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March 30, 2011


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Yechiel: A more apt comparison would be between this song and the narcocorridos, the songs Mexican drug cartels sing in honor of their drug lords. Currently I see very little difference between the two.


If Japanese law requires the imprisonment of ALL those who import drugs -knowingly or unknowingly- then it is hardly reasonable to describe their actions in this case as anti-semitic.


Someone very close to me once belonged to a yeshiva in Jerusalem and really believed in the Orthodox Jewish way of life. That was until he discovered that senior members of the yeshiva, with the blessing of the members, were performing illegal money laundering and drug smuggling operations. He tried to reconcile this discovery with his belief in God, and even confronted the criminals, but they only harangued him and accused him of not adhering to God's word, of not being a true believe and of being bad Jew, to boot. He was quickly and methodically driven out and threatened repeatedly.

I do not believe for a second that these kids are scapegoats. I am not writing them off as criminals, but it is certainly ludicrous to assume their innocence because they belong to a very cult-like wing of the Jews.

Shame on these people for even implying that a mythical god has smited (smote?) their enemies. No one deserves the misfortune that the Japanese are suffering right now. Assholes.

A E ANDERSON | Christchurch, New Zealand

I suspect that the Nips will cave and let them return to Israel under some prison-exhange formula, even though they were burned before. The Japs want to appear to be culturally sensitive, and I think they respond to protests that involve well known people and organisations. Still, they can't let themselves lose face and be dumped on a second time by an Israel that apparently doesn't seem to regard Japanese justice as highly as it might.


Japanese prisons are worse than Texas prisons
heh heh heh

but it is not as bad a Gitmo [ahh too bad]

When these clowns get back then the tales they tell will greatly discourage other fools from trying the same crap


Six years is a slap on the hand for what they were caught doing. They have already served 3 years. They should shut up, serve the rest of their sentence, and then Japan will deport them. Wishing and praying that they do not receive the punishment they earned, is offensive.


You missed my point. I am not arguing in favor of those arrested. I was merely translating the meaning of the lyrics.
Since we are (thus far) a democracy, one may express feelings for his loved ones. You like the non-'frumma' Scharansky types. Others choose to fight for the rights of (possibly) innocent (- of the crimes they are being held for) 'frumma' boys.
My issue with the boys is that they have no business in foreign countries. They should either be studying or working. That, I believe, everyone agrees with.


It's good to know God killed 27,000 innocent Japanese – including infants and children – and wounded thousands more while poisoning the earth and the sea for generations all to try to force Japan to free two Satmar yeshiva students who were caught red handed smuggling drugs. There's nothing like our God, the Vengeful, the Murderous, Who supports drug smugglers because they are members of the religion those very drug smugglers violated by smuggling, and Who punishes innocent Japanese because they are not. Our God is a racist God, a Vengeful God, and God Who lusts after the blood of innocents. May he be praised. [End projectile vomit. these people are nuts.]


why are they not mad at the guy who sent them

If he were arrested, they would set up a pidyon shvuyim fund and a music video for him as well.



why are they not mad at the guy who sent them that is where the anger should be but I see no mention of him anywhere is he still just walking around public and no one says a thing to him

the real issue is that the frummies really really do believe that goyim should not judge them and have no right to punish them no matter what the issue is


from google translate
Moti Ilowitz
Eroyshn in heaven
In the world is a riot
The heart gap depressed,

They became VARCHAR
Who knows how long we will remain
Lost in the strange,

Klein - aumvil (F) fishing - no taste
With wine - innocent - father and mother
In a letter he wrote in (write a Briselē with Payne)
Of basement in Japan.

Every corner crying
Fear it
Bound in chain
Lines it seems the sun,

And his longing as water flow
He stands and word
Longer be traced.

Every angle farshmirt
With blood and terror
The whole spirit of 'losing
All falls away,

And the science he does exclude
He stands and writing
With a heart so farklaft.

My mother
My mother
Although us zemir so far separated
The Creator is with us in joy and sorrow,

My mother
Brother sister
I write to you from over a wide sea
Oh I wish I could now be with you tsuzam.

