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January 14, 2011


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Jew for America, not for leftwing trash

"Although she's not responsible for Loughner's actions, she did put gunsight targets on 20 Congressional seats (not surveyors' marks, for Christ's sake)."

hey anus mouth, the Dems used gunsites in their ads fiorst, and that blowup doll of Øbowmao you fellate nightly said "bring a gun" when he talking about civility.

?"There have been many death threats and acts of vandalism, some of which targeted Giffords,"

you're a liar.

'and Palin, as nominal head of the teabaggers'

Only perverted TEA-AGEES like you use that word on Americans who have ben TAxED ENOUGH ALREADY.

" even if she's anatomically technically not capable of being one, bears plenty of responsibilty for those."

You have the mouth of a pig. do you use that mouth when you have sex with strangers or your mother?

How do you like crawling back into the ash hole of george soros, MISS Apikoros.

The facts

Freddy Frum, You are a complete idiot. Let us look at student loans. Ms Palin wants the government to get out of that business. How are people able to learn at Kollels, they get student loans. Palin wants to get rid of food stamps, how many Haredi are on food stamps. Palin goes to a church which supports Jews for Jesus. Palin does not understand anything about the Middle East and you know that I don't want the Christian right to support Israel becasue they are not true friends of Israel, they will and want us to become Christian. So learn the facts you moron

Menachem Alon

Thanks for making me aware of this critically important web site dedicated to Governor Sarah Palin.

I have reviewed the site and am pleased to learn all about this candidate-her policies, her midos, her derech eretz, her role as an "Ayshet Chayil" and her amazing love and unconditional advocacy for Israel and the Jewish people. She needs to be our next COMMANDER in Chief.

By familarizing myself with the Jews4Sarah web site, I am now thoroughly convinced that Governor Sarah Palin is truly one of the most sincere and stalwart supporters of Israel and Jewish Causes ever to emerge on the American political landscape.

Thanks for educating me.

I wish more of my fellow Yiddin and Chevrah would take the time out to educate themselves as well about Sarah Palin-an amazing American and an ardent advocate for Klal Yisroel.

For a lovely YouTube Ayshet Chayil re-enactment dedicated to Sarah Palin please see



Shmarya honestly believes that keeping this post pinned will somehow affect how people feel about his liberal agenda. In the dark recesses of his yekke mind, he entertains the fancy that he will convert any reader not following the left , to switch courses and climb on the bandwagon along with him.


rayt on, Tanda-she aint gonna take us to the promised land-probly couldnt even win gov of alaska now-no, only Allen West can free us from this nightmare-the rest of the crop of potential candidates are boring white guys who will either put you to sleep (mitch mconnell) or make you cry (john boehner)-


As much as I'll admit I'm not that up to date with Panin's positions and qualifications, I'm afraid I'm too enthusiastic abut her as a candidate. She's too much a "celebrety" to have that position. I'd rather have a product of constitutional ideals than a product of personality. I want someone that can stand behind and explain they believe in rather than someone that is defined by what "the media" tells us what they stand for.


woppy chorus-what the hell r u talking bout?-what "personal failings" r u referring to-i blame libbs for the disaster that placing emotion over intellect causes every time it is tried.


dont know if i would bring obummer as a benchmark to compare against-i would hope that we could find a better candidate to run against the diktator wannabe than Palin-check out the youtube of Allen West-just became a congressman from miami-is a war hero, a passionate conservative, black (so apikoros might actually vote for him) and i have no doubt that, in a debate, he could kick obamas butt-no one else that seems to be running, including Palin, will beat him soundly in a debate, and thats the only way to rid ourselves of him and his vapid wife.


Being an intellectual is not essential for the White House job. (Case in point, Barack-57 states-Obama).

Just a strong sense of right and wrong and the courage to confront evil.

Palin 2012!


well, SJ, let me say this bout that
alot of people might be emotionally imbalanced degenerates, but i dont think the gov should determine whether they can marry-and if gays DO marry, at least ya dont have to worry bout them passin their genes on to future generations. I do wonder why those that support gay marriage then excoriate polygamists-what about that "consenting adults" and "freedom of choice" thing?-more typical libbocrisy.

Vito Corleone would also be better than Obama, but I think that we can, and should do a helluva lot better with our candidates. I think the press is just keepin her around so that they will have an easy conservative target to shoot at.

re the mideast-as a jew and a lover of Israel, I am thrilled that sadam is wormfood-but it wasnt worth the cost of 4k soldiers-either get in there and wipe out the enemy with no mercy, or dont go in at all.-I have no idea what the hell that war was about, and could never look an american mother in the eye that had lost a son and tell her what he died for-not one WMD??-somethin else was goin on that didnt meet the eye-O well.



blaming liberals for your personal failures won't help.


sarcastic thank you to libtard democrats for not letting the USA turn the middle east into NORMAL PEOPLE by way of killing the dictators, terrorists, and their clergy inciters.

people have potential to be 'normal' everywhere....until religion infects their brain. are you really that uninformed and naive that you think liberals stopped the U.S. from doing what you endorse? WOW.
and how did getting rid of saddam work out? he was the only guy capable of keeping the country from civil war, followed by a shiite takeover, and then islamic radicalism, jihad, terror support and sharia. every arab country has similar issues. should the U.S. have taken down mubarak? and hussein of jordan? and the saudi royals? are you insane? theyre the only line of separation from the islamic hell which would follow. bush senior understood this and rightly left saddam in power. what you propose would lead to war and terrorism on a scale you cant imagine. get a clue.


lol tooclose2detroit here are a few points where I differ with you

- I think gays are emotionally imbalanced degenerates.

