling protest in the next few days that will overwhelm the Satmar.

Maybe a few Satmar getting pepper sprayed, too.


Someone tell me, what is this really about? Are the Satmar's "offended" by the bikers streaking through the neighborhood immodestly?

Is it some kind of a turf war? Yuppies moving into the Satmar neighborhoods, or maybe the Satmar's want to move into yuppie neighborhoods & have to chase them away first?

Of course the bikers have the right to use the road, that's obvious.


nu whats new hassidim always use iolence to get their way the problem is the other side doesnt fight back i will never forget almost 50 years ago the satmerer rebbe came to boro park and before that i wanted to see the place in the yeshiva i went i was not satmerer this was in a hassidishe yeshiva the guys my age with their payes confronted me they pushed me away the place was weeks away from the rebbe coming there they still didnt let me see the room they are a bunch on neaderthols


maybe I will take a ride there to see the situation for myself


sorry to say this since it is loaded.

they really do belong in a ghetto so they do not come in contact with others


these satmars are going to get us all in trouble who do they think there are the streets are for everybody not just them.

They have been brainwashed that the world was only created for them and that is how they see the world


If you don't like someone scream at her, curse her, run her over with a car and try to beat her up. "Light unto the nations" my sweaty Jewish ass.

The apologists will start screeching "They ride dangerously. They don't obey all the stop signs. They are rude. The boys wear Spandex. Oops sorry, I'll be in my bunk."

False equivalence, horse turds and splinters. The bicyclists have every right to be on the street. And they're not the ones committing attempted murder with deadly weapons.

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