My father
Bring home the next
All Israel will not mention
Vilang it will be for good's bow.

My father
Look down below
All Israel's hands are stretched
So your miracle might be considering

Posted by: Shmarya | March 30, 201


When you fly a commercial jet plane, when you enter a foreign country, it is a privilege. It is not a right.

You must obey the law. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

You don't like Japanese laws? Don't try to smuggle contraband into their country.

So they 'only' thought they were smuggling other things, not drugs? Oy, so sorry. Tell it to the guards in the prison. They hear sad stories all day from criminals who say they are innocent.

To avoid trouble with the law, the frumma need to learn not to lie, cheat, steal, smuggle, or disobey flight attendants' instructions. So far, the frumma can't seem to obey any of these things.

No Light

Reb. Chaim - 3 billion? What year are you living in reb? I can assure you that here in 2011 we humans are considerably greater in number.

Adam Neira

Working out cause and effect, why people do the things they do and how setting creates behaviour is a skill that everyone learns from childhood. Some people just become more adept at it. Yes, G-d does intervene in the affairs of humankind and we reap what we sow. How this all works is fascinating. Some people are geniuses in this field and others are dunces. Shloime Daskal and Avraham Fried are the blackboard monitors of the dunces class. You cannot tar a whole nation with the tag of "Bad". Japan like all nations on Planet Earth has merit and demerit points. Knowing how to score national merit is a skill best left to very special people.


Yechiel, are you so depraved that you are comparing Scharansky, a man who was willing to give his life al kiddush Hashem, to two foileh drug smugglers?


All the lyrics mentioned mean as follows:
Father father, bring home the far (Japan...)
The nation of Israel will not be silent until it (the lot of those boys) will bend to goodness (i.e. they will be released).
This from someone whose mother tongue and first language is Yiddish.
Shmarya, just admit the error and move on. I for one will have more respect for you as an honest man.
Such songs are nothing new. Remember Anatoly Scharansky? MBD sang about it.
Music is expressing ones feelings.
Some spew hatred towards law and order (hint: rap) whilst others address the topic of the day. I have not once read here any comments complaining about rap. Why the big deal about a song hoping for the return of the Jap imprisoned boys?


If you really want to get ill, read their "case": http://thejapansong.com/about/

Let's keep this in perspective. Clearly the charedi community is harboring a drug dealer, and not only a drug dealer but a person willing to sacrifice a group of idiotic kids willing to violate international law for a few dollars. It wasn't like they were flying for some Torah related reason, rather they flew to Europe and Japan to smuggle.
So rather than hang their heads in shame, they produce videos to demonstrate how ugly and corrupt their society has become.

How did we fall m'igra rama l'bira amiksa?


Most of you who comment on FM, i take it that all you know about frum Jews is what you read on FM.

I wrote a comment on :1:21pm that those words in Yiddish i did NOT hear on the video. Josh @ 4:pm confirmed it.
I also wrote that even IF those words were there,in no way can it even be interpreted the way it was.

Many factors to this great breaking news that was reported here:

A)You were duped big time by being told that those words are in the song.

B)Those words (again,which are not even in the song) does not refer the way it was interpreted to you. Duped again.

C)While writing i noticed your post from the website of the Japan song,and yes its on their website.For what ever reason some words while singing are not exact the as on the video. And i repeat,those entire 4 lines that you posted on top (and now you copied the entire lyrics) are NOT in the song.
Go check with one of your reliable sources who speaks Yiddish well, if those words are in the song.


Posted by: Josh | March 30, 2011 at 04:00 PM

The lyrics are posted on the song's website:

Lyrics by: Moti Ilowitz
ערוישן אין הימל
אויף די וועלט איז א טומל
דאס הארץ קלאפט פארקלעמט,

זיי געווארן פארכאפט
ווער ווייסט ווי לאנג מ’בלייבט
פארלוירן אין דער פרעמד,

קליין – אומוויל(נ)דיג – שלא טעמו
מיט געוויין – אומשולדיג – טאטע און מאמע
אין א בריוו ער שרייבט אריין (שרייבט א בריוועלע מיט פיין)
פון קעלער אין יאפאן.

