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May 05, 2011


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It's amazing how one person with photo shop software can cause so much conflict and problems in the world.


With people and photo shop these days lots of trouble can be caused by changing pictures. Some people are so good at this that you wonder some times if these fake photos are real. Bit of a concern if you ask me.


I hope the editors will recognize the mistake they made and will pray to be forgiven on this one. At the end we all make mistakes.

gemma davus

why were they removed? Because they are female? What a load of horse shit you back ward third world toilet paper!

Sexist Hillary Clinton Photoshop

A Comedian makes Fun of Hasidim that Hillary Clinton is to Sexy for their Newspaper...

watch the Video:


i personally like this version the most:



Another viewpoint on the photoshopped Hillary controversy:



She IS the Kwisatz Haderach!

Western Wall

The Western Wall


No it does not.

Documents not restricted by national security or law enforcement needs can usually be published and there are other restrictions on usage recognized by the courts.


U.S. Copyright law specifically and explicitly allows anyone to manipulate and publish any U.S. Government works, including photographs.


The newspaper's editors explained that they even say prayers in shul for the welfare of the U.S. government. Is this true for chareidi shuls?


"...there was several women in Israel in the past couple of years who were jailed for praying with a Torah and prayer shawl in public, or for "disturbing the peace." Pfft:

I refer you to the comment you responded to. I am not saying that Jewish religious extremism is well behaved, and the fact that they removed Hillary from the picture already illustrates that. My problem is with those who say that Jewish and Muslim treatment of women is the same (and, needless to say, I am talking about religious fringes on the Muslim side as well). I hope that you will agree that arresting someone and taking them in for questioning (there was no long term imprisonment in the praying with a Torah incident) is not quite the same as brutally murdering someone.


Mike Burke:

This is not an israeli newspaper, it's in New York.


hat a bunch of dicks you are !!, photo shopping women out of pictures, to protect their modesty. Are you so scared of women in power you use this crap excuse to justify your actions. Do you feel so threatened you do this. The world is laughing at you. Your pathetic religion is just as bad as the muslims. Maybe Hitler did actually have it right after all.

Posted by: Robynne Hartshorne | May 09, 2011 at 03:35 PM

These stupid jews are not better then their brethen Muslim brothers.
These 2 Religions cause all the trouble in the world.

Posted by: M Jansen | May 09, 2011 at 06:51 PM

Shmarya I'd consider locking the comments for this post. People are abusing your comments section and using them to Jew hate and proselytize. At least consider removing the more hateful.


"when was the last time you heard of a Jewish woman being stoned for adultery or splashed with acid for trying to receive an education?" Misha

Well, there was several women in Israel in the past couple of years who were jailed for praying with a Torah and prayer shawl in public, or for "disturbing the peace." Or whatever other excuses they made up. And those are the only ones that managed to make the news. I'm sure it happens a lot more than they let on about. Wouldn't want their "fellow democrats" in the US to find out they arrest women for praying in public, would they?


Amazing all you Hillary haters who never voted once or wrote one good thing about her! vs. the N.Y. orthodox jewish community who always supported her in votes and in their publications including the zeitung, are now trying to re arrange their musical chairs and to show the world that their real 'hate' (or self hate) to the orthodox is even greater than their hate of Hillary!


There are number of major problems with has happened. 1) They violated the usage agreement. Whether they are taken to task on it or not is irrelevant. It shows disrespect for the rules. 2) Their apology attempts to speak for Orthodox Judaism. I don't think so. Speak for your sect or the gate/path that you follow only. There may be a truth, but there are many paths to it. 3) This is more of a criticism so those in that camp are free to object. There is no normative halaha on the necessity to remove women from pictures such as this one where the women in question are clearly wearing modest clothing. The mere fact that they have a leadership position or work as a professional politician, bureaucrat, doctor, lawyer, academic, etc. is how the world works, because women do have brains and are capable of working in such a capacity. And, the faster Orthodox Judaism copes with it and figures out how to work with it within the bounds of halaha, the better. If we shy away from it and move toward the path of intolerance like our co-religionists in the middle eastern world, we fail.

Bacteria Farmer

actually the USA also deleted a few important players who were in that room too. The original undoctored photo can be found here: http://brainphreak.blogspot.com/2011/05/proof-osama-is-dead-constipation-room.html


Not the Onion???


