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May 04, 2011


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Who are these guys:



I would like to know if there is a price you would accept to shut down your site and never write another disparaging article again. Please let me know.

Shamir the worm

Just like your fellow charedim,Socrates?


"FailedMessiah.com needs your help now. Here's why:"
Because its moderator refuses to get a real job, earn an honest living, being a productive citizen and sharing the tax burden.


You know how to use this:

Reader-submitted: Landlord, Please Cancel your Magazine Subscriptions
Nov 03 2015 11:00 am

reader submitted Dear TLS, I’m writing this in hopes of my landlord reading this, and perhaps other landlords and tenants as well.

The type of magaznines you subscribe to is not necessarily my business, but I do believe that you have an Achrayus somewhat.
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Over the past few months, I’ve had to make sure my children are no longer sent to go gather the mail from the joint mailbox because of the type of content coming to your home.

Ordering magazines, even ‘just’ from clothing companies, that contain very inappropriate material on the cover, is just not right. There’s no reason my young children have to be exposed to this type of content when sifting through the mail. And to be frank, my husband should not be exposed to this type of content either.

I implore you to use better judgment and show some sensitivity to the Kedusha of a Frum household.

Thank you,

Lakewood, NJ.

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Erin Moriarty

can you contact me at EFM@CBSNews.com


I would like to know why the Jews vote for the Democrats? What have they done for the Jews over the last 8 years?

Rohit Shandilya

Why don't you start showing ads on your site. You site is very popular and has lots of visitors. It can generate a good amount from ads.

Oy Vey

Those stats are scary - for every waddling racist Failed Shmarya there are another 50 waddling racist Failed Shmaryas lurking...

All thanks to our welfare states that support hate addicted Internet trolls


I think if this closed down we would all be one step closer to the real messiah

Shamir the worm

leesiy,you can contact him here:


This post in particular I do not get up at those hours and I am going to get to the bottom of this.



Please contact me. I have an email ready to go to you because I googled my name and it came up with comments on your blog that I did not make and I would like to understand how this came to be. I think I know. my number is 03 56296263 in Australia and I have a very good suspicion who used my name to further her own agenda on your blog in my name.


Because the story appears to be BS.


Why didnt you post the story af a group of satmar in Williamsburg who plan to make alia
because they love Israel. Iguess these stories dont fit in your agenda.


ALL THE YIDDEN ARE BH! Oy vey the Lushan hura ich seen on this typepad. How can you YIDDEN do this to us! Shmarya you used be a chosid bh! Where have you gone You have gone so far away oh we still love you far away. I remember saying hey rebbe that was the meaninest game of pool I have ever did seen then I said to rabbi green hey rebbe that was the meanest game of pool I ever did seen but what made you come here on this night to play...,wAit for what he says (BH: check it:
#hesays(this almost the nays BH (miracle English for the Hebrew word nays I just used) he said '.,'rebbi a bum like meeeee #formerbochurcries


Ad mosuy

Shmarya chabad Lubavitch we love you forever you are a true chosid melamdon Torah BH shalom

Shamir the worm

What's your point, Thetruth?Is it your business where Shemaryah lives?


I agree with Mamzer haKodesh

N Body

You rock! --- youve done so much great work.


The Rubashkin crime family hurt more people - families, old, young - everyone - Jewish, non-Jewish, worldwide than your sad mind can fathom. It is no use trying to explain. You do not wish to know or understand, so you will not. You may not be able to know or comprehend. It may be organic.

Shmarya is a respected public figure. He earned it. You don't like him? Fine. But you can't 'un-public' him and you cannot 'un-respect' him in the public eye. He earned it. What have you earned?

You don't hold with all of this? Turn away.


I think this site serves an important function. As does manure. As do vultures who clean off carcasses and thereby keep the environment cleaner. All these serve truly important functions. Which in no way makes them less distasteful.

So now, in a noble attempt to inspire your readers to... give you money, you make note of the fact that this blog, which (as you must know - did the 'ever psychotic' Ben Atlas misquote you that you consider(ed) your main competition to be VIN?) is mostly read as a gossip site, is in reality more than that: it's actually helping people. You know, in a tangible sort of help, the kind that most people don't associate with the site.

You don't write about your direct involvement in the death of Levi Moscowitz, who with a criminal conviction and obligatory registration as a sex offender, hardly needed protection from. His crime that earned him front page coverage here and in one more place, is that he came from a Lubavitch family and went very wrong. That he was Haredi and worse, Chabad.