יעדעס ווינקעלע שרייט
פחד דערפון
געבינדן אין קייט
קוים עס שיינט די זון,

און זיין בענקשאפט ווי וואסער פליסן
ער שטייט און ווארט
שוין צו ווערן אויפגעשפארט.

יעדע ווינקעלע פארשמירט
מיט בלוט און שרעק
די גאנצע גייסט מ’פארלירט
אלעס פאלט אוועק,

און די ענגשאפט ער טוט אויסשמועסן
ער שטייט און שרייבט
מיט א הארץ אזוי פארקלאפט.

טאטע מאמע
טאטע מאמע
כאטש אונז זעמיר אזוי ווייט אפגעשיידט
דער באשעפער איז מיט אונז אין פרייד און לייד,

טאטע מאמע
ברודער שוועסטער
איך שרייב צו ענק פון איבער א ווייטן ים
אוי הלואי איך קען יעצט זיין מיט ענק צוזאם.

טאטע טאטע
ברענג אהיים די ווייטע
כלל ישראל וועט נישט שווייגן
ווילאנג עס וועט זיך צום גוטנ’ס בייגן.

טאטע טאטע
קוק אראפ למטה
כלל ישראל’ס הענט זענען אויסגעשטרעקט
אז דיינע ווינדער זאלן ווערן ערוועקט


I gotta say, I'm impressed by the production quality of that video. Damn, Charedi propaganda has raised the bar!


Generally the prosecution need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant was on possession of drugs. If the defendant argues that he was thought he was carrying something other than drugs, he must prove it on the balance of probabilities.
The Japanese court did not believe these defendants' far fetched claims since they could not produce any evidence other than their own assertions which no doubt askanim told them to make.


I've just watched the video. I don't see a reason behind putting footage from the recent tragedy in Japan in it (doesn't seem to be connected to the message of the video-brought out clearly to the English speaking crowd by the second singer).
However the title of this "news-worthy piece" is misleading. The yiddish words, that this article claims to be in the song, simply aren't there. I listened to it two times and around 6:10 is where the yiddish singer sings to the backdrop of Japan's tzunami. Those that know yiddish, please skip to 6:10 in the video and see for yourselves if the words (which supposedly have been interpreted in a very negative manner)exist.
In fact the words aren't even similar. Please do some elementary research before you post things which are so simple check on. Would add credibility to the rest of your site.
Thanks for posting.

alan finkelman

Shemaya, c'mon that's a big stretch.
Nothing in those words imply disaster or even that its referring to Japan.


deremes- in other words they are trying to appease the japaneese so they should meet their demands how stupid can anyone get is beyond me.


deremes- i do but would not listen to such absolute stupidity i can see this self serving self centered hassidim doing their mindless shtick with this music they are making tottal idiots of themselfs its a shame that they stooped to such a low level i am ashamed to even listen to their music truly embarrased


Beside the fact that those words in Yiddish in no way is reference to anything bad that happened in Japan as it was posted:

"As long as it [Japan] bends to goodness [i.e., as long as it (Japan) becomes good – meaning the Jewish people will pray for and help Japan recover from the disasters if Japan repents and frees the Satmar yeshiva students imprisoned for drug smuggling]"


Anyone of you folks speak fluent Yiddish?

If so,did anyone of you hear those Yiddish words that Shmarya posted?


Read more on Japan fiasco corruption!


Ferdy Ferd






These videos are getting sicker by the day. First the Borger videos and now this. Shows you the warped minds of some of the modern day "frum".

Yoel B

No, those morons thought they were going to have an excellent adventure. Free trip to Japan! I don't think they were greedy. And they live in a world in which people do give other people things.

The problem was that despite an education in making fine distinctions, they didn't have a problem with violating some goyishe country's law, the problem was that being asked to smuggle anything didn't cause alarms to go off in their heads.

The problem is how they got to that point.