Natalie, very nice, composed response.
Sandra--this may not be representative of Orthodox Jews--but evidently a lot of them are buying that paper and its views...

Gaetan Rosa50

La photo originale affiche Mme Clinton et une autre femme en arrière plan. Sur la photo retouchée du journal, LES DEUX FEMMES SONT ABSENTES ! POURQUOI ?

Andreas Kyriacou

@Jose: The catholic Opus Dei crackpots are of the same ilk.


>Mr. Rosenberg you are an ass for printing these things about religious Jews. You will be payed back din v'cheshbon....Jews who hate Jews<

The scoundrels here are not folks like Mr. Rosenberg, but the fools who, in the name of "modesty," excise the images of the properly-dressed Secretary of State and a female counterterrorism analyst simply because they are women.

Kudos to Mr. Rosenberg for exposing the chareidi asses. CNN already has picked up the story, with Anderson Cooper ridiculing the incident on national TV.

And don't look to God to pay back Mr. Rosenberg by "din v'cheshbon." God is much too busy starving innocent babies to death by the thousands every day. He has a curious and twisted sense of justice.



g e orge

Wow. Talk about strict interpretations of Religion being the most absolutely out-dated human enterprise. Seriously. I respect everyone on earth and treat them the same, so I am not going to judge you. but seriously... Jews, the really orthodox ones, you need to chill the ** out and think outside the box.


Mr. Rosenberg you are an ass for printing these things about religious Jews. You will be payed back din v'cheshbon. When they say that you should not celebrate the fall of your enemy they are referring to people like you. Jews who hate Jews, but believe me when I tell you. I will find it very hard not to celebrate your fall


Why is conservative extreme religion about sex and gender - how women shouldn't appear in public? This is the same as the radical and conservative Islam weirdness. And it is a photo? This is virtual women - not even flesh and blood - I could barely tell these are women in the photo.

Aren't there more challenging ideas??? I respect and love the variety of religions but this is folly.

Anyway - those before me said the same thing better than I did. Yes I am a woman.

the one

Every single religion should be banned from the face of the earth.

Jen Roberts

@stormwatch, I see you're ripping the Jews and Muslims for being anti-woman, but what about the Christians? I don't see that any of these religions are all that accepting of the equality of women, they just show their colors differently.

It's being a fundamentalist, not necessarily the religion itself, that breeds this hatred of women. But why?


Dear M Jansen:

>These stupid jews are not better then their brethen Muslim brothers. These 2 Religions cause all the trouble in the world.<

If I recall correctly, it was Christians who murdered tens of thousands in the Crusades, tortured and murdered people in churches during the Inquisition, burned "witches" at the stake, murdered and raped during pogroms, and helped the Nazis exterminate 6 million Jews.

The Jews, by contrast, are angels.

Your anti-Semitism is showing. See a psychiatrist.

Michael Elias Rosenbaum

If this paper feels obliged to not print images of women, then they MUST NOT PRINT ANY IMAGES WHICH CONTAIN WOMEN. any such rule, no matter how avidly followed by any jewish (or christian, or even islamic) group, must be superceded by other rules, such as, oh, say, this one: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. You dont need to be a rabbi to be able to interpret this rule as it applies here. Im ashamed that any jewish group would resort to gestapo/stalinist tactics, regardless of the motive. shame on them all!


Dear Pamela Lawrence:

I don't think you should be so quick to blame men or their penises. Male sexual urges were evolved by nature over millions of years, and without them, none of us would be here.

The challenge for men is to rein in and control the natural urges in order to live in what is now a more civilized society. Many men have trouble doing this, since it goes against what nature has evolved.

Some societies have placed on women part of the burden of reining in men's natural impulses--e.g., by asking/requiring them to conceal parts of their bodies. Many women rightly chafe at having restrictions placed on their freedom of action merely because of men's evolved natural weaknesses.

M Jansen

These stupid jews are not better then their brethen Muslim brothers.
These 2 Religions cause all the trouble in the world.

Bubba Metzia

When did this chumra start? And if it’s such an issue then why don’t they just stop showing pictures of any humans at all? That would make more sense as it would also be a chumra agaisnt avodah zarah (especially when it comes to people publishing images of the Lubavitcher rebbe).

nonove urbizniss

i think this website is rediculous and anyone involved is definately going to burn in hell...