I'm sure that you will go ballistic justifying your conduct there. Hell, maybe there even *is* some justification there. The point is only is that undoubtedly, you and your work have helped some, and at the very least inadvertently harmed people you had no business harming.

Kind of - wait for it...

SM Rubashkin.

The list of people he helped is monumental. Surely he made mistakes that hurt people as well. The level of benefit of the doubt that you believe he and others like him are entitled to is clear.

I wish that you receive the same level and caliber of gratitude/appreciation/recompense for your good deeds, whatever those may be, that you give and wish to those whom you dislike.

Actually, I'd be delighted for you to regret your attitude and a good many of your actions /without/ anything bad happening to you. But I'm not holding my breath.

Uncle Joe




Have you thought of starting a Patreon account? People can sign up to send recurring payments either on a monthly basis or per article you write. Patreon.com.


For many people, commenting and just reading, this is daily entertainment and enlightenment. Donate. A few dollars today from everyone who checks in here daily or even weekly and you can buy FM the new computer set-up it needs, rather than the one it started out with 10 years ago. This is FM's ten year anniversary, I think. Donate, already.

Morris The Katz


Diane Polonsky

Rather then spreading the word out on already published news, why don't you take the initiative, and make a position on something that is not yet out there. After all, we have our own bais din, our own court of law, and we don't have to wait until the DA. Do you talk to Luke Ford? We all want the same thing. To throw up on evil predators (sexual, or money greedy R. Epstein like leaders). They have lost in court. not me.


She said she hasn't read this much hate in a long time. I'm wondering where that was and why she keeps finding herself in the middle of it. Or perhaps we need to become more hateful.

Account Deleted

And where did you go,Leah?Nu?


Boy am I glad I've left this nasty community. Unbelievable to see a community that calls themselves the chosen people of god to see so much hateful words and ill wishes on each other. This is incredible! The whole secular world should read all these comments to see the truth about you all! WOW! I've not read this much hate in a long time

yehuda fulda

why all the hate? lets clean up our community and there will be nothing for shmaya to report.. until then this is like any other non profit that deserves to be funded


Nick is dina and raina. He's also a well-known Chabad-haredi sockpuppet and troll who supported murderer Martin Grossman and is a big Sholom Rubashkin fan.

In one post he claimed not be Jewish. In another he was extolling haredi religious books and claiming to know halakha.

He was a man and a woman both.

The seal of God is truth, chazal said. Unfortunately, the seal of NICK/raina/dina is the exact opposite.


I'm thinking NICK is dina, with the Caps Lock on. Sorry you feel badly about academia. It would have taught you lots of stuff. For instance, you do not have the right of free speech on this blog. You may have a privilege granted to you by its talented and gracious host. You are a pinhead.


woulnt donate if my life depended on it! You are going to delete what I write because I disagree with you, so much for free speech! your vendetta against the haredi is twisted and sick like you. as if there are no reform jews that ever rape, no, just us! You have zero talent, you just curse those who don't agree with your lashom hara, go pick on the jew haters that run academia in the usa, but no, you hate the orthodox more than you hate the BSD sickos in the colleges



I report arrests and, as you'll note, in many of the cases the DA or US Attorney sends out a press release.

The vast majority of these people are convicted and those who are not usually walk due to statute of limitations issues or the like.

And, as you should know, I also report on false arrests and bad convictions.

The world isn't some little bubble you control.

Criminals hurt victims, and even if that criminal is not a community leader, the victim(s) still suffer.

Past that, as you well know, haredi community leaders and rabbis do not denounce haredi criminals – they often HONOR them.

Your complaint is foolish.


I appreciate that you're trying to keep the power-base honest. But I'm really heartbroken when you go after a lonely person that are not connected to the power base. The charidi system is hurting its citizens and if they have any run-in with the law regardless if they are proven guilty, you are here to embarrass them in public, so they are screwed both ways


Happy Birthday FM! Thank you for not only your sunny disposition (ahem) but for the ten years of sunlight you have shed in the darkest most hideous corners of a filthy world and for the many souls you have saved.

Pay up everyone.

Account Deleted

Edit:there's already a Shmarya account,but it has few friends;I guess because it's not publicized:

Account Deleted

It's a vwery good idea also in my opinion!Do open a Facebook page;it'll have thousands of followers!