Didn't this Finkleman guy also insert some ugly footage into the Rubashkin propaganda films? Note the description of the video includes an address in Monsey, NYwhere you can send your money to.


yoelb-right you are i cant understand for the life of me how stupid alot of theese hassidishe boys are what did they think that nothing serious can happen to them they have no idea how the real world works all of a sudden you leave youre tottaly isolated world and go to japan its beyond me how anyone can be this dumb and take for a few dollars someone elses luggage cant get this brainless only if youre a tottal moron,and on top of all this his own friend did it to them another animal this what the hassidishe world is money is their god


To me, the lesson is clear. The delusional idiots putting out this video are the ones who preach 'Temimus' to their kids. Had these Chassidish kids any idea what drugs were and what strangers in the airport usually have in mind, this would have never happened. Chassidim aren't stupid - they realize that. Theyre extremely foolish and cultlike, which makes them lose all sense of rationality.
With that knowledge, they calm their guilt by putting out filth like this.


I listened to the song you posted above a few times.
I must say:

A) I did NOT hear those Yiddish words you posted.
B) If those Yiddish words are in there,please tell at what minute on the video.
C) Even IF those words are in there,i cant see even by being a religious Jew basher how you can interpret into English the way you did.

A. Nuran

reb chaim, the world population was three billion back in 1960. It's now about seven billion.

Yoel B

We'll pray for you if you send the smugglers home/ We won't pray for you until you send the smugglers home

Either way it's disgusting. But c s fisher is right in a way, there are Jew haters involved. Just about a year ago, Hillel Fendel wrote in Arutz Sheva:

All three youths passed lie-detector tests showing that they were unwittingly taken advantage of by someone they trusted, and that they did not know what they were carrying. In addition, their behavior before and during their trip to Japan indicated that they felt not at all self-conscious or secretive about their intentions.

Think on that for a moment. Not a qualm, no sense of wrongdoing though they knew that they were smuggling something, just not that they were drug smugglers.

They, and all of us, are the victims of Jew hatred: from those who educated those young men and brought them to the point that they could break the law with a clear conscience.



Please check your email.


did somebody leave out the 'end bold tag'?

c s fisher

you are a jew hater


simple solution to all doubters.

japan and the people who know that gd is punishing japan for imprisoning these holy nashomes, should make a deal.

we all know that god can do anything at anytime. japan will release these boys. If the nuclear problem miraculously solves itself in a week the boys stay free. If it doesn't they get executed.

a win win, I am sure Japan nuclear problem and the boys will go free. I am sure. since the jailing caused these problem per these people once the cause is taken away all should go away.

Why nobody else especially scientist who are familiar with cause and effect is dumfounding

Baltimore Yid

Doesn't it stand to reason that if the earthquake/tsunami was the result of Jews in a Japanese prison then what about the US? We have many Jewish felons serving time for their crimes. The Jewish community is on notice: g'neiva, child molestation & dope dealing chases away the g'ulah, it's that simple.


What about the music? That's a pretty sweet guitar they have going there.


O-i didnt watch the video-was just goin off the lyrics-if the video makes that implication, then that do suck.

R. Wisler

Thank God that He takes these pigs' supplications for the ungodly vanity that they truly are.

Perhaps Japan (may God have mercy on that land) is suffering because they once arrested Paul McCartney for marijuana possession???

Kind of like when the Chabad cult blamed Telz's "litvishe negligence" for putting up "bad mezuzahs" for the tragic Telz yeshiva fire of 1963. They quickly shut their judgemental mouths when the Chabad house in L.A. burned down in 1980 (with the loss of three lives).


Agreed, the lyrics do not make a direct connection between the earthquake/tsunami and the convictions of the smugglers. However the video imagery makes a connection between shintoism/the imprisonments and evil. It also shows cataclysmic imagery in a number of scenes.


Look, any connection between the earthquake/tsunami and the drug smugglers is wildly absurd. Any Jew who barters their prayers as if they were commodities has a bizarre interpretation of Judaism.