Pamela Lawrence

When I learned of this horrific offense yet by another so called legitimate international media group/blogger I just screamed OH WILL YOU MEN IN EVERY COUNTRY LEARN HOW TO KEEP YOUR PENIS IN YOUR PANTS WHEN YOU SEE ANY TYPE OF WOMAN --- INCLUDING THE WOMEN THAT WANT TO GO NUDE! I am so damn tired of men anywhere thinking it's the woman's fault for a man's disturbing mental behavior they have with their untrained, untamed, misbehaving penis! ENOUGH ALREADY --- SO CALLED WANNABE MEN if you can't find a way to keep your penis in your pants on demand when you view a woman either in print or in person then do us all a favor and cut off your problematic penis ON DEMAND instead of removing a woman's image from print. At the very least a man's cut off penis will eliminate woman from worrying about rape, sex slavery, pedophilia, incest, marital sexual abuse and of course woman don't have to worry about men in newsroom trying hard not to jerk off their penis if they print a woman's image! You men are disgusting creatures when it comes to your penis! I know I have been looking for a refund for suffering undo labor pains due to unnecessary penis mgt ---- So did Hillary Clinton! REFUND PLEASE!



Every Orthodox Jew is a fanatic and irrational.

We thank God every day for the food He gives us, while He starves to death 10,000 innocent children worldwide every day. He kills 230,000 Haitians in an instant, creating 30,000 orphans, and we go to shul and praise His goodness. He creates lions and lambs, gives the prey a nervous system so it will experience the full terror of the chase and the pain of being ripped to shreds, yet we call that "good," for everything God does is supposedly good.

In other words, ALL Orthodox Jews are insane fanatics.

Billy Bean

This is way beyond my pay grade. But try the works of N.T. Wright and give Yeshua another chance!


First off I have no idea who even gave it a thought that in ANY WAT Hillary Clinton is, has been, ever accused of being "sexually suggestive", there for they should have left her in with the guys... The other woman, Sure, But Hillary, Um.. NO...Not even when she was in the pictures of the Watergate trials was she "sexually Suggestive".. Sorry Bill, But you knew it.remember Monica? :)

Mike Burke

I thought Israeli people were smarter than this.

And I know they are. But this newspaper obviously misses it.

The same people that photoshopped this out were BORN OF WOMEN.


Are the lights on?


To say that Jews and Muslims treat women the same way is just silly. I agree that removing women from a picture is not exactly exemplary of 21st century behavior, but i when was the last time you heard of a Jewish woman being stoned for adultery or splashed with acid for trying to receive an education?

The women being removed from pictures is stupid, and, believe me, as a Jew I am embarrassed that some of us still follow that tradition, but A. that would be very few of us, and B. if you're gonna compare the sexism of religious fringes, the Jews aren't really worse than just about any other religion, and far better than a couple I could think of.

It's amazing, so many posts here are just antisemitic vents. Well, hey, clearly Jews are religious zealots who have no place in our society. Too bad someone forgot to tell Einstein about that, or Spinoza, or Chagall. Or Carl Sagan. Or Christopher Hitchens. Or Woody Allen. Or Steven Speilberg. I could keep going for quite a while, but I'm sure you get the point.


I'm not familiar with the doctrine of omitting women's pictures out of concern for avoiding sexual arousal. But how can anyone consider a picture of HILLARY CLINTON potential sexually arousing? That's absurd on its face. In fact, anyone wishing to avoid sexual arousal would do well to post a picture of Hillary in their bedroom. Sexual arousal would disappear.


די צייטונג is pronounced "di tzeitung", which is an austrian/bavarian version of the proper german "Der Zeitung" which just means "the newspaper". Learn German well and you'll pick up 90% of yiddish. Tragic but true.

This is as big a chilul hashem as anything I've seen. It's becoming less and less of a wonder these days that the ווילנער גאון put the בעל שם טוב's misguided followers into חרם all those years ago.

For those that have no jewish history (which is many): a leading Rabbi of Lithuania, Elijah of Vilna (commonly known as the Vilna Gaon, which means the Genius of Lithuania, or 'Gra' for short), attempted to excommunicate followers of the chasidic sect -- back in the late 1700s, where it came from in Europe. The Gra's teachings are today the basis of what many would call "modern" orthodox jewry.

