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December 20, 2010


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Justin Time

Ah, Adam. Control of their "massage"? Nice.


A few years ago, if you clicked on Google Videos, you could watch the "Top 100 videos" and "Hot videos". No longer.

My guess is because almost always, many of the hottest videos and top 100 videos were Conspiracy Theory videos. After the autumn of 2008, when the stock market crashed and Obama became president, conspiracy theory videos got even more popular and many were anti-Semitic.


Youtube will need what was needed to "tighten up" PayPal - a class action lawsuit.

As far as the google ad program goes, the state of the art does not permit google to say with absolute certainty that click fraud is taking place. They are probably using software that uses statistical models to flag potential click fraud. Of course, a few people will get wrongly accused. Maybe honest but defrauded content providers could raise $2 million to launch a lawsuit against google. Google will settle rather than get exposed for typical arrogant computer software programmers delivering software that does not do what it is supposed to do.


Per JPost, their channel has been reactivated, due to public outcry.

Garnel Ironheart

Kol hakavod. Google is sensitive to public pressure. Several months ago I was told that if you typed in "Chrisianity is" into the Google search box, Google Suggests would offer such things as "sucks" or "is stupid" and so on. If you typed in "Islam is" nothing came up. But a few weeks later after the article I read that factoid in went viral, one suddenly got similar suggestions for Islam.
Keep up the pressure.


The article raises an important problem, but does not suggest what we can do. Is anyone organizing a petition? Is there a particular address to appeal a Google decision?

Adam Neira

Palestine Media Watch does an excellent job. I have been aware of their work for the last eight years. The people involved are doing righteous work. Those that shine a light onto nefarious activities should be supported. There is a vast difference between a slanderer and detective.

You Tube like many organisations is made up of people who make executive decisions. Any company without a philosophical base however is like a yacht without a rudder sailing aimlessly on the high seas. In this multi-dimensional media world of ours, companies such as You Tube need to maintain oversight, control and sovereignty of their medium and massage. Cyberspace does need boundaries and censorship measures. It is best left up to wise people to determine the level and scope of these.

Blessing to the people at PMW.

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