There are some great articles on this site.

Why don't you promote the articles through Twitter and Facebook? That would increase site traffic and thus ad revenue...

Account Deleted

Rosie,this rabbi Viener whom thank G-d I don't know sounds like a monumental asshole.Past that,how can a rabbi/beth din know for sure if the ger has 'ulterior motives' or not?Is he a clairvoyant?


I dont agree with you. There are many rabbeim who hold a faciltative geris invalid. I know this is a hot button. But its what "Me hayehudi" is all about. Rabbi Viener just told my son in law that going to a wedding between such a couple is tantamount to watching an execution of a family. And that is what is happening. Any person who wishes to "convert" for any ulterior motive cannot be considered a Ger Tzedik.
I still would like you to address what chabad is doing in this regard


Maybe he is.

Account Deleted

In my shul there's exactly the guy I mentioned before:his surname is Levy,had people killed in Auschwitz,can read tefillot very well in Hebrew,looks Jewish(thick lips,dark curly hair)has a gentile mother and wants to convert.Believe it or not,95% of the people are not only very friendly with him,but it has occurred quite a few times that people,including rabbis,speak about him as if he were Jewish already.


I don't know what feelings I would have about him. It hasn't reared it's ugly head and I'm persona non grata at Chabad, so it likely never will.

A person doesn't have to be Jewish in order for me to want to take their pain away, welcome them in my heart and home. I don't have to feel the Jewishy feeling for that.

Feelings. Sometimes you wish you didn't have them. You love who you shouldn't and yet replace it with hate with people you are supposed to love. You hope they conform to something worthy. They can be so strong you will scream them whilst beheaded yet so fragile that you fear letting them be known.

Account Deleted

I perfectly understand your feeling:it is an ethnic,national and genetic bond to the Jews rather than a religious view of who is a Jew.But let's suppose for a moment there was someone called Levi or Cohen and with realitevs killed in the Shoah but not Jewish because born from a goyshe mother;the guy starts to learn Hebrew,attend shul and eventually converts.How could you possibly not have the Jewish feeling about someone like him?


It's not my opinion, Abu. It is a feeling I don't have that I have for most Jews and never for non-Jews. The absence of it was the cause, for me, of some concern. It weighed me down. But, a feeling is a feeling and it never went away. An opinion seems somehow an edict or a superior belief. I don't mean to imply that.

This was all experienced through Chabad. I never met anyone there that had a Jewish father but not mother. I have two very close friends who both have a Jewish father and a gentile mother. One of them I get the "Jewish feeling" about but not at all the other. Neither of them have ever been inside a house of worship except the occasional wedding and neither consider themselves Jewish. That's the difference, somehow. At Chabad they shoved their gentile turned Jewish, recently pious arrogance down everyone's throat.

They can be Jewish all they, the Dead Rebbe and the Rambam says they are. I don't feel it and I don't want to be immersed in it. And I'm also not so sure the Rambam was any smarter than I. More well read, sure. Smarter? Nah.

Account Deleted

Very moving post,dh.But what about gerim who had a Jewish father?Do you feel they share our history and they are part of our nation or does your opinion remain the same?


Wait, are you saying that since he thinks of it that way he is not Ger?


Her husband didn't say it was halakhic (geez, how many spellings of that are there?). He's just saying that's what it looks like to him.


Rosie –

Unfortunately, your husband doesn't know the halakha.

The vast majority of normative halakhic opinions agree with the Rambam – once the beit din converts the person, the person remains Jewish, no matter what. They don't keep mitzvot? Then they're just like any other Jew who sins, the Rambam rules.

So once the deal is done, it is sealed.


I dont consider these Shiksa converts who did it just because they married a jew to be jewish. A true Ger is called a Ger Tzedek; why? Because they cannot swerve from even one mitzvah or they are not Gerim. The word is "converted" which means to change from one entity to another. My husband likes to call it Faciltative conversions; done solely because they are married to Jews. I once read a very interesting piece on it which said;" A Ger must utterly change who they are in everything they do; feel and believe. If they dont its as if they havent converted.A person may be able to fool a Bais Din but they cant fool Hashem."
That sums it up


Thanks, Abu. To use a worn out cliche, I always felt like the only bagel in a bag of jelly doughnuts. You know that feeling of being in a room and having a feeling of who is Jewish? I never had it with them.