Please don't blame us for Chassidus - in return, we won't blame you for Evangelical Pentecostals or Militant Islam. Deal?


How dare you people this is the year 2011, you have no respect for women. What do you think? That we have no brains other than to have children and serve as mades? I am sorry to say that being a man does not guarantee anything other than having your brains in another place other then your head if you know what I mean !!!!!

Kofla Olivieri

Photoshop is my best friend :-) btw, they did a lousy job editing/deleting Hillary and Audrey Tomason from the original photo. lol

Robynne Hartshorne

What a bunch of dicks you are !!, photo shopping women out of pictures, to protect their modesty. Are you so scared of women in power you use this crap excuse to justify your actions. Do you feel so threatened you do this. The world is laughing at you. Your pathetic religion is just as bad as the muslims. Maybe Hitler did actually have it right after all.


I am an Orthodox Jew, and I have seen publications similar to this newspaper where they have interviews with various people, and they always have a picture of each man, and if they have a picture at all for the women, it's always of their empty office or something. I think it's ridiculous, but I guess they have the right not to print pictures of women if they don't want to. But if that's their policy, they shouldn't have printed this picture at all. It's misleading, and illegal.

A thinking member of the human race

It's easy to spend our time poking fun and laughing at others of whom we do not understand. I recommend Daniel Goleman's book on "Cultural Intelligence". Tolerance is the new "in" thing these days and may prove beneficial. People who spend their time blogging negative things about other people who pose no threat to them except for making them see a different perspective on the world in which they were raised should wonder if their time is valuable at all. Time spend making fun of other people, (which they are only doing because they lack the desire to go out and learn about another culture and understand it) could have been spent either curing cancer or working making actual money that could go to support worthy causes such as cancer research. I am not as sure that the most intelligent people in the world tend to use their time to create ignorant and negative statements as much as those who are less intelligent. If a reader does not understand this complicated response I refer to Dr. Suess books and Hooked on Phonics to better their mastery of the English language.


They could also just paint mustaches on women's faces. A lot easier to do. Especially with Photoshop.


Pick up next weeks copy. Hotties with hooters. It's all marketing, Now i see the Rabbis point of view.

Christ is King

Just another freak religion doing what they do best...oppressing.


Another thought....how did they deal with Golda Meir?


Wonder if the paper would edit out women from pictures taken at Buchenwald. Or Anne Frank's refuge.


PLEASE do not think all Orthodox Jews think like this. My son is an Orthodox Rabbi and we are Orthodox and believe me this is not how we or anyone we know thinks. It is a shame but in ALL faiths we find those few who are just fanatics and they tend to make everyone else look bad :-(


Simply the best article to observe how fanatic jews and fanatic muslins are so alike .Does anyone sincerely see any diference in this kind of behavor ? not me , both create their own trueths , both want to impose their views , both use lies , both consider woman as an inferior human . I think this tell everything. Maybe because extremists like these , in both sides are in the power , the problem in the midle-east remains.


This religion extremism scares me. People who are scared of women scare me. And one question: women may inspire sexual thoughts in men, but where does picture leave women? What if a woman gets so excited she can no longer think straight after seeing so many men in a room? including a hunk in a spectacular uniform, mmh mmmh mmmhh Are Hasidic ladies totally a-sexual? Yeah...right....lollllll

Natalie Chase

Such actions make me worried for reputation of Jews. Promoting modesty and morality is understandable and commendable. However, taking out the images of political leaders and, thus, misinforming readers about historical facts defies the whole purpose of having a newspaper. On top of that, gives bad reputation to the essence of Judaism. Thoughtless acts like this add to creation of antisemitism. As a Jew myself who studies Torah, I must say this is not what Torah teaches Jews to do. On the contrary, it teaches "not to put a stumbling block before the blind". And this is exactly what the editors of the paper did: by cutting out the images of women, they created a lie and misinformed their readers. Additionally, Torah teaches to think about consequences of one's actions and not to cause others to judge. In fact, causing others to judge or provoke negative actions is a sin for which we ask forgiveness on Yom Kuppur.
I hope the editors will recognize the mistake they made and will pray to be forgiven on this one. At the end we all make mistakes.