- Sarah Palin would be better than Obama any time any.

- the Iraq war did not go far enough. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen should have been taken care of also. I would like to extend a big sarcastic thank you to libtard democrats for not letting the USA turn the middle east into NORMAL PEOPLE by way of killing the dictators, terrorists, and their clergy inciters.


and thirdly-I CANT STAND SARAH PALIN, think she is retarded, and wish she would just go back to shooting moose from a helicopter, or something like that-Colonel Allen West is the only person, I believe that can save this country from the liberal hellhole that it will become, but, of course, the fact that he is a black conservative will cause the press, who turned a blind eye to obamas warts, to look under any rock to destroy him-and, they will probably succeed-I despise liberals.


foyst of all, i aint anything but tooclose2detroit-I aint Yankel whatshisnuts, so on that accustation, you are totally wrong-and again, when you call me 2stupid2bjewish, you reveal again that YOU are the racist, because in that title itself you say that you believe that jews are smarter than goyimi tripped you up on that yesterday, but because you seem to lack the ability, like most libbs, to process information that would interfere with your view of the world the way you want it to be. I DID come across the website by accident-why the hell would I lie about that???-i typed on "bored of judaism" because I cant figure out why God would include animal sacrifice and stoning adulterous women, but not adulterous men, and, here I is. And I could give a crap if Kagan is a lesbian-gays can get married all they want as far as I am concerned-yeah, I know, the Torah says to kill them-I didnt write it, so I cant change it-its LIBERAL philosophy that I despise-it's placement of emotion over intellect will destroy the world if left unchecked-the entire country will look like the hellhole of Destroyt, Camden NJ, Oakland, Watts, etc-it isnt a black thing-its a LIBERAL thing-chesed without intellect. Hell, I went out with a beautiful Jamaican woman in high school, until a group of black thugs threatened me for daring to date a black woman-anyhow, toodaloo-gots to make money to pay for your stupid dumbass social programs.

Mr. Apikoros

First of all, 2stupid2bjewish, you're a liar. I've seen your posts on innumerable Jewish websites (and a few which aren't Jewish as well) so I don't believe you found this site by accident. You post the same racist crap on all of them. As one of those websites concerns layoffs in a Detroit suburb, you do live in Michigan, not far from the Motor City.

Second, I believe you're also posting as Yankel Yissachar, the chap who picked a fight with me since I called him out for a stupid comment he made about Supreme Court Justice Kagan being a lesbian.

You're not doing either this site, nor orthodox Judaism, nor the far right any favors. If someone in the mainstream media pointed a finger at Sarah Palin and said she inspires violent, racist crazies, all that reporter would have to do is come to this website, read your drivel, and that would prove his point.


uhh, mr mechanic-i believe i have argued with tons of logic, so feel free to try to counter my ideas-
as far as being "civil"-this whole damned website, (which i came upon accidentally when i typed in "bored with judaism" on google because although i love learning gemorrah, if i have to read one more thing about animal sacrifices I will puke)is dedicated to slandering anyone with a beanie who happened to go through a red light-the whole start of this thing was based on shmaryas being pissed at the messaiah from clown heights not answering his inquiries re ethiopian "jews"-the rebbe obviously didnt want to publish anything that controversial on the topic, and the Oracle founder of the website was so swept away by his emotion that his desire to kasher them turned him into an apostate-i dont give a crap if someone is intellectually honest and leaves judyism (when the hell do i get to meet judy already??), but i highly doubt he was versed enough in halacha to make a true and objective determination as to whether or not they are truly jews-but, since when does logic and objective truth mean anything to libbs-they are led my emotion, and will never let logic interfere with that process-so, to sum things up, there is nothing civil about a website that seeks to glorify and magnify the warts of some in the orthodox jewish world-heres a crazy concept-how about, just to show some balance and prove that you want to be civil, you post something POSITIVE about the beanie wearing community?????


I wonder if she is secretly Jewish, she seems very close to chabad ideology, except maybe with a different dead messiah. And i know they are selling that style sheitel and glasses in crown heights.


Benyamin Korn won't answer a simple question: who is on the board of JewsForSarah.com's parent organization.

Not answering a question like that is a big deal for a political organization.

