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February 16, 2011


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Please keep yourself up to date on the CALA Blog.


Posted by: rebecca | February 23, 2011 at 09:47 AM

You're wrong. Try following the links in my post.


Your Article is full of errors and you should be sued for slander.

1. He is not barred from the ambulance field- when one sells a buisness they have a non compete.
2. he is not barred from owning medical companies.
3. every company in the healthcare field has constant audits, everyone has fines as their is always questions if a patient needs xyz..large percentage of the time this has nothing to do with managment but rather a personall call of the medic on call.. a paramedic may say it is needed and medicaid/care will say its not needed. if you have intentional fraud you go to jail. if you do your homework you will see any irregularities were setteled for pennies as there were virtually none.

4. he is an extremely generous person who has constantly helps people in need, so before you bad mouth - do your homework.

tears for shattered souls

Whether the police take the report or not, these courageous women have won.

The community will be on alert from here on when dealing with Henna White. Now, it's coming out in public... Henna now has a paper trail... her days are numbered... you can only fool so many for so long...

I had my own personal experience where the police refused to take a report unless the DA Hynes would agree to prosecute, but when I went to the DA, the DA intake officer called Henna White and then they said they will refuse to prosecute.

Zackheim did these women a favor by losing it on camera and taunting them (perhaps he felt he owed Henna White for perhaps her assistance during his own legal troubles) and so this story made waves.

These women who organized to peacefully protest and let the public know how Henna White treated them are the courageous ones who should be lauded for standing up, and not being afraid to say there is a pedophile/pervert in their house; for putting all of their emotions, fears, and humiliation aside in trying to protect their children at all costs. Instead, Zackheim berates them????

According to newspaper reports with the sexual harassment suits against Zackheim (i.e. "have you ever tasted kosher meat?"), it seemingly appears that Zackheim's anorexic-looking wife is too timid to admit such of her own home. But now that we've seen Zackheim's temper, you can only guess why.

Moshe aron Kestenbaum, Williamsburg ODA

I would no touch this heavy set lady with a ten ft pole.LOL oh my my

Mr. Apikoros

I watched this video several times. You had a bunch of nasty harridans acting obnoxiously, but perfectly legally.

On the other side, a couple of idiots who tore up picket signs and pushed some woman. Illegal, the lowest level of misdemeanor assault, but sexual assault? Hardly.

This video portrayed people behaving badly, on both sides. I would be mightily pissed off if some sign-carrying picket stuck her sign in my face, especially if I was merely driving by, which was the case here.

It really cheapens these harridans' case when they make such obviously false charges. There are plenty of real cases of sexual assault around and to label this trivial dustup as such hurts the credibility of real victims.

The cops were absolutely correct in this instance to let this slide.


The idiot in the video attacking the women certainly looks like Zakheim: http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=90058


Please take a closer look at Revival Home Healthcare.



According to Aronofsky, Zakheim, an orthodox Jew, taunted her and others, saying: "Have you ever had Jewish meat before? Kosher meat is the best."


For immediate release – Coalition Against Legal Abuse in New York.
Demonstration and filing of criminal complaint against Steve Zakheim

For Further information, please contact the Coalition at 1-800-958-2904
Press conference and demonstration in front of the NYC Police Department, 70th Precint, 9:00 pm sharp, tonight.

We are a group of women who have been working together as a group in protecting women and children from domestic abuse, and preventing authorities from hurting families via the legal system. In the past year alone, we have been extremely frustrated by the District Attorney, Charles Hynes’ Office, in Brooklyn NY, and especially his chief deputy assistant, Mrs. Henna White. Mrs. White prides herself as an activist and liaison for the Jewish community, yet she is strictly an administrative person, and not a law enforcement official who should be accepting criminal complaints on behalf of constituents in Kings County. Additionally, being that she is not a Mental Health professional either, waives her from being a mandated reporter.

We have been frustrated by Mrs. Henna white’s actions and interaction to cover up the abuse in cases and to try to force us, battered women to drop all criminal charges. Coercion methods include forcing a woman to drop an order of protection and trade it for obtaining custody. Another woman was notified that the order of protection was discontinued, in exchange for a GET, Jewish Divorce. Orders of Protection have become a bargaining tool to pressure women into submission and wipe the statistics clean of abuse in the community.

