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February 10, 2011


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A. Nuran

Arthur, that would be a terrible thing to do to hunter-gatherers. He wouldn't know how to hunt, fish, select edible plants or anything else useful. And their morality would shock him. From what we know of pre-agricultural societies they tend and tended to be pretty relaxed about many aspects of dress and sexuality. He'd either cause trouble for them, which would be a shame. Or he'd lighten up and be human which would be a Good Thing(tm).


This Rabbi should be sent back in time and dropped off in a cave. The cavemen would show him how to handle his problem.


compromising whose chastity?
fourth grade boys understand. what?

Gefilte Fish

If the good rabbi is truly concerned about preventing women from behaving like men, he should immediately demand that his married students go out and get a job instead of having their wives support them.


So a woman can't teach 10 year olds, But Rav Moti Elon can? The world is truly going to hell...

who knows

It is quite clear that this Rabbi is right about 9-10 year old boys fanticising... but his conclusion about the female teachers is wrong.

Women should be permitted to teach boys as long as they are old and ugly. Not harm will be done in this case.

What kind of  goyishe name is Harold z"l?

All this inactivity when I was for many of those years one of the more physically attractive in my class.
Posted by: A E ANDERSON | Christchurch, New Zealand | February 10, 2011 at 04:04 PM

A meshumed is always ugly inside and out. You will get your virgin marys when thine kingdom cums.

A E ANDERSON | Christchurch, New Zealand

Why do I always sound skeptical on these matters? Well, somehow, I made it through nearly 20 years of formal education without having been blown, seduced, raped, fondled or even kissed by a teacher of any gender at any age. All this inactivity when I was for many of those years one of the more physically attractive in my class. It is hard for me to believe such behaviour is rampant when I cannot draw on my own experience for even an iota of confirmation.

stickafinger init


that shlepper could care less if you wanted to have sex with him. In his mind, and in the haredi world, it is what the man wants and thinks that counts.

i would love to run a tape recorder at a mikveh so I could hear these women complain about the ordeal they are about to undergo when they get home. Chani will be nice and fresh as a daisy, while moishe will be smelling like gefilte fish and old books.

A. Nuran

OK, OK. just picture the scene. ultra chareidi woman getting it on with 10 year old chassidish and chreidi boys. Makes me wonder what exactly this rabbi is smoking...

Pole, most likely.


OK, OK. just picture the scene. ultra chareidi woman getting it on with 10 year old chassidish and chreidi boys. Makes me wonder what exactly this rabbi is smoking...


What's with the hat?

Garnel Ironheart

> “it is wrong to attribute such thoughts to such young boys.

Now who's out of touch with reality?

Of course, it really depends on the teacher...

Alter Kocker

MMIII-The rabbi is already sucking hard dick. This is the pronouncement of a latent homosexual desperately trying to keep the closet door closed so that his daddy wont excommunicate him.

These sleazy-minded creeps twist reality to suit them, then make pronouncements upon the sexually immature sheep that follow them.

I pray for the day that the supreme deity does meet with one of these guys. I sincerely believe that after reviewing their rules, regulations and pronouncements, the deity will breathe a heavy sigh, and state that the behaviours of these black hatted and hearted beings is absolutely not what the deity intended for humanity.


I guess there is a shortage of men teachers. It is unfortunate that haredi men so much don't work and leave it to the women (besides the government) to support the family that even when it comes to teaching limudei kodesh they are nowhere to be found.

Now that is what you call lazy! Tens of thousands of men learning in yeshivas and one has to get a woman to teach a young boy how to lein his bar-mitzvah parshe. SICK!


never mind fat and smelly. he shouldn't have held a mixed sexes lesson in the first place, no?


This reminds me of my Kabbalah teacher who gave me a few private lessons when the other students had cancelled for health reasons. He said he needed to keep the door wide open and I had to sit very far from him so that he would not get aroused. He was fat, smelly, dirty, had black crooked teeth and wore the same suit for months. Yuck. To think that anyone would want to have sex with this brilliant, but misguided Kabbalist.


Van Halen - Hot For Teacher


Menachem Mendel lll

The "Rabbi" needs to suck on some hard cock.


An obvious ploy to keep the little boys to themselves.


he is making too many demands he needs a good shrink this rabbi is loosing his marbels


This thinking is so warped that it becomes difficult to discuss it objectively.

In Rabbi Yosef's opinion, all female teachers are potential Mary Kay LeTourneaus. But 10 year old boys?!? Really!?! Those kids must be significantly repressed and/or abused if the great Rav Yosef is worried that they're going to run home after 4th grade and masturbate while fantisizing about their teachers.


Will Rabbis no longer teach boys over 10?
G-d help us from these lunatics.....

Israel need not fear Iran..... The Rabbis
will destroy the nation without firing a shot.


funny, i thought his father shlita permitted nechama leibovitz z'l to teach from behind a curtain. no?!


how about this great question. can a woman sell clothes or toys or work in a candy store or pizza store that sells stuff to boys over the age of 9 ? seems to me that this rabbi would say "NO". would she not be "compromising their chastity"?


It would probably solve a lot more problems with chastity if they forbid rabbis from teaching boys, entirely.

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