That said, I think this post will be off the front page later tonight.

Posted by: Shmarya

There's the rub. As long as it's private money for private uses, no biggie. It's when a single dollar goes in either direction into campaign coffers, or from a political party/candidate that transparency is the issue.

Moshe aron Kestenbaum, Williamsburg ODA

Enough With This Shit, On to the next crisis


usual chaim: you are not missing anything

Posted by: Yoel Mechanic | January 18, 2011 at 11:11 PM

Benyamin Korn won't answer a simple question: who is on the board of JewsForSarah.com's parent organization.

Not answering a question like that is a big deal for a political organization.

That said, I think this post will be off the front page later tonight.

Yoel Mechanic

usual chaim: you are not missing anything

the usual chaim

i am no fan of palin (to say the least) but i really dont understand why this is such big news that you have kept this story at the top for so long. am i missing something?

Yoel Mechanic

And while everyone is arguing about nothing I think a really essential point is being missed here: Palin has characteristically LEFT wing views on Israel. Why would anyone right of center be so thrilled about her (unless it is strictly thrilled about her other views, and a willingness to disagree with her on Israel)

Yoel Mechanic

Posted by: tooclose2detroit | January 18, 2011 at 10:56 AM

Mr 2close2deTroit: perhaps you are unaware, but there is a rule here on the fontpage of the blog: No name calling please, and also please argue with logic, etc. If you peruse this site, and search out various threads you will notice that this place is a bastion of civility. So your recent posts stick out like a hitch-hiking thumb.


Truth is people hate her and love to attack her whackiness and same with obama...and we take it all in and defend and let anything irrevelant go as important and never demand someone say anything relevant...and btw it is also all about money....and all of our political leaders are running on the surface of life and we accept that too..

personally i do not think she is at all qualified by personality and tempermant to be a president nor do i think our current president has the same problem...but the more we pay attention and let this garbage continue to more likely we will as the late Pogo was want to say...we have met the enemy and he is us....


the michigan football "religion" has never infected my brain-i cant stand the liberal horseshit that is shoved down the throats of the students that are receiving a $50k a year indoctrination in socialist policy from that place-i would probably yell "Go Buckeyes" back at ya.

Mr. Apikoros

First I'd ask the fellow stranded on the road if he goes by the handle "tooclose2detroit." If the answer is "yes," I'd shout "Go Buckeyes" and vanish into the night. Otherwise, I'd help the guy out.

Mr. Apikoros

You, 2racist2bejewish, are the one engaging in name-calling. I'm just giving it back to you.


if you notice, itchie, your "solid citizen", lacking the ability to respond to content, resorts to name calling and challenges to violence-
anyhow, back to "appee-pulldick"
nah, the "diversity candidates" that they seek must be the color of what comes out of assholes-but I am sure that God meant no message in that pigment simulation, did He?


For the record, I have had communications with Mr. A. and I have a good feel for him that he is a solid citizen. He has some very liberal positions and some that would be classified as conservative. I disagree with him on many things, but he is definitely an independent thinker, not influenced by any kool-aid. Something tells me that it is people like Mr. A. that would stop and help someone stranded on the side of the road. I wanted to go on the record with that. Now this thread has gotten a bit out of hand, and my head is spinning trying to sort it all out. The insults are not accomplishing anything.


Who care?? I want to know where did the Criminal-in-Chief get his election money. And where is he going to get it this time? All those supposed $10 & $20 donations don't add up to 1 Billion dollars.

Mr. Apikoros

You obviously have some issues. Maybe some hot black chick blew you off when you were expecting a blowjob. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you the professional help you need. Maybe no one can.

As for being hired as a "diversity candidate," you can tell the hiring manager that you in fact ARE one; Ford hasn't yet reached its quota of assholes.


O, also, apeedorkface-you complain about my "racism", yet you seem to imply that Jews are smarter than others, as you call me "toostupid2bejewish"-so, I guess you are implying that I am smart enough to be a goy-nahh, thats not racist, is it, you hypocritical skitz-does that mean I am smart enough to be part of your wife's nation, just not yours?-u putz.


hey, rapist strangler caught in Philly-and, wudnya know?-he looks just like the guy that killed the cop in Lakewood, and the guys that killed the cop in Michigan today-nahh, no pattern here, apeekoras-the magic mellanin people dont commit crimes 600% relative to their percentage of the population-nahh, it is an FBI lie!-Ford may be hiring, but they are, surprise surprise, giving preferential treatment to "diversity candidates" so that attempt number 4 million can be made to lift them from the liberal created hell that exists everywhere they live.-you assume that I live in Michigan, because I am tooclose2detroit-but, you worthless turd, the truth is, I could live anywhere, and the place would STILL BE tooclose2detroit!

Mr. Apikoros

2stupid2bejewish: You're just as predictable, coward. Rather than take me up on my challenge and get your racist ass kicked 12 ways till Shabbot, you continue and "improve" upon your racist bullshit.