Some got the official okie-dokie to wear hats instead of wigs and all the hats looked like the Easter Parade. They didn't have any inflection, nuance or sense of Jewish history or what our ancestors went through that I carry inside me every second of my life.

Judaism simply was not their heritage and they didn't feel it. They delivered Shaloch Manos on the wrong day to get a "jump on it," never had a bubbe or zayde, which is different than a nanna and poppa and seemed like rigid cement buildings in the middle of a shtetl.

They held themselves out to be the most overtly observant, but when they lit the Shabbas candles in brand new candlesticks, I never saw in and behind their eyes what I had grown used to seeing and feeling. When they sat at the Seder table they had no sense of having done it or felt it more than once or respect for people that had felt it every year all of their lives. They 'did' Pesach. We felt it.

You know, there is a difference between the way a Jewish woman cooks and the way a gentile cooks. I gagged on their food because I found it nauseating. There was never the phantom taste of a tear in their Charoset.

No one ever called them a "Dirty Jew."


Actually in all honesty my husband and I both watched our "rabbi", open a car door for a rich overweight non frum guy when he was driving home from shul. In fact we both looked at each other incredulously asking if we really saw what we saw. Its common place here for these type of people to frequent the shul together with their goyish wives. In one instance we even have a woman who is a Jew for Jesus "davening" by us. Its pure madness except...
these non frum men with their decidedly goyish wives have TONS OF MONEY they donate. Ive concluded that money is what its all about. The Rabbi here doesnt want really frum Jews who would challenge him; he wants a bare bones minyon for purposes of putting on a show for his benefactors , period.
I would expose this and close the place down but Im afraid of reprisals. I would love to hear Sharyahu's take on this as well
Rosie (lost in the midwest)
PS: for whatever its worth have a Good SHabbos to all

Account Deleted

Beautiful post,dh.But one thing I do not understand:why didn't you consider the former gentile wives of those Jews Jewish even after their orthodiox giur?


Rosie, I read your post this morning and have been thinking about it all day. (Also, I wanted to be the 200th post because there may be a prize!)

Where I live the Chabad rabbis came one by one. First this one, then his relative, then another relative, then an in-law etc. etc. The area was already heavily Jewish in an upscale rapidly growing Jewish demographic.

The Rabbis were phenomenal, charismatic larger than life public speakers. I miss it very much. They were very bright, humorous and engaging with perky pretty wives who started having babies and teaching Sunday School.

Local Jewish men, many with gentile wives, realized that they could also be Black Hats if they spent enough time learning with the rabbis, davening and socializing at shul, traveling intoxicated from one house to another on Shabbat and holidays and do this without burden of wives and children. They became addicted. It was the mother of all bromance.

They wanted more and more. They donated money and became powerful kings at home, while sending their wives to work and for conversion. All the men were Jewish, some even Presidents or Board members of the existing reform and conservative shuls, from which they ran like bunnies. A new Chabad appeared at every highway exit. When the wives were all wigged out, literally, they would boast that they didn't learn so much and it was iffy, but the Rabbi convinced the powers that be to convert her / them. I guess they thought being ignorant gave them status.

At one point the majority of the women in shul were not Jewish. I never could consider any of them Jewish. They were condescending, greased up with new found piety, dressed to the nines, and spent all their time in the kitchen at home and at shul. Then about the time they all got maids, the Israelis came.

The Israelis were all (in my experience) crooks and con men. Many were poor and their families never paid a cent for day school or donated to the shul. Frequently they came here to be supported by the community and remained illegally.

A couple of our pre-existing shuls went belly up. People thronged to Chabad in such volume and with such disregard for their neighbors (most Jewish) and the local building codes and laws, that there was an uprising.

Of course by this time, it was more and more difficult for some to remember what the attraction was, all while the Chabadniks lied to us about Agriprocessors, and to local authorities however and whenever it pleased them.

They did not consider themselves to be Americans. When we started hearing Toyra and Menoyrah, the newly minted BT Black Hats were tingling with excitement in orgasmic anticipation of being able to be taken seriously speaking the same way.

But never did they break Shabbat. They did not call ambulance, drive, carry, write, push a stroller, play a card or move a candlestick so much as the width of a grain of sand. And the BTs emulated them while the children ran wild, the wives became fat and the Israelis picked everyone's pockets.

Your story blows my mind. In my area of Chabad infiltration, people yearned to be Torah true and they wanted to show it off. If Moshe had a large Mezuzah, his BT buddy had to run out and get one the size of a Buick. There has never been a hint of what you are describing.