Last night, we chose to organize a peaceful protest vigil in front of Agudas Israel Bais Binyomin Hall at 2913 Avenue L, in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn NY, where a dinner was being held, and one of the honorees was Henna White. We arrived at 7:30 pm, and peacefully protested, urging the people to “call the police, don’t call Henna” if they have an emergency. Approximately an hour later, Mrs. Henna White arrived to the event in an Emergency Vehicle, escorted by Mr. Steve Zakheim.

Mr. Steve Zakheim, who is a community activist, and has a long history of serious criminal and civil matters with the state of New York, forcefully ripped our signs and assaulted us in a very obscene manner. After the initial attack, it was the Valet parking attendants who admonished Mr. Zakheim, exclaiming, “Be a man, don’t touch the ladies”, after which he retreated into congregation hall.

The fundraiser event was arranged in loving memory of Mr. Steve Zakheim’s niece, for the Yad Batya L’Kallah organization, which helps pay wedding expenses for poor brides. Did Mrs. Henna White come to scout out her future victims?

When Mrs. Henna White was leaving the event, we were again attacked by Mr. Zackheim and also his brother, who physically assaulted us, and we were scared for our safety. Through our merits, we were rescued by the tax cab driver who shoved us into the car, and sped for safety.


Mr. Zakheim’s, wife, Dr Faygie Zakheim, is the Co-Chairperson of the Task Force on Families and Children at Risk, and the Brooklyn Coalition for Abused Women, affiliated with Met Counsel. It would be expected that people who are heroically involved in such missions, would have firsthand knowledge on how to conduct themselves around such women.

We urge people to contact the Coalition at 1-800-958-2904 for assistance with confidential disclosure, as we continue to document the horrific reality. Every case will be treated with dignity and respect.



Diversionary Tactics
City Ambulances Head Toward Privatization
By Sharon Lerner Tuesday, Feb 8 2000
Previously only city-employed emergency medical workers and ambulance drivers working directly for some hospitals responded to 911 calls.

And who landed this plum, unprecedented deal? Steve Zakheim, MetroCare's chief operating officer, is a longtime ambulance-company owner who has contributed to Giuliani's Solutions America PAC and cohosted a fundraiser for the mayor's Senate bid.

Zakheim, who, though he remains in charge, sold most of his ambulance company last year, said his political contributions have nothing to do with MetroCare's latest contract. Zakheim says he met Giuliani only twice and that the mayor "wouldn't know me from a hole in the wall."

The 911 deal was made privately between St. Barnabas Hospital and MetroCare, though the city has given its approval by allowing MetroCare to answer 911 calls and supplying its ambulances with radios and other equipment.

It may be lucky for Zakheim that the MetroCare contract was not subject to competitive bidding. In 1997, Metropolitan Ambulance, which merged with Transcare to become MetroCare and was also owned by Zakheim, settled a federal investigation of bills for unnecessary ambulance rides by agreeing to pay the government $400,000 and be subject to oversight for five years.



Scandal Cash
Adult-Home Barons Purchased Pataki Inside Track
By Wayne Barrett Tuesday, May 28 2002
In the summer of 1994—when one-term state Senator George Pataki was challenging three-term Governor Mario Cuomo—33 owners, operators, and lobbyists tied to the little-known Empire State Association of Adult Homes (ESA) quietly dropped $35,187 into the Pataki campaign committee. In fact, as early as June 15, 1993, when the Pataki candidacy was little more than a gleam in his own eye, the association itself gave the nascent committee a $250 donation.

Eleven days after Pataki was elected, on November 17, the owners of 30 or more large, downstate adult homes left the approximately 250-member Empire State Association to incorporate the Greater New York Long Term Care Providers Association. Led by Slomo Silvian, the founder and longtime chair of Empire State, this splinter group began during the campaign to align themselves with Bart Lawson, the heavyweight head of the most politically wired nursing home organization in the state, the Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association. With the split, two competing lobbying groups, representing homes that "serve" 28,000 elderly and mentally ill residents statewide, were suddenly poised to influence a new administration already predisposed to help.

An early Pataki backer, Lawson, who quickly became a pivotal player on the governor-to-be's transition committee, put together a major fundraising dinner that December, designed to introduce Pataki to the nursing and adult-home Medicaid fat cats already salivating over an administration that loved to talk about deregulation. The glatt-kosher "debt-retirement" dinner at Lou G. Siegel's famous restaurant in the Garment District raised an estimated $200,000, most of it from the nursing home industry, with the biggest donors and the governor closeted away for a private schmoozing session.