Can you give me your mailing address? I have some old white sheets I'd like to get rid of, and I think you can find a use for them. Just don't tell the Grand Dragon you're Jewish, or you'll be hanging from the tallest tree in the state of Michigan.

Hey, Ford is hiring. Good jobs. So get your faggoty ass down to the hiring hall. Problem is, there are lots of blacks on the line.


C-G-what the hell makes you think that I am supportive of the eternal Kollel lifestyle?-but their "chilin" dont go out stealin cars and robbin liquor stores-as I have said-all you pissy hart libbs-go live in the hellhole that is Destroyt-none of you would last a month.-


Apee-Koras, you typically schizoid leftist skunk-you are so predicatible-instead of addressing my arguments, you challenge me to a violent confrontation-and, no doubt, u scream about right wing "angry speech" which leads to violence-but, of course, mindless hypocrisy is expected from the dogshit that passes for a libbs brain-I could give a shit what color your wife is, but you no doubt have to go around blabbing what a wonderful person you are that your wife is a black woman-typical little child begging for acceptance from what you perceive as a dominant culture-no different than the women that are converting by the tens of thousands to Islam in Britain, because they perceive Islam as stronger, and that they will therefore be protected-but you wont be protected when the hell that you haved help to sow, and the police can no longer protect you, comes crashing through your front door and doesnt listen to your pussy little cries of "but I am not a racist-look, I have a Jamaican wife!!"-o-a cop was killed in Michigan today-and,wouldnya know-the killers, just like the killer of the cop in Lakewood the other day, just happened to have the magic mellanin that you deify-what an amazing coincidence!


gee-what a horrible thing that these people have done!-they have shielded their identity!-uhh, wouldnt have anything to do with not wanting an unwanted visit by the IRS, as has happened to so many other conservative activists since our "leader with the magic mellanin" has assumed his throne-no way---God, I cant stand the hypocritical schizophrenia of the left-but, thank God abortion is illegal, so it keeps their numbers down-please, Planned Parenthood-keep up your great work-you are the only thing that may save America!!!

Yankel Yissachar

Welllll, there was that one time in Band Camp...


The only crime Mr. Apikoros committed is believing government math.

Mr. Apikoros

Got a problem with miscegnation, do you? Are you and 2stupid2beJewish one and the same person?

As I've said to you many times, shtarker, if you want to insult me, be brave enough to do so to my face. I'm sure Shmarya can give you my E-mail address so we can arrange a meeting to discuss my crimes against the Jewish people face to face.

But somehow, shtarker, I don't think you wanna get 2close2MrA. Just a hunch on my part.

Yankel Yissachar

Thank G-d Ms. Apikoros is unemployed (unemployable?) as she can spend her entire day on these Boards insulting, well, everyone. "Inflatable Jamaican wife" = Apikoros's Chocolate Fantasy, not that there's anything wrong with that. Internet tuff guy, miscegenator, and Wikipedia scholar, we all tremble before Ms. Apikoros, the flaccid clown. [hugs]


@tooclose2detroit- but marrying girls off at 18 to boychiks who'll go on to "learn" as a profession while they spin off 8-12 kids that the government will support until they're old enough to start their own families (that the government will support)- *that's* okay? People who live in glass shtetls...


Soooooo according to Mr. Apikoros, because I said I would vote for a black conservative I am the vilest form of pinhead and scumbag? O.o

Yoel Mechanic

yp: Here's one Jew for Sarah Palin right here.

so yp, tell me: what do you think of the Two State solution. Do you support the formation of some sort of Palestinian State?

Yoel Mechanic

Mr. A. always interesting to hear what you are up to in your personal life (not that I mean to pry. i respect privacy on internet).

Now my comment: shocked, shocked I am to hear the knee jerk blame game: blame it all on whoever happens to be president, particularly if he is of the OTHER party. Unless someone wants to give some reference and analysis it is ridiculous to mindlessly quote a labor statistic and presume it is Obama's fault, particularly considering what he inherited, which had been brewing for a decade, if not decades. My quick recommendations: check out Nurio Rubini, listen to his youtube interviews as a better use of your time than insults to someone simply because they haven't joined the 'hate Obama' crowd.


What is the point of this blog post, except to insinuate that there are no Jews for Sarah Palin, which is false? Here's one Jew for Sarah Palin right here.

Mr. Apikoros

You know, Sarah Palin, El Rushbo, Michael Savage, and those of their ilk weren't responsible for Jared Loughner buying extra-capacity magazines for his Glock 19 and shooting up a town hall meeting. Loughner didn't need their help.

But they sure as hell are responsible for turning imbeciles like the two of you into the vilest form of pinhead and scumbag.

Mr. Apikoros

And you, 2stupid2beJewish: I'm married to a lovely Jamaican woman. Perhaps you like to show up at our home in NJ and spout some of your racial slurs.


