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December 17, 2010


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New Coach Bags

In the background the Foundations class is performing hang power cleans in their WOD, while in the foreground the On-Rampers are just beginning to learn the movement. Things are running much more smoothly since the introduction of On-Ramp and Foundations. The flow of traffic and use of equipment is much better and motivated individuals are making progress at an outstanding rate.

With that said, some of you in the Foundations program are reaching the skill level required to pass the Level I test. If you feel you are ready to take the test, set up an appointment with one of the coaches and give it a shot. In the worst case, you don't pass, you will at least know what it is that you need to focus on to attain a well rounded CrossFit proficiency. We can give you some instruction on how to fix whatever is holding you back and then you can then shift your focus to achieving those skills.


I'm not as convinced as you are that the law is meaningless. Beis din is given privileges in certain areas by law but will face a crisis if they are found to be acting illegally by not recognizing the conversions. Their power will be stripped and, eventually, you may find the charedim themselves arguing for separation from the state. This could be big.

A E ANDERSON | Miami, Fla. 33131

This is an excellent first step in asserting the rule of law: משפט אחד יהיה לכם.

If certain sections of the population fail to give heed to the law, then the Knesset would be justified in attaching criminal sanctions to compel everybody to follow the law.

That means if a rabbi -- chief, city or private -- discriminated in any way against this new convert as a validly converted Jew, or called the conversion into question, that cleric would be subject to grave penalties and even compensatory and punitive monetary damages. Ditto for schools, businesses, synagogues, etc.

Where there is a will, there is a way.


Garnel, simple answer. Either he should re-convert, this time to Ultra-Orthodoxy, or just break it off with the girl. As a divorced guy (but not for those reasons), I can honestly say that divorce and break-ups are traumatic, but the alternative is worse.

A.Nuran- I agree with you exactly.

A lot of Jews don't fully realize that differences between the movements may seem big, but the differences between any form of Judaism on the one hand, and Christianity or any other religion on the other hand (except maybe Islam, but that's another story)
are waaaay vaster.
So we Jews of different movements/ sects are much more alike than some of us would like to think or want to believe.

A. Nuran

The law is exactly what conversion to Judaism used to mean. Once a person has become a Jew he or she is a Jew forever, and we're forbidden to even mention the former status as a Gentile. That was halacha for centuries. It would still be the rule if it weren't for the chumra-crazed theocrats.

Garnel Ironheart

This law is so much bunk.
Imagine a guy converts in the army. The law says he's a Jew. Great.
Now he grows up, becomes more religious and wants to learn in a Chareidi yeshiva, or marry a Chareidi girl, so he goes to a Chareidi beis din and they ask to see his conversion certificate.
Law, shmaw, you think they'll honour it?

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