Not that I wouldn't put it past them. The pre-existing shuls look now like old yellowed widowers in polyester twofers, bulky, empty and hollow, but still shlepping along. Their former male inhabitants are now unrecognizable with flowing long gray beards, consummate narcissists of self and their Judaism.


Hi Shmarya
I am a Jew living out in the midwest. I moved her last year from a modern orthodox community in the North East. I am a balas Tsheuva since the age of 8 (long story). I am writing because. Years ago I became acquainted with chabad in only the best of ways- by living in a chabad community. I no longer am lubavitch but am writing because I am appalled at what I think Chabad has become.
I currently live in a suburb of a large midwest city. My suburb has only a small jewish community with the only "orthodox shul' being run by a Chabad. What I have witness is atrocious. We live a short drive away from a booming frum city in a place where young families could thrive. However; the local Rabbi (a chabadnic) has told my husband- and me- repeatedly that he DOES NOT WANT FRUM PEOPLE MOVING HERE. This man has vetoed an erev and has literally sent young frum couples away. His rationale if you call it that is that; "he wants to be the frumest person in the community". At first I thought it was just nuts but now I see there is a real method to this so called Rabbi's madness. Instead of growing the community by making an erev, a cheder, etc.. he has invited into the shul extremely wealthy but highly assimilated jews- many of whom are married to shiksas. These people drive to shul on shabbos, and have zero regard for torah. The one thing they all have in common is MONEY which they DONATE. So much money that this guy just built a million dollar shul! even while he struggles to get a minyon. A recent visit to another city showed us the same pattern; in that city there is a thriving young isreal while Chabad has an empty multi million dollar Chabad House. The situation here is so bad; that this "rabbi" here invites none Jews here on Shabbos; lets them up to the bimah and on at least one occassion we watched incredulously as he held open the car door of a hugly fat donor on shabbos. Shavous was a mockery with trucks, climbing walls and moon walks on yom tov for these rich jews and their goyish wives and kids.
Please do a story on this. I dont believe the Rebbe in his wildest dreams perceived his shuluchim to be money making machines.Or did he??? But Im watching it here- every day. (although we plan on moving away asap). Its not fair to those jews who long for a community and with all of the faciltative conversions this guy is overseeing; pretty soon no one will know who is a jew and who is not
Shame on Chabad and anyone who endorses this type of shenanigans


Is there any way we can pay you to close the site?

jesu of cordoba

165 jewish billionaires many in u s a , surely you deserve some financila support from at least one of them. dated april 2012

Abu Jihad Schneerson

The world would be a better place without child molesting,idol worshipping,evil,pagan sorcerers like you,Nussi.
Now crawl back to the Ohel and pray for your god Schneersohn's mercy.
Or better still,get on the plane and fly to Rome to elect the next Pope as the other Catholics do.


The truth hurts doesn't it


Like I said three times before thisworld would be a better place without you and your blog


Perseverating again? Perseverating again?


The world would be a better place without out you or your blog


Like isaid before the world would be a better place without you and your blog. You can censer my comment but a least you will have read it


The world would be a better place without you or your blog


exposing a few hasids among over a million Hasids....
expose the world instead
read more here...


The Kars4Kids Wiki page has been hijacked by Oorah goons trying to cover their crimes. They've removed all references to Failed Messiah etc. as "unreliable" sources. A few people are trying to restore the credible criticisms. Any and all help from those in the know is appreciated (visit the page and chime in!) Sorry for posting here but...where else?


Just chanced upon this site, shocking is not the word...

If the Nazi Der Sturmer would of had a website it would of looked just like yours, they would be drooling with all you scoops on Jews.... you prove every one of their sadistic stereotyping of Jews, unbelievable... whats going on here, the disgusting racist violent comments..... so much haterd so much animosity towards frum yidden... WOW!!!

Shamraya, all I can say, a warm cozy corner is waiting for you in hell, your ancestors are turning in their graves seeing the einikel as such a Jew Hater...

Posted by: Robert Wertheimer | February 12, 2013 at 10:44 AM

In what passes for your mind, this Jew accurately reporting the truth about crimes and corruption in the haredi and Orthodox communities is equivalent to what the Nazis did, and I am a "Jew Hater" for doing it – even though I have a documented track record more than three decades long of fighting antisemitism and promoting Judaism.