Mr. Apikoros worked as an economist which means he was paid big bucks to be wrong all the time.


no, apee-koras (cut off) was calling ME a racist, no doubt-anyhow, expecting logic from liberals is something that i gave up on a long time ago, but it is fun, at times, to watch them try.


Tooclose2detroit, I was referring to recent times. Perhaps I should have been clearer on that.

Mr. Apikoros, any improvement is because of capitalism, not Obama. And who are you calling racist? I would vote for a black conservative. Did you just blood libel me Mr. Apikoros?

Also Mr. Apikoros tell the 14.5 million unemployed (which doesn't include what the government is not admitting to) that the economy is getting better. XD Retard.


football is about all they do in high school, if they happen to stay in it for a few yrs until they either graduate to robbing their first liquor store or getting shot by anotha one of their brudda's in a drug deal-I am a realist,not a racist-I want Allen West for President, and he is black-and I want Bill Cosby to be his VP, and HE is black- the responsibilty for the continual downward spiral of the black community is shared equally by the naive mindlessness of liberal philosophy, and the disgusting irresponsibility of those in the community that cannot withstand giving in to their immediate physical desires with no thought of the consequences-that is why, in a Memphis black high school now, there are 70 pregnant teenage girls-and YOU are to blame, for your philosophies have convinced them that it is ok, and Daddy Shmuel will pick up the tab.

Mr. Apikoros

There's no point arguing with a complete fucking idiot, SJ. And you're absolute idiot if you believe the economy is worse now than it was in January, 2009.

As for you, racist swine, you should give thanks that today's is MLK's birthday, for tomorrow you'll be back in high school getting slammed into lockers by big black football players.


unemployment has never been higher??-uh, ya ever hear of the depression?-35% unemployment?-and he doesnt need to blow up Irans nuclear program, because stuxnet seems to have shut it down-far be it from me to defend this clown, but accuracy b important-otherwise we aint no better than the cloudy minded libbs-remember

liberals see the world the way they want it to be
conservatives see the world the way it is.


>> You must have a really short memory, as the country is far better off today than the day he took office.

Really Mr. Apikoros?

Unemployment has never been higher.

The national debt has never been higher.

Since Obama took office terrorists have been more emboldened. (Fort Hood was a terrorist attack.)

And Obama is too much of a pussy to blow up Iran's nuclear program.


agreed that the war in Iraq was nutty, and that Bush sucked, and left us in a big hole-but to say that adding $4 trillion to the debt is a good thing and makes us better off is typical of the cloudbrained libb that no doubt chants "dumbocrat good, republikan bad, dumbocrat good, republikan bad" as a mantra while bowing down to the semen stained pic of obama you have on your pillow-ahh, this is too easy.


"far better off today if you think that adding 4 trillion dollars in debt is a good thing-which, because you lack logic forming ability, you probably do, api-koras".

If you were to reason this out, you'd realize that if we hadn't been pouring trillions of dollars into Bush's war in Iraq, we'd be much better off economically and it's possible we wouldn't have blown the surplus left by the Clinton administration.


Happy Martin, King of the Looters Day, everybody!!


far better off today if you think that adding 4 trillion dollars in debt is a good thing-which, because you lack logic forming ability, you probably do, api-koras.

Mr. Apikoros

Sarah Palin, Fox News, conservative talk radio, and the Tea Party have plenty to do with our ills.

So do George Soros, Keith Olbermann, Paul Krugman and the rest of the rabble rousers on the left.

President Obama? You must have a really short memory, as the country is far better off today than the day he took office.


Palin might not be an intellectual giant, but she is genuine which is more than I can say for most politicians. She certainly is no dummy, and she receives unfair press from the liberal media that wants to see her fail. This is in opposition to Obama, a man the media treats dishonestly because they want to prop him up.
The Fort Hood massacre saw the President and the Libs stressing we shouldn't jump to conclusions, even though our conclusions were absolutely 100% correct. This time the libs were eager to jump to conclusions, and those conclusions are turning out to be 100% incorrect. The hypocracy and double standards that are out there are sickening and shamefully dishonest. If you have a shred of decency you will at the very least acknowledge that Sarah Palin, Fox News, the Tea Party, and conservative talk radio have nothing more to do with any ills of our country than President Obama, George Soros, the Labor Unions, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Only a simpleton would try to make any connection. It seems to me that there was no conservative talk radio at the time two Kennedys and MLK were assassinated, or when Ronald Reagan was shot. Just because you might hate someone's views is not a reason to link their views with horrible tragedies. To do so is hate speech in and of itself. It is indefensable that within hours of the Tuscon tragedy, Paul Krugman had written a piece in the NY Times that blamed conservatives for the shooting.

Yoel Mechanic

For sticklers on typos: "confusing" = "confused"

Yoel Mechanic

Wanna hear something funny: in the last presidential election, there were some people in Alaska who were really confusing and simply didn't know to hope for: If Palin was on the winning ticket she would be VP (which looked very negative) but if she lost she would be coming back to Alaska, perhaps in a really bad mood. No joking: some Alaskans were moaning about this loose loose situation.