I never said there was a connection-I just pointed out that the lyrics DO NOT SEEM to say what Shmarya says they say-that misrepresentation sucks the big one.

Zalman Alpert

I can deduce from this , that Germany's economic miracle after 1945 was a divine reward for their actions during World war 2 !
And Israel's mitlitary's victories after 1948 a divine way of telling Israel's leader keep your secular ways up its what Shomayim wants.
As Rabbi aaron Lichtenstein said he ahs no phone connection to hashem , do these guys ?


As I stated earlier, New York which has jailed hundreds if not thousand of Orthodox Jews over the last century has also suffered earthquakes. These New York earthquakes have damaged chimney stacks and in one case caused a man to fall out of a chair he was sleeping in.

The lesson is clear. The more Satmars the Japanese jail, the less violent will be the earthquakes that they will suffer.


God hates f#$%ing drug smugglers.
Had they pulled that in Singapore they'd be with tateh in shamayim already and it would have been a good thing.

Is that Avrohom Fried singing at the end there? He should be boycotted as a result. Hasidim singing for drug smugglers? They are so off the derech.
Also, cross cutting between these guys and the very clean and attractive Japan does not exactly serve their purpose, does it?


To anyone who speaks Yiddish as a first language (me), the suggestion that this video even remotely references the natural disasters in Japan is no less absurd than the insinuation that they occured because of the incarcerations.


the only thing that gives meaning to theese hassidims foolish lifes is if they see themselfs as the center of the universe everything was created for them and only for them because they learn torah is a delusional mentally disturbed thinking they need it because this is the only thing that gives meaning to the everyday existance me me and more me


tooclose2detroit said:

"from what I see, the lyrics say that the Jewish people will pray for Japan if they repent and send the 2 drug smugglers back"

Look, any connection between the earthquake/tsunami and the drug smugglers is wildly absurd. Any Jew who barters their prayers as if they were commodities has a bizarre interpretation of Judaism.


reb chaim, some jews believe in god and believe that we are his chosen nation and that thus the world is judeo-centric.


This is great news. I have been waiting to find out why G-d did this. I knew it would be a matter of time before someone who has a direct connection to the All Knowing would explain it to me.

reb chaim

Some Jews (such as those connected with this video) have the strange idea that the world is Judeo-centric, that is to say that everything happens because of us Jews. Just remember that we are a tiny minority of 17 million souls in a world of over three billion. Yes we have contributed far more than our numbers would indicate. But let's not be fooled into thinking that we are be-all and end-all of world events.


its definitely not clear what the connection to the tsunami is---- but why even bring it in?????? how is that going to bring more funds in?????


if the internet and tv is banned from use, how am i supposed to watch the jems of the music world


Alternatively, it probably means, as this was filmed 2weeks before the earthquakes, that Jews will keep calling on God to free them until the heavenly decree that keeps them in jail changes to good.
Knowledge of common usage of modern Yiddish would help here, Shmarya.


Very interesting. The address for the donations is same as Daskal. Who is really making money on this scam.


I think the headline of this article misrepresents the song-from what I see, the lyrics say that the Jewish people will pray for Japan if they repent and send the 2 drug smugglers back (yes, I believe they are guilty based on the evidence I have seen, so dont call me a frumey slappy)-from what i see, the lyrics DO NOT say that the tragedies happened in Japan because they keep the drug smugglers. I think that Shmarya and the posters that have seen the connection that he says is "implied" are showing are allowing their desire to smash anything frum to cloud their objectivity-this no longer surprises me, of course, but I guess it might not hurt to point it out.

Alter Kocker

May Japan send the drug smugglers back to Israel, after they have served their sentence. The Haredim can go fuck themselves.


HELEN-theese mindless hassid morons say anything that makes them feel good about themselfs its always about them the whole universe revolves around them such repugnant selfish bozos its despicable as you write i get nauseaus from them.


This is simply sensationalistic. I don't see why the 'alternate' explanaion is compelling, let alone sensible.


I would rather have seen a video to warn others about the perils of smuggling but I guess that is common behavior and permitted




These people are just NUTS....

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