But Silvian, who owned the King David and Ambassador adult homes in Long Beach, became the honorary president of Lawson's new association, and donated $10,000 to Pataki (plus $10,000 to the State Republican Committee in June 1995), was the largest individual donor. Other adult-home owners allied with the new Lawson association, like Alfred and Jacob Schoenberger, kicked in $4000. Israel Lefkowitz, an adult- and nursing home owner convicted of bilking Medicaid, contributed $5000. Albert and Harris Schwartzberg, who also once had nursing and adult-home interests, combined for $9000.

Robert Lichtschein, the owner of Surf Manor, gave $5000, while Steve Zakheim, whose King Solomon adult home was only one of his Medicaid-dependent businesses, added $6000. The Bayview, New Whitman Home for Adults, New Fordham Arms, New Broadview, New Gloria, Rockaway, Scharf, Seaview, Wavecrest, South Shore, and Queens Manor kicked in a combined $10,250 in their own names. Even the Seaport Manor, which would become synonymous with scandal during the Pataki era, contributed $1000.


Ambulance Chaser
Pol's pal faked donations
By Tom Robbins Tuesday, Jun 15 2004
In his heyday, former ambulance mogul Steve Zakheim liked to give politicians the royal treatment when they visited the Brooklyn headquarters of MetroCare, the big emergency transport company he founded.

Elected officials would be ushered into the company's conference room to give brief speeches to staffers. Zakheim would then hand over a stack of individual checks of $1,000 and $1,500 apiece, which he said represented support from his admiring employees. Last month, however, Zakheim, 49, quietly admitted in court that the routine was just for show. It was really his own money disguised to avoid donation limits, he acknowledged, and he had reimbursed his workers after asking them to write the checks.

Zakheim's guilty plea comes seven months after he was charged in Brooklyn federal court with funneling $32,500 in phony contributions to the senatorial campaigns of Rudy Giuliani and Chuck Schumer, as well as the congressional races of Noach Dear and Melinda Katz. The complaint stated that Zakheim routed $10,500 in disguised contributions to Giuliani, then a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Giuliani, the complaint noted, made a personal fundraising appearance at Zakheim's offices in March 1999. Several months later, the complaint noted, MetroCare was designated by the Giuliani administration as the first private ambulance firm allowed to respond directly to 911 calls.

Citing personal reasons, Zakheim stepped down in April from MetroCare, which is now owned by a national firm, TransCare. Zakheim's departure came two weeks after the Voice revealed that he had settled a lawsuit brought by 10 current and former female employees accusing him of sexual harassment ("The Boss Will See You Now," March 24-30). He faces up to six months in prison when he is sentenced in August on the election fraud charge.




Monday, February 5th 2001, 2:20AM

City nursing home owners have shelled out nearly $1 million in political contributions during the past five years, forging alliances in Albany and Washington that have saved their businesses millions.

In the past two years, the political arms of the state's nursing home industry have spent another $3 million lobbying lawmakers to protect their members' interests, according to a Daily News analysis of city, state and federal campaign contributions.

"They're impact players," said Blair Horner, legislative director of the New York Public Interest Research Group.

"This is the kind of money that gets you to the table. When you're talking in the millions, you're talking about considerable clout
At the top of the list of industry political contributors is Jack Friedman, one of the wealthiest nursing home owners in the state. His three New York City homes tallied nearly $8 million in owners' salaries and profits in 1999.

Friedman has donated more than $130,000 in campaign contributions since 1996, according to The News' analysis. Two of his partners at the Union-Plaza Nursing Home in Flushing, Simon Pelman and Steve Zakheim, have given more than $90,000 since 1995.

Friedman plays no favorites, giving to Democrats such as Brooklyn Councilman Noach Dear and Republicans like Pataki and Trent Lott (R-Miss.), the U.S. Senate majority leader. The money has helped the owners win some key legislative victories in recent years.

To date, they've managed to head off calls for mandatory staffing levels, a measure they say will cost them $3 billion.

Early in Pataki's tenure, they won rollbacks in state regulations, including a requirement that forced owners to hire an outside consultant to review patients' psychotropic medications. Estimated savings: $1.5 million.

Also, nursing homes no longer have to hand out copies of a home's daily activities to residents. All they have to do is post them on a bulletin board. Savings: $600,000.