People like you are the best examples of why I'm right for doing this.

Robert Wertheimer

Just chanced upon this site, shocking is not the word...

If the Nazi Der Sturmer would of had a website it would of looked just like yours, they would be drooling with all you scoops on Jews.... you prove every one of their sadistic stereotyping of Jews, unbelievable... whats going on here, the disgusting racist violent comments..... so much haterd so much animosity towards frum yidden... WOW!!!

Shamraya, all I can say, a warm cozy corner is waiting for you in hell, your ancestors are turning in their graves seeing the einikel as such a Jew Hater...

MBA Admission 2013

I would say, think about what you can do if you put your thoughts to it. But the response is looking at us, not much.


16 Hours a day? that leaves you only 8 hours.

When do you have time to eat? you fat bastard.

All this anger (and many times falsehoods and exagerations) directed for not being accepted.

Lose weight, get married and move out of your basement. Before trying to fix others, fix yourself.

Better than you

FailedMessiah.com needs your help now. Here's why: 'cuz if you don't, Shmarya will have to get a real job...


While this web site serves very important purpose, to expose the excess of Haredi Judaism it is sad to see all the commenters who were at one point involved with Orthodox Judaism and left it but still cannot move on with their life and need this web site in order to hold on into their previous life.

I am wondering if Shmarya was that nasty and mean spirited before he got involved with Orthodox Judaism, or the Haredi made him so, or his disillusion from Orthodox Judaism embittered him so much.

Wishing well to Shmarya and the web site.


Raizy, you don't need Paypal to donate. Any card will work.

Raizy Handler

Wow wow wow
WTF are all you people doing here if he's a freeloader?
If I had paypal I'd donate, and if you don't want to, fine, just shut up about it for God's sake.
Don't like what he writes? Then get your own blog and report "the truth" as you know it like Gestetner 2.0
R' Nuchem Rosenberg links to Failed Messiah all the time. Are you better than him?
Harsh crimes merit harsh wake-up calls. Stop complaining and open your eyes.


Im sure if any of this stories were true you would not need our money
Second i dont want to support your drug habbit

hellporn hater

Hope one day, you go bankrupt! Omein.


I just donated as a Chanukah gift since your blog has been a present to me during the day when things get tough. If I am feeling down, I just have to come here and read about all the child abuse occurring in the sect both sets of my grandparents left. I am so fortunate no one in my family has ever endured abuse. Perhaps that's due to their leaving the cult.


Better Cause, promise us you won't think and drive. You are despicable. I don't know what's worse; that you know it or that you don't.

sarah schreiber

A FAVOR PLEASE - i really don't want my full name used w/ the post i sent re lubavitch & medical treatment about an hour ago - could u PLEASE just change it to "SARAH" & leave off last name - i got confused

thank you very much ( really )
sarah schreiber


A donation is a gift given by physical or legal persons, typically for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including ...


Interesting, shamarya & co. who denigrates cheredim here in America israeli style, that they live on Alms/schnorere's! are both resorting to Alms/schnor with israel being the #1 schnorerer worldwide! From before its inception till today!! And now we have shmarya! He needs your help nebech a big racmunas on both of them! Duh! Did you ever heard of: ! מום שבך אל תאמר לחברך ?

!ביליגע שנארער'ס פע shame on u both!

Posted by: Alms for the poor | September 13, 2012 at 11:37 AM


I'm providing a service and asking readers to contribute to support it – just like haredim may have a synagogue, not charge membership dues, but ask people who come to pray or study there to contribute to support it.

That is not the same thing as choosing not to work, sitting in yeshiva all day drinking coffee and talking (which is very normal behavior), and then demanding that non-haredi Israelis pay for this.

But you're not honest enough or smart enough to understand any of that, now are you?

Alms for the poor

Interesting, shamarya & co. who denigrates cheredim here in America israeli style, that they live on Alms/schnorere's! are both resorting to Alms/schnor with israel being the #1 schnorerer worldwide! From before its inception till today!! And now we have shmarya! He needs your help nebech a big racmunas on both of them! Duh! Did you ever heard of: ! מום שבך אל תאמר לחברך ?

!ביליגע שנארער'ס פע shame on u both!


I am a good best friend picker.

Drive-by Dan

Shmarya, when I first came here, I was astounded at your articles and the sorts of comments left by you and others.

I would be glad to support your efforts to expose corruption, crime, abuse, etc., because those are the things I also hate and would be glad to see massive changes for the better in every community throughout the world.