This is exactly what the dreaded Taliban would do.

BTW, is the headline--"b'ivud resha'im rinah"--referring to bin Laden, or to the "lost" women?


As repugnant as this is, I have to question whether the White House's restrictions on use of the picture have any legal force. Works produced by the federal government are automatically in the public domain. Sometimes this is dodged by having the work performed by a contractor, who then assigns their copyright to the government... which is a questionable practice in itself, but common.

G.K. Libbey

They could have put a burqa on the two women in the photo and then they would have stooped to the same level as the Taliban. Are these creepy people so easily arosed that they can't look at women? No market for Viagra or Cialis amongst these fanatics.


(And the story about you that I wrote to explain your baffling obsession with SMR is 100% true and you know it.) But I'm happy you got credit for the Chilul Hashem and not me.

Posted by: HT | May 09, 2011 at 09:11 AM

You lie and lie and lie and somehow think you can get away with it.

What you posted about me two years ago was not true and the fact that it was not true was easy to verify.

But you chose not to verify it, and you chose to continue to lie.

I never lived in Rubashkin's basement, used his car, ate his food, received his charity, needed his charity, etc. Those are all lies you and your buddies invented to make seem ungrateful to man who had 'given me' so much. But they were all lies, Hershel, lies of your own making.

Just like I told you two years ago, I'll tell you again: You can call Chabad's local head Rabbi Feller or his son Mendel to verify what I'm saying.

But in your warped little world, smearing those you hate is more important that telling the truth, now isn't it?

daniel gomez

dont bye there worthless paper


This is pure ignorance.....nothing more, nothing less.

G.K. Libbey

Why didn't they just photoshop a burqa onto Mrs. Clinton's face? These fanatical people, I hesitate to call them Jews because they aren't, are no better than the Taliban.


They are just trying to keep a women from being seen in a position of authority or power as her face is covered. It should meet those type of standards.

Jim Lynch

"...policy of never printing photos of women in its pages..". ok, but the honorable thing to do would be to not try to falsify the picture, but simply blank out the women in an obvious way. Not simply try to imply that the two women weren't there. That seems to me to be a gross breach of journalistic ethics.


"... the newspaper Der Tzitung, described by the Jewish Week as "ultra-Orthodox," has a policy of never printing photos of women in its pages because it thinks they could be sexually suggestive."

They aren't trying to be controversial, they're just trying to stick to a standard. It's only like a rated version of a movie, get over it people. It's not that big of a deal. Maybe they should have just blurred them instead, but someone wanted to show off their photoshop skills. Come on now.


I find myself more and more interested in the side argument going on between HT and Shmarya. I came for the Photoshop controversy, I stayed for the thievery controversy.


Are the folks that fear this crap, and inflict it upon those they raise dead yet?



He's lying. Your sources are as bad as you are. The proof is that he got the name wrong, just like you and all the other hundreds of sites that made the same mistake as you, since they never actually SAW THE ORIGINAL PICTURE!

nobody else had it

it's from me.

(And the story about you that I wrote to explain your baffling obsession with SMR is 100% true and you know it.) But I'm happy you got credit for the Chilul Hashem and not me.


Anyone know how I can get a copy of the photoshopped pic (legally)?

Posted by: Michele Chabin | May 09, 2011 at 06:57 AM

Impossible. The Photoshoped picture is an illegal violation of the original Whitehouse distribution conditions.


Jews, muslims, same difference: irrational, delusional, woman-hating primitives.


just goes to show that there are nut case zealots in EVERY religion

Michele Chabin

Anyone know how I can get a copy of the photoshopped pic (legally)?

Jason Jenkins

I'm a little skeptical of this story because (a) it seems super-bizarre (it isn't as though they expect men to be reading this newspaper while davening) and (b) the title of the newspaper is "The Newspaper"? (which is what "tzitung" means) and (c) "tzitung" is feminine, and "the newspaper" is "die tzitung", not "der tzitung".


I was thinking they should take all the men out of the photos for the chasidic women that read the paper.


Fixed: http://www.flickr.com/photos/62482142@N08/5702444373/in/photostream


You know, even Chabad allows the printing of pictures with both sexes in them...