Yoel Mechanic

>She cant be worse then Obama

Now, I am sure there are many views on this blog. But are you all aware that Palin made it absolutely clear last presidential campaign that she supports the Two State Solution, and establishing a another Arab state, this time to the west of the Jordan river. Now, I am surprised that any right of center, or nationalist Jewish organization would be so thrilled with her record on Israel (unless they were that rare nationalist camp that also supports the two state solution. I mean don't you all see the contradiction in someone who was an activist in CAMERA now getting all excited over Palin's views on Israel? simply makes hardly a lick of sense from the nationalist camp point of view). Whatever your own view on this issue might be, I hope everyone has enough flexibility to see the other points of view to see some of the glaring contradictions floating around. I rather doubt that when it comes to Israel there is hardly a substantive difference between Obama and Palin (or McCain or Bush, for that matter)

Moshe Aron Kestenbaum, Williamsburg ODA


5 Reasons I will vote sarah palin

1) Sarah was abrahams wife
2) just this last week about devorah hanavia.so why not sarah palin?
3) Sarah was issacs mother
4)Sarah was a good hearted hacnoasses orchim
5)She cant be worse then Obama


All those who hate Palin....... would you rather another Obama term????



I will vote for Sarah Palin for President.

I only voted for McCain because Palin was the running mate.

Palin has the right policies for America.

All those who hate Palin....... would you rather another Obama term????


Just got this news alert. What the hec is going on. Is the world crazy? Are we the only sane ones left?

ACLU supports Agriprocessors official's appeal

Associated Press - January 16, 2011 3:44 PM ET

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) - The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a brief supporting former Agriprocessors official Sholom Rubashkin's request to have his fraud conviction overturned.

The ACLU filing cited by the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier says the federal judge who oversaw Rubashkin's trial should have recused herself because she was involved in a 2008 immigration raid at Agriprocessors' Postville plant. The ACLU doesn't accuse Linda Reade of misconduct but says there was the potential for bias during the trial.

Rubashkin has been jailed since November 2009, when he was convicted of 86 financial fraud charges that stemmed from fake invoices he created to show a lender the plant had more money flowing in than it did. Prosecutors say the fraud cost the bank $26 million.

Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years.


"Sarah Palin's Jewish group's website, JewsForSarah.com, uses a foreign domain name registration to shield its ownership from the American public."

Who cares?


sure am glad that Sarah Palin, and global warming-err-climate change, are now taking the blame for everything wrong on planet earth these days-perhaps it will take some pressure off of the jewish people, and Israel-but, the truth is, that the "barbs" aimed at Palin, are equally as accurate as the "barbs" eternally aimed at the jews-just lamebrain idiots looking for a scapegoat that they can use their simple brains to blame someone or something for all the problems-but, not to worry, the same thought process will, no doubt, eventually turn its sights on the jews again.-u libbs are so damned predictable.
Liberals see the world they way they would like it to be.
Conservatives see the world the way it is.


Freddy, next time you debate politics, spell properly so you don't embarrass yourself.

freddy frum

Mr apikorus,word of friendly advice,you are clearly overmatched and unable to respond to any challenge.give it up,leave debating to those better informed and work on anger manegment


Unless a "surplus" triggers rebates to taxpayers or some similar tax vacation, it's nothing more than accounting tricks. Both sides use them as nothing more than powerpoint presentations to be used as campaign issues and to pat each other on the back as they fly around in their government supplied private jets sipping champagne.

And as far as who registered the domain, who cares. It could have been the web developer, someone in a PAC, or any number of various third parties or agents. If the minutae of issues like this affect your vote, or turn on the vitriol against a candidate before the campaign even oficially starts, then you're either too stupid to track real issues, or too biased against whatever candidate for actual issues to matter.

How about arguing over the CONTENT of a site, rather than registration. The next step is to fight over which color scheme is more anti-semetic, or whether Blogger had more left wing developers than Wordpress.

Pick ANY major candidate and I bet I can find websites whether promoting or bashing that candidate with similar registration issues.


>> I'm not going to waste my time answering you,

Do you even have an alternative plan to the conservative agenda?

>> but will pose two rhetorical questions:

Secondly, you may not be a Democrat but you've obviously been hanging out with them too long. As much as we conservatives respect Bush for his war policy we are aware and we dislike that Bush was a bit of a big spender himself.

Mr. Apikoros

I'm not going to waste my time answering you, but will pose two rhetorical questions:

1. Under whose administration did the U.S. government last run a surplus?

2. And of which political party was that administration?


Mr. Apikoros I am philosophically and practically not inclined to give failed executives non-transparent bailouts the way Obama did.

There is simply no proof that the companies will not make the same mistakes with the same people in charge.

Secondly, and most important, the Democrats (and I am not calling you one Mr. Apikoros but you seem to be falling into this trap) are patting Obama on the back for what may be an infinitesimal amount of progress.

