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February 12, 2011


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May der Etbershter bless Rabbi Shuster.


Only a very little experience with Meir Schuster many years back but I remember him as a gentle, caring person.

Chicago sam

Once a rabbi was leaving a congregation. It was Parshat Noah, and the rabbi said, "Now I know how Noah must have felt ..." Hismembers asked, "What do you mean?" Said the rabbi,"Noah was the only good man of his time, for he was always surrounded by vilde chayas . . ."

Tthe same could also be said about Rabbi Meir Schuster.


so, they started a website to help rabbi schuster at:

even if you don't contribute anything, they are collecting the stories of individuals who have considered themselves benefitted from him, and many may see this here, so


answer the question Lippocrite-you constantly slam the institutions where Rabbi Schuster convinces people to go to, but him you love??-the logic, please-take your time-I know it's hard for you.



As always you do a wonderful service. Thank you for posting this.


Hey Mike,
I'm a huge fan of Rabbi Shuster, it was more a figure of speech to Shmarya. Sorry.


Schuster is a Holy, Holy guy-but to be surprised that someone that is anti outreach would be a fan of the master of outreach?-uhh, welcome to what passes as liberal logic.-thinking is important, as long as it doesnt interfere with emotion.


I can attest that Rabbi Shuster was 1000% honest. He worked tirelessly for the souls of the Jewish people with out taking any personel money or rewards from his work. He also never touched any boys, girls, women other than his wife or participated in any indecent behavior on the phone or in front of any computer. (Isn't it sad that this has to be added.)


I to agree with you. I was perplexed because typically Shmarya espouses an anti-outreach viewpoint.


Shmarya only hates heredim that are crooks, thieves, rapists, perverts, assholes and the like


This 'dude' as you so shamefully refer to is one of the most beloved Rabbis of our time. He has helped thousands of his fellow jews. We can only aspire to come close to his gracious and benovolent deeds. If only all the rabbis were like Meir Schuster the world would be a better place.


You dig this dude?

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