I can't give much, but if I ever become wealthy, I will definitely send some large bills your way.
You deserve the support of everyone who seeks truth, justice, and to protect children.

I feel like you are my brother. I fight lies, I castigate child abusers, I call for the eradication of corruption, child abuse, and anything nasty like that.

I was even accused of being you once in a different blog because my style and aims are similar to yours. At the time, I had no idea who you were and didn't care. Now I feel honored to have been mistaken for a great man when I feel like little more than a troll.
I salute you, sir. You have earned my respect a hundred times over.
The only thing I would change about your website is the lack of international articles.
I think your focus on the worldwide Jewish culture should be more far-ranging.
American media deliberately avoids most foreign news, in my opinion, preferring to keep us all in a nationalistic ignorance as our oppressors grow in power and influence.
Please stay safe and well, Shmarya. I need to know there are people like you out there so I don't feel as if I must do it all myself.
Whenever I encounter someone like you I feel better and more able to relax a little.
I only regret my inability to help as I would prefer.


I rest my case.

The Anti-Schmendrick

LOL if anyone is all over the world at one time it is me, and I am not in the sewer but rather approaching the top of the world.

We means Torah Jews. We will always be around. We have our egregious bad apples because the higher you aim, the lower you can fall.

Shmarya and his ilk met a bad fate when they were called the Yevsektzia, and while I don't wish him harm because he's too shrill to be anything but entertaining, I don't predict a happy ending for his Failed life.


You know three or four languages and alter dialects and pronunciation? It's like The Three Faces of Schmendrick.

But you see, Schmend, you're a dime a dozen. And you can only be... and I am sorry to break this to you, in one place at a time while FM receives data from ppl all over the world. Also, not wise of you to compare yourself to Shmarya because tomorrow he'll still be smart and you'll, well you'll be shrinking around pretending, or possibly believing, that you are someone else.

The Anti-Schmendrick

LOL. You are funnier and funnier with every comment.

You are full of yourself, and that is what shows with every post and comment. I don't swim in the sewer, so I have no desire to meet you head-on. If I did, I would have my own blog that dissects every post and comment of yours.

I also know plenty about what goes on in other communities; unlike you I am fluent in Yiddish (and a few other languages) and can even pass for a Williamsburger or Monroeite by switching dialects and pronunciation, so I overhear and read every juicy bit of mikve neias I care to bother with. I consider most of it entertaining as well.

However, at the end of the day, we're here to stay and you'll fade away. You broke wind, perhaps, but all you do is spin others' work, usually inaccurately, for your own self-aggrandizement. I find it mildly entertaining, and your shrill tone and vulgar retorts only reinforce my beliefs.

Filter, meet Failed. The entertainment value is too limited for me to even want to bother reading this anymore. I have better things to do than feeding your need for attention.


Well, since I almost never write about Chabad (probably 98% of my posts categorized as Chabad are about Rubashkin), the fact that you see some rumor on a Chabad blog before you see it here isn't exactly astounding – especially because I don't post unconfirmed rumors unless their source is notable.

And that I broke dozens of national and international stories is, as I noted above, a fact. (And, as I noted above, some – but not all – examples of that fact are posted on the right sidebar of this page.)

So what you're doing is lying, kind of in the same category as when halakha forbids you to call someone by a nickname or belittle them, or forbids you to scoff – instead mandating that you confront the factual argument being made head on.

The problem is that you can't meet me head on because you can't win. All you can do is try to insult me personally or belittle me.

You think attacking the messenger allows you to win, and you think people outside your group don't notice what you're doing, but you're wrong.

Now as others have already pointed out to you, if you think you can get the news you need elsewhere, go do it.

Otherwise, remember that every comment you leave has to be truthful, on point and on topic.

If not, you won't be commenting here anymore.

You can disagree with me or anyone else as much as you want, but you can't lie and smear to support your positions.

Process that.

The Anti-Schmendrick

LOL thanks for the entertainment.

Your professionalism shows more and more with every word you write.

By the time I make it over here for a good laugh, I have read the same dwek in at least one other source. I know more about the seamy side of Chabad than you ever "uncovered" in your life, but the difference is I know people are not perfect and a huge organization always has some scum floating around. I let Hashem and the justice system sort out the bad eggs, as they do eventually. You are one of the bad eggs too, but you're good for a couple of laughs, so you should stew in your own juices until Moshiach comes and you are honored with polishing the shoes of many of those whom you criticized from your filthy sewer, or basement, or whatever.