I bet Obama gets 14.5 million Fs, at least.

A conservative plan would solve unemployment faster.

- Lower corporate taxes so that companies can grow. It's ridiculous that the USA the highest corporate taxes in the world.

- No new regulations or taxes so that companies can be certain that they know how much labor is going to cost them.

- Reduce the national debt so that money can be spent in the USA.

Lastly, Mr. Apikoros, you seem to be ignoring FDR's hand in the great depression that even the arch-leftist UCLA admitted to.

Mr. Apikoros

Freddy the Frumbag and Go to Hell Guy (same poster):

I don't need to waste my time with illiterate racist pigs.

If you have something to say to me, do so in person.

Yoel B

McCain is pretty physically limited due to the torture he endured. He's tough, but doesn't seem terribly vigorous. Had his running mate been a man, there would have been this constant subconscious comparison between a healthier, more virile younger man as #2 and this old guy as #1 on the ticket. A losing proposition in a TV/video driven campaign.
That meant the VP had to be a woman, preferably with executive, preferably executive branch, experience (a major lack on McCain's part.) That's a pretty short list on the Republican side, really on both sides. Palin was on it. IMHO McCain would have done worse without her.


you'll fogive me shmarya, this is tottaly unrelated but:

do you remember a while back? Was it you who posted a blog about what really happened on yud shvat (the power struggle between the rebbe and his brother-in-law?)

can you maybe post the link?



you'll fogive me shmarya, his is tottaly unrelated but:

do you remember a while back? Was it you who posted a blog about what really happened on yud shvat (the power struggle between the rebbe and his brother-in-law?)

can you maybe post the link?


freddy frum

Again mr apikoros,as somone posted earlier atacking my spelling ,charedim in general and cursing realy tells a lot about the utter weakness of your arguments not to mention your character in general.as for your silly point if you think a clean articulate black(to qoute the genious joe biden)could not become editor of the hlr despite being totally unqaulified your hate and guilt are realy blinding you in a bad way.(there is reason obama never released his college grades or ever published in the hlr.see if you can figure it out.)other than that,take a deep breath and remember your enemys enemy is not your friend.

Mr. Apikoros

Freddie Frumbag, how do you know Obama got into Harvard because of affirmative action? Did he become editor of Harvard Law Review because of affirmative action, too? Tell me how that happened, Einstein.

You can't even spell "affirmative" correctly. Nor "intellectually." Nor "attribute." Nor "achievement," proving beyond a reasonable doubt you're a bottom-scoring "underachieva."

You're living proof that Haredim have devolved from regular Jews, who are smart. All your "intelectual acumen" is in your ass, which needs to be kicked around the block three times to sharpen it up.

freddy frum

The failure of anyone to answer my challenge of finding one political issue where a mainstream orthodox jew would differ from palin proves the obvious.you palin haters/obama lovers are motivated by typical misplaced jewish guilt working against your own best interests.a radical socialist ,Israel antagonist out to reshape the country we love by punishing achievment does not deserve our support just because he has one black parent.its anyones right to claim to dislike palin because you perceive her intelectualy lacking but atleast hold obama to the same standard.here is man who has accomplished nothing in his life without the benefits of some form of afirmitive action(ie.harvard law review,getting elected)he displays zero intelectual acumen other than what the fawning media atribute to him.wake up people

Mr. Apikoros

SJ: I'm not philosophically inclined to give out bailouts to guys making 8-figure salaries and bonuses at Goldman Sachs. I worked as an analyst and economist at Merrill Lynch for many years, made excellent money (not 8 figures, or even 7, but plenty good enough), and I am not exactly what you'd call a lefty. In fact, I voted for McCain, and for Bush both times.

While I'm not in favor of bailing out losers, I am also not in favor of a 10-year Great Depression, thus pragmatism trumps ideology.

I rate Obama a good solid B, and my grading is of the old school before grade inflation, when a B was a commendable mark, and A's were rare.


Aussie –

You should also check the 7:00 pm 1-15-11 update of my post where you'll see Benyamin Korn proves you wrong.


Since I own a couple dozen domain names I do know how they work....

Privacy protection or hidden who is as it's known is NOT the same as registering a domain with BS name, address and phone like you claimed...

So Shmarya did get it wrong....

Also worth noting that the site is still not safe from US subpoenas....

So wrong again Shmarya....

Also worth noting that just because Benjamin Korn defends the site this does not in any way prove ownership...

Maybe you got it even more wrong Shmarya...))

Posted by: Aussie | January 14, 2011 at 09:47 PM

Actually, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Register.com uses an offshore private domain registration service – the exact same one that shows for JewsforSarah.com.

As for whether JewsForSarah.com is safe from US subpoenas, that depends on where the registration company is located.

You don't know the first thing about what you're talking about. I suggest you stop talking and go learn.


Ahe-pee-Chorus- More hardcore conservatives like where I stand are against the Bush bailouts also.