Yes, but they see themselves as very liberal for doing so.

And as all "Torah True" yidden know, Chabadniks aren't really frum.


It's not just that these automatons deleted Clinton and the other lady. They actually created part of the image of the fellow sitting to Clinton's right. Can someone remind me how this forgery of history could possibly be halachically permissible?

Shmarya, may I suggest you ask them for a "please explain".


You know, even Chabad allows the printing of pictures with both sexes in them...

JC, from Lisbon

Great work!

Sytze Vliegen

But why? Even Wim Heitinga is puzzled.


Well done Charedim! You make real Jews look like a bunch of idiots, AGAIN.


This has caused quite a stir. Google this:



So Der Zeitung publishes a picture of people in the White House that has been deliberately falsified.

What part of Exodus xx:16 do they not understand?


Shmarya, a lot of sites will put their name emblazoned on a photo, so if someone tried to use it elsewhere, the original site's name would be on it.

It's like the photographer's proofs that you pick from when you had your portrait taken and now must pick which shot you like best; he stamps each photo 'proof' so you can't just keep the photos.

Perhaps you could find out about doing the same with photos exclusive to FM.


The most amusing thing about this whole episode is that if you look closely at the full-res image on flickr, you can see that Clinton's eyes are actually the focal point of the entire photo.

That is to say: The photographer actually took a photo of Clinton. Everyone else is filler, atmosphere and context supporting a shot of Clinton's facial expression.

To airbrush her out leaves the photo empty. It'd be like taking a photo of your house then airbrushing the house out of it.


I don't read your blog, Herschel.

As you know, a couple years ago you printed complete falsehoods about me and then refused to retract them or correct them. I even gave you the name of a Chabad shaliach who could confirm that I was telling you the truth.

But you didn't care about the truth, now did you?

All you cared about was smearing me. You wouldn't ask the shaliach and you wouldn't do even the simplest level of fact checking. You just continued to lie and to smear me.

Now, time passes and you indignantly want me to credit you for this picture.

So I asked my source and he told me where he got the picture from and it wasn't from you. (It wasn't his original, either, and I chastised him for that.)

Unlike you, I cite my sources and I link to them – and I also tell the truth. I don't publish lies about people I don't like. But you do. You lie and you cheat and you smear.

Sorry my source wasn't you, and sorry my source's source wasn't you, either. Maybe down the food chain somewhere, one of your readers took it from you. Or maybe you took it from them.

Lord knows, you do not have a track record of honesty.


Matzav didn't take it from Shmarya

Shmarya took it from my website, or, as he claims, from someone who took it from my website. But let him get the credit. That's what he does best.


I hope the White House pursues the fact that they specifically forbid manipulation in the photo release. Rewriting history like this to conform to your idea of what reality "should" be is just the first step down the road to evil, Big-Brother-esque control.


"Just to correct: The name of the paper should be transcribed "Der Zeitung" ("The Time" in Yiddish)."

Actually it should be transcribed as "Die Zeitung", the gramatical gender of Zeitung being female...

Egypt Steve

Thank G-d for our Judeo-Chr-stian tradition and its respect for women. I am unceasingly disgusted by the ever-lower depths of misogyny to which the Islamofascists continually sink. Oh, wait ...


i see they deleted the page from there website.
see www.ditzeitung.com


again matzav.con doesn't give credit for shmarya:




it's not nice to steal from other sites and take credit for it. Tell that to "critical minyan."

and the name is Di Tzeitung. Not "Der."

Liz  McLellan

That's the critical feature of reality. It is still there even when you pretend it is not.


That newspaper's target audience are automatons with no concept or connection to the rest of the planet. It is of no consequence to anyone reading that paper as to who is in that photo.

Bob D

Why photoshop them out? That took a lot of work, even to do badly.

If it's obviously objectionable content based on your religion/world view/editorial slant/crazy/etc then a simple black box over them or highly pixelated area should do. Yes, it's more obvious, but that's kind of the point. It's part of the visual lexicon in news. When we watch the news and see an image obfuscated it's either to protect the identity of the subject or to avoid showing something that the editors deem harmful/illegal upsetting.

But photoshopping something out? That's simply lying. Why publish the photo at all? It's much harder to damn a newspaper for omission than for downright lying.


Both women are removed.

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