"It's certainly a very telling example of the cozy side of the relationship," said Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan).


>Get your facts straight.
>Zakheim left the ambulance business >YEARS ago.
>He was bought out by a nationwide >ambulance company called Transcare.

Facts checked. You are wrong.

He's an EMT for businesses
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Author: RICHARD GALANT. E-mail Richard Galant at rgalant@newsday.com
Date: Apr 18, 2005
Start Page: A.21
Text Word Count: 1030
Abstract (Document Summary)
TransCare ambulances hired by city hospitals were allowed to begin responding to 911 calls during the Giuliani administration. Controversy erupted over campaign contributions from entrepreneur Steve Zakheim, who sold his ambulance company's assets to TransCare and stayed on.


ILLEGAL CONTRIBUTIONS, A practice that defies all logic, Why would someone make donations to political campaigns without candidates knowing about it?
[CITY Edition]

Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Apr 23, 2004
Start Page: A.44
Section: NEWS
Text Word Count: 714
Abstract (Document Summary)

Steve Zakheim, the head of a private ambulance company, gave $1,000 to both City Councilwoman Melinda Katz (D-Forest Hills) and former Brooklyn Democratic Councilman Noach Dear when they were running for a Queens- Brooklyn congressional seat in 1998.

In addition to the donations to Katz and Dear, Zakheim and his secretary, Amy Camacho, made illegal contributions of $32,500 to the campaigns of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani when he was running for the U.S. Senate and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), according to court papers.

Giuliani eventually dropped out of the Senate race, and City Councilman Anthony Weiner, from the Brooklyn end of the 9th Congressional District, narrowly beat Dear, Katz and Assemb. Dan Feldman of Brooklyn in the Democratic primary and won the general election.


Exec's plea deal to remain sealed
[CITY Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Aug 17, 2004
Start Page: A.15
Section: NEWS
Text Word Count: 370

Abstract (Document Summary)

Richard McAllan, a member of the city's Emergency Medical Service, contends in a federal lawsuit that he suffered illegal retaliation from the city for, among other things, questioning how [Steve Zakheim]'s ambulance company, MetroCare, got patients by becoming part of the 911 emergency response system.

Zakheim was scheduled to be sentenced next month to up to 6 months for giving an illegal campaign contribution to Noach Dear, a Brooklyn Democrat, in 2002 in his unsuccessful Congressional race.

McAllan has said in his lawsuit that the plea deal or other documents he is seeking would show that the contract for ambulance service was steered to Zakheim's firm because of the campaign contributions.




Sunday, April 19th 1998, 2:04AM

CITY HALL'S EFFORTS to help a Brooklyn bathhouse get parking spaces for its Orthodox female clients has set off a political brouhaha in Midwood.

It's pitting neighbor against neighbor, Jew against Jew, politician against politician and in the end has backfired against the mayor's office, with part of the community furious about perceived favoritism and the influence of political contributions on city policy.

The uproar involves the unusual installation of parking meters on a residential block, outside a religious institution, with no traffic study or other normal city protocol.

It has embroiled two Brooklyn councilmen already locked in battle for Charles Schumer's seat in Congress in a dogfight over whose credentials in the largely Jewish district are more Jewish.

Even the person at the heart of the uproar Venezia Zakheim, the executive director of the Jewish ritual bath says it has turned into a mess.

"It's just a political battle that puts the city in a very silly light," Zakheim said.
The mikvah had a second link to City Hall: Zakheim is the sister-in-law of Steve Zakheim, a Brooklyn powerbroker and owner of Metropolitan Ambulance, the city's largest privately owned ambulance company.

Steve Zakheim is a mayoral fund-raiser and personally contributed $11,800 to Giuliani's 1993 and 1997 campaigns, records show. His wife gave $4,000 last year.


POLS & POLITICS, No jail time, but questions
[CITY Edition]
Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Oct 18, 2004
Start Page: A.16
Section: NEWS
Text Word Count: 676
Abstract (Document Summary)
[Steve Zakheim], 49, had originally been charged with using phony intermediaries, "straw donors," to make $32,000 in illegal contributions to the campaigns of [Rudolph Giuliani], a Republican, and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), among others.

Zakheim had been the owner of MetroCare, a private ambulance company, when he first backed Giuliani in 1993.