I also participate in and continue to experience what Chabad is supposed to be, so the fact that every community is tzadikim, benonim and reshoim, and that people sometimes set out to do good and fail miserably because of temptation or weakness, hardly bothers me.

Your work on the ice-cream "scoop" was as sloppy as an ice cream sandwich in 90 degree heat. That seems to be the overall quality of your work these days.

Either you are getting bored with writing nonsense that you yourself can no longer believe, or you are indeed mentally ill and your illness is progressing.


…Every bit of news here is available elsewhere.

Posted by: The Anti-Schmendrick | August 14, 2012 at 09:13 AM

The New York Times publicly apologized to me (and to Hella Winston of the Jewish Week, and a couple others) for stealing our work.

You see, little man, for them to steal it, we had to own it – meaning we had to do the original reporting that was later stolen by the Times reporters.

Past hat very public and very evident truth, I've broken literally dozens of national and international stories, some of which are linked on the right sidebar of this page. (I haven't really updated that list in years – there are easily a dozen more stories I broke besides those that got national or international attention.)

The point is, you're lying.


Because you hate the stories I report and publicize because they expose your community's dirty rotten underbelly or corruption, theft and sexual violence for all to see.

You wallow in shit, little man, and as much as you try to lie to cover that up, the normal people of this world can see that.



So go there.

The Anti-Schmendrick

I imagine the same people would scream bloody anti-semitism when their boss at work criticizes them.

LOL. Shmarya is not a boss at work. Shmarya does not criticize from a vantage point of superior education, knowledge and experience. He screams from the gutter, where he buried himself because of his own choices and failure to meet his own pie-in-the-sky personal expectations.

There are far more worthy causes to support than this. Every bit of news here is available elsewhere.


You blasphemous egotistical idiot.

You are probably NOT even a Jew.

You are an insult to humanity, never mind Judaism.

Why not spend the rest of your life in repentance—if you can get your feral, miniscule ego under control.

Yocheved Chana

This site needs help, alright. Unfortunately, I don't know any psychiatrists who would be willing to treat you for free.

Just keep taking your meds. I'm sure you'll snap out of your psychosis eventually.

aaron mandel

This is just beautiful. A whole bunch of god fearing jews arguing and calling each other "dooshbags". The most inspiring thing is that they are disobeying the torah by ignoring their rabbis who tell them to get off the internet because it causes strife in the jewish world all in the name of getting rid of a totally awful human being who dared to expose the truth. I applaud you for making sure he never exposes our little secrets again by cyber bullying him. Good job guys and keep molesting those kids!


Posted by: citizen of the world | July 09, 2012 at 12:35 PM

Can you name one life that Shmarya has "fucked up?" Shmarya has helped countless by exposing the greed and your Rebbe's that continually "fuck up lives."

citizen of the world

why would anyone of you people help this guy. failed messiah obviously has many mental issues and needs to be institutionalized. don't waste your money on a HATER who probably lives in his moms basement masturbating all day. give your money to charities that actually do good in this world like help the poor and needy not some guy who has a fetish for fucking up people lives.


I find the comments here insulting. Shmarya is tough, and the holier than thou strong-minded attitude in the Orthodox Jewish community will certainly take affront. I imagine the same people would scream bloody anti-semitism when their boss at work criticizes them. I know I have had those thoughts, but the truth is when we say we are Orthodox or wear clothing that labels as such we have to think not just twice but maybe five times about what it is we are doing before it makes Shmarya's blog, the NY Times, or any other local/national blog or paper. Life sucks my friends, but the reward is great. Stop getting pissed at Shmarya and actually live up the word and spirit of the Torah. Otherwise, you're just a faker! You're just a faker! You're just a faker. Get it in your head, because you're just a faker. You might as well eat McDonalds and drive on Shabbat if you're going to steal from another Jew or non-Jew.

I hope for Shmarya's sake that everything reports is on the level for his sake as well or he's a faker, too.

People conceptually like Shmarya are important, because they shine a light on the corruptive forces that are eating away at our Orthodox Jewish community. It would serve a better purpose to maybe not laud him but rather encourage him to continue doing the work in the best way possible so the fakers in our community who may cause serious harm will be pointed out for either rehabilitation or removal.

Thanks, Shmarya.

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