Mr. Apikoros (lol twins) -

>> There would sure be lots and lots of jobs created if, in addition to Lehman Bros., Citicorp, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, AIG, and Morgan Stanley were allowed to fail, wouldn't there?

Just because a company is biiiiig doesn't mean it can make crappy management decisions and expect Uncle Sam to bail them out.

>> Rather than spouting platitudes, which the teabaggers are excellent at doing, how about some ideas, other than abolishing the Federal Reserve?

Who is saying that the tea party's only idea is to abolish the federal reserve? O.o

Mr. Apikoros

There would sure be lots and lots of jobs created if, in addition to Lehman Bros., Citicorp, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, AIG, and Morgan Stanley were allowed to fail, wouldn't there?

At least Bush and Henry Paulson realized the error of their ways in allowing Lehman to fail and implemented TARP, which saved us all from a second Great Depression.

Rather than spouting platitudes, which the teabaggers are excellent at doing, how about some ideas, other than abolishing the Federal Reserve?


its disingenuous for republicans and conservatives to be attacking obama for his response to the economic crisis we have been dealing with considering that one of the main architects of said policy , geithner,was selected to do so by the GWB admin., and geithner was then appointed by obama as treas. sec. to maintain continuity. and bernanke is a bush appointee, so how can these bi-partisan policies now be placed in obamas lap ?


175,000 is a drop in the bucket the USA has 14.5 million unemployed and the government does not even count people who gave up looking for work.

A conservative strategy to reducing unemployment would get all these people jobs faster.

Mr. Apikoros

GDP isn't a false indicator. But maybe it's your job to explain to us why you think it is, since you're the one who said so.

The unemployment rate isn't a false indicator either, but it's a lagging indicator. In order for unemployment to fall, economic conditions, as measured by GDP, have to improve. Then employers will hire more workers because they can't squeeze any more output from those they already have, and additional hiring is preferable to and cheaper than paying time and one-half for overtime.

BTW, last month the unemployment rate fell from 9.8% to 9.4%. Most economists expected no change. As for only 103,000 new jobs being created, that number will be revised up, just as previous months have been. When all is said and done, I expect December job creation to come in around 160,000 - 175,000, OK but not great.

Mr. Apikoros

APC, I agree with you 100%.


the fact that i disagree with almost all of palin's positions is not why i cant stand her. she is an anti-intellectual,uncurious moron who is incredibly vindictive. her real concern is with enriching herself as evidenced by her quitting the governorship rather than completing the term she was elected to, in order to write a book and appear on a "reality" show.
these videos are downright frightening.she is a fool and a liar.




I submit that GDP is a false indicator. What really matters to people is the unemployment rate, which Obama has no idea how to fix. Obama has not created a single job in his life.

>> If teabaggers like yourself were in charge, there'd be 18% unemployment, no Citibank, no B of A, no Morgan Stanley, and maybe, just maybe, a Goldman Sachs,

If teabaggers like myself were in charge, businesses would be certain that new costly regulations would not bother them and corporate taxes would be low, so that businesses can actually spend the $$$ on growing and hiring people.

The USA has the highest corporate taxes in the world. That is terrible for employment.

>> there'd be 18% unemployment, no Citibank, no B of A, no Morgan Stanley, and maybe, just maybe, a Goldman Sachs,

Absolutely correct. We would not reward failure with non-transparent bailouts.

>> we'd be making the same mistakes the Republicans made in the early 1930's which turned a bad recession into the Great Depression.

Here is some relevant reading material.

FDR's policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate

How FDR's New Deal Harmed Millions of Poor People

Great Myths About the Great Depression

What Caused The Great Depression?

Mr. Apikoros

He's already fixing it, putz. GDP was 2.6% in the 3rd quarter, will be well over 3% in the fourth quarter, and should be well over 4% in 2011.

If teabaggers like yourself were in charge, there'd be 18% unemployment, no Citibank, no B of A, no Morgan Stanley, and maybe, just maybe, a Goldman Sachs, because we'd be making the same mistakes the Republicans made in the early 1930's which turned a bad recession into the Great Depression.

Oh, but the federal deficit would be smaller. I'm far from sure about that, too.


>> and I'm gonna vote for him

On what basis? Being the first black president doesn't magically fix the economy.

Mr. Apikoros (aka Slick Willie)

So the domain name is in Portugal? So what?

Only Scotty would find this to be part of a VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY. Not only are the ultra-Orthodox behind this, but so are J. Mellon Scaife, Kenneth Starr, El Rushbo, and G. Gordon Liddy.

There are plenty of things to nail Sarah Palin on, but this ain't one of them.

BTW, SJ, Obama will kick butt in 2012, and I'm gonna vote for him.


Shmarya is one of those angry progressives who are mad that their National Deficit Of Hope plan for America is falling apart.

Obama can start packing his bags cause he is gonna get his butt kicked in 2012.

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