He held a fund-raiser for Giuliani in his office in 1999 and funneled at least $10,000 to Giuliani's U.S. Senate campaign. He personally contributed $11,800 to Giuliani's 1993 and 1997 mayoral campaigns.


[CITY Edition]

Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Apr 20, 2004
Start Page: A.15
Section: NEWS
Text Word Count: 295
Abstract (Document Summary)
[Steve Zakheim], facing federal charges for illegal campaign contributions, recently relinquished his role as chief operating officer of MetroCare Ambulance, which is now owned by TransCare, a private company, TransCare said.

A federal criminal complaint alleges that Zakheim got his employees to donate to political campaigns in the late 1990s as "straw dogs." The workers would send a check to the campaign and Zakheim would write them a personal check for the same amount.



Donor guilty - but why?
[CITY Edition]

Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Jun 28, 2004
Start Page: A.12
Section: NEWS
Text Word Count: 704
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Steve Zakheim], who owned MetroCare Ambulance, donated to Dear after Dear was term-limited out of his City Council seat in 2001 and was waging an unsuccessful race in 2002 against Rep. Anthony Weiner for a Queens-Brooklyn district.

Zakheim had also been accused by the U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn of giving illegal contributions to Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer, Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani when he ran for the U.S. Senate, and others.

Nothing has ever emerged about Zakheim's motive. More than $50,000 in contributions were allegedly made in the late 1990s through "straw donors" who donated money given them by Zakheim but in their name so Zakheim could avoid limits on contributions.



Donor guilty - but why?
[CITY Edition]

Newsday - Long Island, N.Y.
Date: Jun 28, 2004
Start Page: A.12
Section: NEWS
Text Word Count: 704
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Steve Zakheim], who owned MetroCare Ambulance, donated to Dear after Dear was term-limited out of his City Council seat in 2001 and was waging an unsuccessful race in 2002 against Rep. Anthony Weiner for a Queens-Brooklyn district.

Zakheim had also been accused by the U.S. attorney's office in Brooklyn of giving illegal contributions to Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer, Republican Mayor Rudolph Giuliani when he ran for the U.S. Senate, and others.

Nothing has ever emerged about Zakheim's motive. More than $50,000 in contributions were allegedly made in the late 1990s through "straw donors" who donated money given them by Zakheim but in their name so Zakheim could avoid limits on contributions.




Wednesday, February 2th 2000, 2:12AM

For the first time, the city is allowing a for-profit ambulance company to use the city's 911 emergency response system.

Two ambulances from a private Brooklyn-based firm, MetroCare, will begin serving St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx today.

Several other private hospitals are in talks to use the company, officials said.

The decision to use MetroCare, which is nonunion, has set off a firestorm of protest by the city's emergency medical technicians' union, which has charged that using for-profit ambulance crews for emergencies could endanger patients' lives.

"Farming out Fire Department work to a company whose first obligation is making a profit is disgusting, and it is bad medicine," said Robert Ungar, counsel to Local 2507, which represents 2,300 emergency medical technicians.

But union officials suggested the switch to for-profits also was motivated by politics, pointing to contributions of more than $15,000 to Mayor Giuliani's senatorial campaign by Steven Zackheim, chief operating officer of MetroCare.

Philip Crimaldi, senior vice president of the firm, said politics played no role. "The end result is that people will get quicker response times, and it will save lives," he said.


The man at the end of the video grabbing the sign IS 'Steve' Zakheim himself!!! those women should press charges against him!


NY POST | November 29, 2003 | DAVID SEIFMAN
The top official of an ambulance company that supplies 10 percent of the vehicles in the 911 system participated in a scheme that defrauded Medicare of $34 million, according to federal authorities.

A civil suit filed by Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf says three companies run by Steve Zakheim, chief operating officer of MetroCare Ambulance, received millions of dollars from Medicare in the 1990s for transports that didn't qualify for reimbursement.


There's another bigger story in the background ... just follow the money.


Records show more than $422,000
came from outside sources
Who they are


By Rick Daysog

Tapping into the political networks of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Dole Food Co.'s billionaire Chairman David Murdock, Republican gubernatorial candidate Linda Lingle raised more than one out of eight dollars outside Hawaii during the 1998 election.

Now she's setting a more ambitious goal for her mainland fund raising for this year's race.

But the donors' connections go beyond political philosophy. Several are part of Giuliani's inner network and sat on city boards during Giuliani's tenure.


Abraham Biderman, who gave $400 to Lingle on Sept. 15, 1998, was a member of the 1999 New York Charter Revision Committee, while developer Alan Friedberg, who gave $1,000 to Lingle on that same day, was a member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority's board in the Giuliani years.


Yeshoshua Balkany, a well-known Jewish activist in New York and dean of the Bais Yaakov Academy in Brooklyn, gave $3,000. Balkany was dubbed the "Brooklyn Bundler" by Common Cause magazine for his expertise in serving as an intermediary who rounds up political contributions from friends, family and associates.

Balkany told the Star-Bulletin he has never met Lingle. All he can recall is that he was asked to attend a fund-raiser by a Giuliani associate.

"I remember speaking to somebody who said that they needed to help somebody coming in who was running for office in Hawaii," Balkany said.

Charles Lewis, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan, Washington, D.C.-based political watchdog organization, likens such contributors to "accidental donors." While they may not know the candidate, they end up giving because of their loyalty to the fund-raiser.


A look at the donors


A who's who of New York's Republican Party contributed more than $65,000 to Linda Lingle's 1998 gubernatorial race on two days, Aug. 31, 1998, and Sept. 15, 1998. A snapshot of who they are and what they gave:

>> Yeshoshua Balkany: ($3,000) An Orthodox Jewish rabbi, Balkany is a major player in Republican fund-raising circles, having raised more than a million dollars for prominent Republicans such as ex-Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.


>> Steve Zackheim: ($2,500) Zackheim is chief operating officer of Metrocare, an ambulance company with several city contracts in New York. He is a big donor to Giuliani's Solutions American PAC.




Dr. Faye Zakheim, President, Revival Home Health Care

Convicted sex offender Steven Zakheim of Metropolitan Ambulance worked the republicans (see: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2008/04/isaac-hersh-in.html ).

while convicted sex offender Rabbi Lewis (Yomtov Lipa Hacohen) Brenner affiliated with (Hugh Nastasi) After-Care Ambulance Service Inc. and Dell Ambulance & Oxygen Service worked the Democrats (see: http://www.jewishwhistleblower.blogspot.com/2005/05/former-rabbinical-alliance-of-america.html ).




I do not know this person but the story i believe but we have huge problem. All the dozens and dozens of boys savaged at OHEL now adults never have come forward to launch a civil suit. OHEL still under table winks about going to police. It is better but not really better. But the place stinks as a facility and always will as it has no one there of any note except dina shook....that is it...and she has no time to keep up on research, etc. And the Rabbis they go to know little to nothing about sex abuse.

It is not good. So these matters get some headline space but down on the street, behind closed doors accomplish nothing and OHEL knows it.

Like i mentioned here long ago letters by Rabbis, pronouncements by Hikind, feeling by Ben Tzion Twerski. I mean he may not be the best therapist and loved the speaking money he should have had support and outcry to lend him a hand. We great all this with silence.

until there are law suits nothing will happen other than the power and not POWER of this BLOG which has become the bane of contention in the Jewish world for fighting for the r ights of the disenfranchised, abused, etc.

at least it does that while the rest goes on as before. Worse actually but you are not on the street so cannot see what is going on with kids in schools and the street.

but this is where we are. Not far along. Keep that in mind people when you spend your hours reading and arguing here. You are helping keep the blog going as i assume you donate which is good and the discussion is good except for the few in need of therapy troubled men who write here..but all in all we need civil law suits.

no running to Rabbis. Let them get deposed and then they will change their tune. But until then we have this and this is a hornet out stinging


Get your facts straight.
Zakheim left the ambulance business YEARS ago.
He was bought out by a nationwide ambulance company called Transcare. Noones wife owns anything.

Your so off on this story, its pathetic.




Not bad! $20 gets you $25 in tickets, all you can eat of Sushi, soup, salad, pasta, meat, and French pastries yummy!

Anyway, the video was shaky, were there 3 or were there 4 protesters? Makes one wonder if they really convinced anyone. They did not appear to be handing out any literature, so just how effective can one sentence be from a handful of frumpy ladies.

I hope some kind person came out with some of the event's goodies - a hot cup of coffee would have been welcome and the menchlich thing to do. Just because the protesters were haredi was no reason to not treat them kindly.


Revolution 2.0 Where is the Walid Ghonim for Jewish women and children?!

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